Indoors Are Never Boring With These Rainy Day-Friendly Condo Amenities

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The rainy season is here. While this will keep you from doing some outdoor activities, this should not prevent you from enjoying the rainy days — not when you live in a DMCI Homes condo. DMCI Homes condo amenities are designed not only to make your life more convenient but more enjoyable as well. Beyond just the usual outdoor amenities, you will have indoor DMCI condo facilities to keep you entertained even during the wet season. Here are rainy day activities you can do without leaving your DMCI Homes condo:


Give the pool table a go

Verawood Residences Clubhouse Lounge

Verawood Residences Clubhouse Lounge. Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

Swimming in the pool may not be an option on rainy days, but you can still have fun at the pool. The pool table, that is. Bring your friends to your building’s game area, and spend the day playing pool. To make it extra fun, you can make small bets or play a game of truth and consequence on the side. Perhaps you can set a rule where whoever shoots a ball can ask others any personal question or throw out a dare. With all the fun you’ll have, you’ll soon be wishing for more rainy days to come.


Hold meetings and focus group discussions in the meeting room

Invite your colleagues for a meeting or focus group discussions in your DMCI condo building’s very own meeting room. Make meetings and focus group discussions more productive and efficient with this.


Have a chit-chat in the lounge area

DMCI Brio tower snack bar facility

DMCI Brio tower snack bar facility. Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

Sometimes, having fun simply means getting the chance to meet up with your friends, and just catch up on each other’s lives. Are there people in your community you’d love to just hang out with? The rainy season offers the perfect opportunity to do this. Your neighbors are likely just as hesitant to leave the building as you are. If you are like most DMCI dwellers, you’d have already made friends in the neighborhood. Invite them to hang out at the snack bar, and just spend the afternoon having a lighthearted chit-chat. It will be time well-spent.


Hit the gym even when it’s pouring outside

DMCI Brichwood fitness gym

The Brichwood fitness gym. Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

Everyone wants to be able to stick to their exercise routine. Who does not want to have a fit and fabulous bod, right? The problem is everyone also wants to get away from doing the exhausting routines and would welcome any excuse to do so. The rainy season is one of the convenient excuses people love to dish out every chance they get. Well, this is simply not the case for DMCI condo dwellers. With gyms made accessible in every property, there simply is no reason to break your exercise routine. With one less excuse and a community that actually urges you to keep to it — even enjoy it — then you can expect a healthier and more gorgeous you.


Catch up with your reading at the study room

Sure you’re not a student anymore, but that does not mean you’ve run out of items in your reading list. As most wildly successful people would tell you, the only way you can reach your fullest potential is if you never stop learning. As a matter of fact, the world’s most successful people are lifelong learners who devote a good part of their day reading. And so should you. This rainy season offers a great excuse to head over to Flair towers’ study room, and finally catch up with your reading. The study room’s peaceful environment will help you concentrate more, and make the most out of your “study time.”


Have a movie marathon in the entertainment room

There is nothing like a good movie marathon to gather the whole family in one room. Pick out a line up of family-friendly movies and reserve your condo’s audiovisual room for an awesome, exclusive viewing experience. Everyone can get comfortably propped up on the sofa while enjoying films on the wide screen and with a surround-sound system. Also, you can sing your heart out with your friends and family with its karaoke feature. Don’t forget to bring chips, popcorn, and soda. Your family will never dread rainy days again.


Chill at the sky lounge

A unit at DMCI Homes The Birchwood property

The Brichwood audio-visual room. Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

You can enjoy some quiet time just chilling and enjoying the views from the sky lounge. Prop yourself up on one of the cozy chairs situated right next to the glass walls and enjoy watching the city from your vantage point. It’s a great time to revel in your solitude and just get lost in your thoughts. You may also take the time to reflect on your life and consider some significant changes or decisions you may have been putting off.


Host a spontaneous party at the function room

Most of your neighbors probably also spent the rainy day indoors. Why not host a casual party and get the word out? Ask your neighbors to head over to the function room and bring whatever available food and drinks they have. Get some music on, and encourage people to dance. Voila! You have yourself a party!

Condo living is truly a gift that keeps on giving. And not even the rainy season can get in its way!


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