Want To Achieve a Cozier Space? Mind Your Windows

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Turn your DMCI Homes condo space into a cozy home with easy design tips. You can create a comfy atmosphere by painting your walls with earthy shades or adding subtle pieces such as curtains. Window coverings can transform a bare studio unit into a restful space.

Window treatment is a general term used for any interior decoration placed on, in, around or over a window. It includes drapes or curtains, blinds, and rollers. These can control the light entering your space and add character into your home.

Know 9 window covering ideas for your charming condo home.


1. Curtains for warm summers

white curtain in living room

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Generally, curtains are made of lighter materials than drapes. These are recommended if you want to control outdoor light, but not totally block it. Curtains are perfect during warm summers when afternoon breeze is a blessing.

There’s a wide selection of curtains and drapes you can choose for your home. One of the most common yet undeniably effective in transforming a space is the panel pair. You simply place a curtain on each side of a window and tie them back to create a symmetrical look.


2. Pleats for a decorative finish

white and green curtain in bedroom

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

There’s so many types of curtains for living rooms that the selection can be overwhelming. Aside from the fabric, there’s another classification you should know about: curtain heading styles. Headings give a decorative finish at the top of the curtain and a more formal look.

The pencil pleat is the standard heading for curtains, but a fuller yet similar pleat you can go for pinch pleat. The more pleats, the fuller the heading. You can choose among the types of pinch pleating: two-, three-, four- or five-finger pinch pleats.


3. DIY fancy pleats for your condo space

white pleat curtain

Photo courtesy of Fotoaibe via Pexels

If you want a more decorative curtain heading than a pencil or pinch pleats, you can inquire about made-to-order curtains. Some of the fancier curtain heading styles include tailored pleats and goblet pleats. Tailored pleats are similar with pinch pleats on the top, but are drop-like waterfalls for added fullness. The goblet pleats are the most formal curtain headings. These are perfect for traditional European home décor. The goblet pleats are rounded and resemble a wine glass. You can make goblet pleats with this DIY tutorial.


4. Draperies for a formal look

violet drapery curtain

Photo courtesy of Malidate Van via Pexels

Drapes are sometimes used interchangeably with curtains. However, there are differences between these window covering options. On one hand, drapes are heavier; they may be made of thermal material. These are lined and used for formal design schemes. On another hand, curtains are of lighter fabrics, unlined and more casual.

Draperies are typically associated with Victorian-inspired designs, but some contemporary décor schemes also include these window treatments. For a tousled look for your bedroom, mount lined silk drapes on your window.


5. Curtain rods that can do wonders to your home design

living room curtain rod and white curtain

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

Do you know that curtain rods can add style to your window treatment? You can choose basic curtain rods, whether of wooden or aluminum material, for a seamless look. These are also inexpensive and suit any design of curtain or drapes. If you’re opting for a decorative curtain heading, it’s important to match it with traverse rods that allow the curtains or drapes to open and close by pulling a rod. You can do away with a valance since the rod is not visible when the drapes are in close position.


6. Valance for extra style

A valance is a short fabric curtain mounted on top of the “main” curtain or drapery. These are for extra decoration or to hide visible rods. However, you can also use a valance as the window treatment by itself. A macrame valance is a Boho-inspired window treatment that you can make at home. You can go for a macrame valance or continue all the way to a full curtain.


7. Roller shades for the right amount of privacy

white window roller shade

Photo courtesy of Simona Al NSeir via Pexels

Blinds are your best options if your concern is total privacy. These filters outdoor light and sound without blocking natural air. You can choose from a selection of blinds that match your design theme. Roller shades are the most commonly used blinds today. These are simple, streamlined, and function with a roller mechanism. You can install a sheer roller blade to allow a bit of outdoor light or a “black out.”

You’ll not run out of choices when it comes to roller shades. There are those made of sheers in various patterns and textures, and others equipped with UV protection. Try the stylish banded shades which combine sheer and solid bands. This roller shade allows a seamless transition from open to closed, ensuring light control and privacy.


8. Vertical blinds for large and tall windows

living room curtain rod and white curtain

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

Tall windows offer an illusion of space in tiny homes. What are window treatments for tall and large windows? You can use mount pair panel curtains or vertical blinds. The latter is usually used on glass doors. Vertical blinds are perfect on contemporary interior designs and those that opt for a clean and minimalist theme. You can choose from different materials such as textured vanes, faux wood, and rigid fabrics.


9. Solar shades for your eco-friendly home

window solar shades

Photo courtesy of Steve Johnson via Pexels

Make the most of condo living by creating an energy-efficient home. DMCI Homes pioneers the Lumiventt Technology, an architectural innovation that allows the circulation of natural light and air in buildings and common areas. This gives a resort-style vibe in the community while helping save on energy consumption. You can do eco-friendly measures in your own home by installing the right fixtures. Solar shades are made of solar screen fabric that provides glare and heat control. These are designed to promote energy efficiency while blocking harmful UV rays.

Make your condo space a place in which you always want to be. It’s your castle after all. Research about the interior design theme that matches your personality and the furniture pieces that will add character to every room. Window treatments, although often neglected, can do wonders to the overall vibe of your home. Explore your window covering options.


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