12 Childhood Favorites You’d Love to Relive at the Sky Lounge


It was awesome growing up in the 90s. Kids had a blast playing outdoors and indoors with gadgets like Game Boys and Tamagotchis. Life was simpler back then for 90s kids compared to today’s smartphone-obsessed kids. Nostalgic about the past? Take your condo living with your kids to a higher level by reliving the fondest memories that shaped your childhood. Here are 12 childhood favorites that you can easily recreate at the sky lounge.

Tie-dye shirts

Childhood Favorites Tie-dye Shirts

Photo courtesy of Deborah Lee Soltesz via Flickr

You’re a certified 90s kid if you owned a tie-dye shirt. Tie dyes, along with butterfly clips and platform shoes, were among the fashion trends that defined the decade.

Want to revive the tie-dye fashion in your wardrobe? Perk up your old shirts using natural dyes! You can have your kids join your fun tie-dyeing activity at the sky lounge.

Kite flying

Childhood Favorites Kite

Photo courtesy of Shlomaster via Pixabay

A favorite outdoor activity of Pinoy 90s kids, flying a kite offers a lot of benefits. It can be a great cardio exercise and bonding activity with your child. Creating colorful kites stimulates creativity, too.

You don’t have to go far to go kite flying. Just take your homemade saranggola and fly it with your kid at the sky lounge. Your little one will surely enjoy keeping the kite up in the air. Indeed, convenience and fun are among the perks of condo living.

90s cartoon characters

Chilldhood Favorites 90s Cartoon Characters

Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Flickr

For the ultimate 90s throwback, bring the iconic 90s cartoon characters to life with a cosplay party. This will make a perfect kiddie party theme if you’ll be celebrating your baby’s birthday or baptismal soon.

To make your party truly reminiscent of the 90s, get your costume inspiration from popular cartoon characters of the 90s such as Sailor Moon, Princess Sarah, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Flintstones or Power Rangers. Also, encourage your guests to play 90s childhood games like Chinese garter, luksong baka, luksong tinik, musical chairs and newspaper dance.

90s snacks

Childhood Favorites 90s Snacks

Photo courtesy of Andrew Russel via Flickr

For 90s kids, getting a one-peso coin was like hitting the jackpot. Back in the day, you can buy your favorite snacks and candies with just a few coins at the sari-sari store. You’d go home with a bag filled with ice candy, Iced Gem biscuits, haw flakes, puto seko, Mik-Mik milk powder, Choki Choki, and more.

Your kids may never get to experience such cheap thrills, but you can let them have a taste of the simple joys you had as a child. In supermarkets, you’ll find some of the well-loved 90s snacks. Spend a lazy weekend afternoon with your kids at the sky lounge while munching on snacks that were once part of your childhood.

90s music hits

Chilhood Favorites 90s Music

Photo courtesy of PourquoiPas via Pixabay

Remember the time when, as a student, you saved up your baon just so you could buy cassette tapes of your favorite singers? And how lucky you felt when your parents bought you a Walkman or a Discman?

While cassette tapes and players have become relics of the past, the 90s music lives on. Enjoy the music of the greatest artists of the decade via your mobile phone—be it Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Britney Spears, Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, ‘N Sync or whoever rocks your boat.

To unwind before you go to sleep, head to the sky lounge and stream your favorite 90s songs while enjoying the view of Metro Manila’s cityscape.

Paper planes and paper boats

Childhood Memories Paper Planes and Paper Boats

Photo courtesy of Miguel Á. Padriñán via Pexels

Unlike today’s generation of kids, 90s kids had just a few gadgets to tinker on. They were content making their own toys like airplanes and boats out of paper.

You can also let your kids experience such childhood simplicity by spending your weekend making and playing paper planes and boats.


Childhood Memories Sungka

Photo courtesy of dbgg1979 via Flickr

Sungka used to be a national pastime of Filipinos, including 90s kids, long before texting and Facebook became popular. One lesser-known fact about sungka: before World War II, it was used to predict the future, especially by girls who wanted to know if and when they’d get married, according to an Indian Journal of History of Science article.

Whether for relaxing after a hard day’s work or finding out about your future love life, playing sungka will bring back to the good old times.

You can play sungka inside your condo unit—it’s traditionally an indoor game after all. But for a more laidback vibe reminiscent of your childhood, take your sungka board to the sky lounge and play it with your child or roommate under the moonlit sky—exactly the way Pinoys in the rural areas would play it.


Childhood Favorites Holen

Photo courtesy of nissanman2009 via Flickr

Many 90s kids played holen or jolen. Did you enjoy collecting marbles as a kid? You may want to pass on the love for marble games to your own child by teaching him or her how to play marbles after school.


Childhood Favorites Yo-yo

Photo courtesy of Lworth via Pixabay

The yo-yo was widely popular in the 90s that almost every boy had one in his arsenal of toys. Did you love playing it as a kid? Amaze your little boy with some cool yo-yo tricks you know.

Rainbow slinky

Childhood Favorites Rainbow Slinky

Photo courtesy of Gpeltier via Pixabay

In the 90s, children enjoyed performing various tricks with their rainbow-colored slinky. This coil-like plastic toy could bounce up and down and travel down a flight of stairs. Today, you can find a slinky in toy stores and play it with your kid at the sky lounge.

Pogs and teks cards

Childhood Favorites Pogs and Teks

Photo courtesy of ZeWrestler via Wikipedia

Did you spend afternoons as a kid tossing and flipping teks cards in the air (and counting them like “I-sa, dala-wa, tat-lo” and so on)? Or went crazy over slamming a stack of pogs with your friends? If you find yourself nodding profusely, then you had an amazing childhood!

Being nostalgic over your carefree days as a grade-schooler? If you still have your teks or pogs collection, invite your former playmates to a fun game night at the sky lounge. Recreate those happy childhood moments!

Taguan (hide and seek)

When you were younger, life on the streets meant playing outdoors with siblings and friends. Kids today don’t get to enjoy the outdoors as much. If you’re worried about your kids’ fixation with gadgets, engage them in Pinoy childhood games like taguan or hide and seek. You can play hide and seek with the kids at the sky lounge at sunset or at night. Just ensure their safety and avoid making loud noises and disturbing other residents in the area.

The 90s was one of the best times to be a kid. It doesn’t mean, though, that you (and your child) cannot experience it again. At the sky lounge, you can relive your precious childhood memories and have fun with your loved ones.


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