11 Problems You Can Brush Off With A Little Paint

Condo Design.

A fresh coat of paint goes a long way. It could make tired walls and old-fashioned cabinets look brand new in just a few strokes. A DIY paint job is also the most inexpensive way to give any space a facelift. And just like the wonders of makeup on one’s face, paint can cover spots, clear pigments, and add life to a dull space.

With condo living, everything is magnified. Since the condominium is relatively small, you have to make sure that every corner looks good. You have to be able to utilize every bit of space to make your home superior in form and function. Decorating with paint is a good way to turn your small condo into a fine-looking space. Whether it’s popcorn ceilings, cracked wall, chipped tile, or washed-out appliances, paint is there to the rescue.

With the proper prep work, you can paint just about anything. Clean and prime the surface before applying paint. Let it dry completely before applying another coat. Yes, it takes patience and some research (i.e. whether to spray or brush), but it is all worth it. The next time you want to toss something out or are close to calling a master handyman for easy fixes, go over these painting tips for soTlving simple problems around the house.


Bring boring cabinets back to life

Bring boring cabinets

Photo courtesy of Erika Wittlieb via Pixabay

Old and boring cabinets make your kitchen drab. Thoroughly clean the cabinets first and then rough up the surface with fine-grain sandpaper. Tape the knobs if you want to leave them as is or paint them differently. Prime the surface before applying the paint color of your choice. You can go for bold or classic white.


Touch up chipped and ugly tiles

Replacing cracked and chipped tiles takes a lot of work. And usually you need professionals to do that. But not if you go for basic paint fixes for your broken or discolored tiles. Before opening that can of paint, repair cracked tile with chalk or grout. Let the patching material dry before sanding and applying epoxy. Sand again after priming and in between applications of latex paint. Let everything dry for paint to cure completely before sealing with two to three coats of clear polyurethane. Yes, it takes effort but it is absolutely something you can do on your own.


Rescue wood floors

If you think your floor is beyond refinishing, bring it back to life with a coat of fresh paint. Sand the surface for primer to adhere better. After this, vacuum or mop off the dust. Apply latex enamel floor paint and let it dry in between coats. Painting a surface as expansive as floors will leave a grand impression, so before you commit to a color, paint a piece of board with your desired color and lay it down on the floor. Now, do you really like it?


Yes, you can paint a carpet

If you have one of those coarse and sturdy carpets (not the plush and shaggy ones), you can definitely paint it. After washing the carpet, tape out a design on your carpet or rug. You can tape out borders or stripes. Tuck old newspapers around the perimeter to protect your floor. Get a roller and start applying paint on the taped-off area. Let it dry then remove the tape. Patterned carpets are good condo living room design ideas that will surely shake things up a bit.


…And curtains, too

Give your curtains and drapes a whole new look. Wash them first then lay them flat on a drop cloth. Tape out the design or pattern you like. Thin out latex paint with textile medium and use a foam roller to create curtain magic. Carefully remove the tape once you’re done.


Perk up old appliances

Is your refrigerator looking too dull? Is your oven worn-out? There is no sense throwing them out while they still work perfectly. Retouch them with paint instead. Shop for a heat-resistant appliance paint to change color or a liquid stainless steel application to bring back the shine.


Repurpose old upholstered furniture

Make your old upholstered chair or stool look brand new with some remarkable paint hacks. Mix one-part latex paint and two-parts textile medium in one jar. Before you apply the mixture, vacuum or lint roll the upholstery. You will need around three coats of paint to achieve a solid look.


Paint the walls happy

Most condo communities in the Philippines would turn over units in bare finishes. The walls are painted neutral, giving homeowners a plain canvass to let them take control of the space. Cheer up your space with paint and reveal your character in the color you choose. Paint can also make your space look bigger. You can go two-toned, too. Do not be afraid to go a little bolder. What is important is you transform that space into the home you have always dreamed of.


Let metal shine

Shiny knobs and handles can do a whole lot of difference. Instead of buying new sets of hardware, spray paint them with metallic paint instead. You can do this to sink fixtures, too. Finish with a coat or two of clear lacquer for protection and added shine.


A bold welcome

A bold welcome

Photo courtesy of souzamirandaheitor0 via Pixabay

A red door always looks fun and fierce. Paint your door a bold color to give your space a lot of character. It will also provide a nice contrast to your space. If you opt for a soft color palette for your walls, a boldly painted door will come in handy.


Brush up old décor

Start with light fixtures. You can spray paint the small chandelier or pendant lights with metallic paint or neon paint. Applying DIY paint to several decors is a good way to spruce up small condo interior designs. You may repaint old frames, jars, and plastic containers. If your child is tired of his old plastic toys, paint them and give them a new look.

When giving your space a facelift, a can of paint is your best friend. With proper prep work, patience, and lots of creativity, you can transform your condo into an incredible living space.


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