8 Engaging Activities for Busy Dads

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Fathers need a sanctuary, too. After a long day at work, dads need to come home to a place that relaxes and nurtures them. A home should not just be a place where he can watch basketball and drink cold beer before going to bed. A busy dad needs to release tension and de-stress, make something with his hands, be passionate about a hobby, and learn something new in a home that absolutely allows him to do so.

One might conveniently dismiss condo living as tolerating a lifestyle that is all work and no fun. After all, people turn to condominiums primarily because it is close to where they work and do business. But a condo, with all its world-class comforts and conveniences, is not all about getting home early so you could hop on the bed a little earlier. Condo living in the Philippines is also about embracing lifestyle changes, self-discovery, independence, and cultivating a sense of community.

It is important for dads to have recreational activities in condos to keep them interested, busy, passionate, and happy. These hobbies and activities distract them from the stresses at work and take them away from the rest of the world, which often has the tendency to get the better of him.

Below is a list of activities that dads can do at home for a balanced and well-rounded life, keeping every man from falling into the modern trap of not doing anything more than work, eat, and sleep.


Whip up a meal

There’s something sexy about men who cook. The male cook, in fact, is on the rise. In a third of UK households, men do the cooking. These are not just men who cook every once in awhile to impress the in-laws and guests, but men who tackle on kitchen duties every day.

Okay, maybe not all men would want to whip up dinner every night. But cooking, even as a hobby, is a good indoor condo activity for busy dads. Home cooking encourages healthy eating habits and a potential bonding activity for couples and families.

Dads can also take it up one notch and prepare a balcony picnic overlooking the city skyline. A mini-grill station may be set up in the balcony, a common feature in all units of DMCI Homes, for kebab and barbecue dinners. The recipes need not be complicated, just something healthy and satisfying for the entire family.


Time to get fit

Time to get fit

Photo courtesy of janeb13 via Pixabay

People need to get moving to reduce stress. Exercise helps improve one’s overall health by releasing feel-good hormones, helping you remain calm and improving your mood. This is of course on top of physical benefits such as looking good and keeping heart diseases at bay.

Start with a weekend workout regimen to pace yourself. It is easier to stay motivated in a condo set-up because gym amenities are just outside your doorstep. Make workouts more fun and interesting by organizing a workout group or finding a regular workout buddy. You may also ditch the weights and treadmill for some hip hop dancing or yoga to heat things up and pump up the energy and excitement.


Game on!

Game on!

Photo courtesy of Unsplash via Pexels

When was the last time you held a tennis racket or an actual basketball? Playing NBA video games do not count. Get back on the court in the condo’s ground level amenities. You can even arrange mini-tournaments with condo neighbors or friends. This is a fun way to stay fit.


Make something with your hands

Make something with your hands

Photo courtesy of jarmoluk via Pixabay

Channel your inner MacGyver and make something with your hands. Stretch those DIY skills and create something to add to your condo room design. It could be a rustic bookcase, a driftwood project, a wood pallet bench for the balcony, a DIY treehouse in the kids’ bedroom, a lamp, etc. Remember that space restrictions should not limit one’s creativity when it comes to giving a home a unique personality and character. These DIY pieces will surely make your space more interesting by conversation pieces themselves.


Cultivate a green thumb

Cultivate a green thumb

Photo courtesy of Jedidja via Pixabay

Anyone can start a garden. It could be big or small, indoors or outdoors. Busy dads will find gardening therapeutic. A herbal garden, practically set in a series of containers, may be set up in the kitchen. An indoor garden may also be set up in that corner of the condo that receives the most amount of natural air and light. The balcony is also an ideal place for a mini-garden.


Catch up on reading

Catch up on reading

Photo courtesy of OVAN via Pexels

Find an interesting reading material that you can thumb through at home. It could be on history or business or more entertaining stuff like sci-fi and comic books. What’s important is to start a habit of reading at home. Reading bedtime stories to kids is also a fun indoor condo activity for dads who are finding ways to make up for lost time.


Play an instrument passionately

Play an instrument passionately

Photo courtesy of splitshire via Pexels

Music is good for the soul. Playing a musical instrument has a lot of benefits—from enhancing your memory and coordination skills to teaching you discipline and fostering self-expression. Studies have also shown that music relieves stress. Learning how to play a musical instrument is a therapy on its own. This popular hobby for dads also encourage men to be motivated and passionate.


Nightcap under the sky

Nightcap under the sky

Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

Major condo communities in the Philippines have revolutionized the concept of the roof deck. Most DMCI Communities have sky parks and sky lounges complete with comfortable seating areas, landscaped gardens, and even a pool. Some even have an observatory. Busy dads can spend an hour in one of these areas to recharge. They can even invite friends over for a few rounds of beer.

Fatherhood is a tough job. There sure are a lot of responsibilities. But no busy dad should be left thinking he doesn’t have time for the good stuff. Condo living encourages a balanced life of work and play. Find a hobby or an activity that you are passionate about and you will find yourself relaxed and de-stressed.


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