Feng Shui Basic for Optimal Condo Living: 10 Things to Do

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Make 2018 a lucky and prosperous year for you. One of the ways you can make this happen is by renovating your home so that it becomes a pleasant residence. Keep feng shui principles in mind while working on your condo interior design so you can pave the way for positive flow of energy in your home. Learn about condo design tips that incorporate feng shui techniques. With the positive effects they create, you’ll be loving condo living even more!

1. Choose lucky colors for your walls and decors

white room with blue furniture and small plant decoration

Photo courtesy of Pexels via Pixabay

Using the right feng shui colors can have uplifting effects on your home. People mostly respond to color in predictable ways, but feng shui can take the use of color to influence your home on a whole new level. The fire and earth color of yellow, which symbolizes sunlight and cheeriness, will brighten your home. The fire element red, which symbolizes passion, courage, and romance, will bring the energy of excitement and joy into your home. If you want a fire element that is more subtle than red, then orange is just the color for you. A social color, it promotes good times and lively conversation in your home. It will also invigorate sexual desire. If you are aiming for vibrancy, health, and growth, then the wood element of green is your best choice. The metal element of white invokes freshness, innocence, and new beginnings. For peace, tranquility, and calm, blue is a great option. If repainting your wall is not a viable renovation project at the moment, you may infuse your preferred colors into the interiors through your decors.


2. Bring in fresh flowers, plants and water

comfy blue chair and flower pot

Photo courtesy of Bigplastshop via Pixabay

Indoor plants are known to bring positive health effects to people, while colorful flowers brighten up rooms. These earth elements are also known to improve a home’s chi (the energy that permeates our surroundings), bringing good luck in the process. One of the plants known for being a lucky charm is the bamboo. Beyond just their feng shui effect, bamboos can add character to your interiors. This stylish decorative piece works great at promoting peace and a tranquil mood. Fountains, no matter how small, are also great ornaments for your condo unit. Believed to symbolize money, having a fountain in your home can help create chi that brings in prosperity.


3. Arrange your furniture in optimal ways

living room furniture arrangement

Photo courtesy of Dankershaw via Pixabay

The condo layout is believed to have an important role in your home. Arranging the pieces of furniture in a circular formation encourages a smooth flow of energy. You can attract positive energy in your bedroom by strategically placing your bed so that it stands diagonally from your bedroom door. It should face the door, but should not be in line with it. You should also avoid having it face away from the toilet or resting against a window. You should also be able to sit on your bed with your back against the wall should you wish to relax.


4. Infuse earth elements into your bathroom

cozy bathroom interior design

Photo courtesy of Piro4D via Pixabay

Bathrooms tend to get a bad rep when it comes to feng shui, as flowing water is believed to drain  the luck from your home. You can counter this by introducing earth elements that will control the water elements. You can do this by introducing accessories with warm colors like yellow and gold. A fresh coat of paint, towels and rugs can lessen the elemental imbalance in your home.

5. Have your home charmed by elephants

lucky elephant gold statue for house decoration

Photo courtesy of Mhy via Pixabay

Known for being one of the most protective and caring animals on earth, elephants are endeared to many. Beyond just that, these gentle giants symbolize strength and wisdom in some cultures, and are believed to be effective tokens of charm and great additions to your condo interior design. Elephant-inspired decors look great in just about any room. Even its tiny figurine versions can bring good luck and provide protection to your family. Simply place them near windows and doors, and your home shall be protected from bad luck. Elephants also symbolize longevity, fertility and fidelity, bringing vitality to your home.


6. Declutter your home

living room interior decoration with fresh feel

Photo courtesy of 3dman_eu via Pixabay

Removing clutter in your home is one of the most practical and inexpensive ways you can improve the chi in your home. It can even improve your finances, as you can sell some stuff you don’t need anymore. Decluttering, after all, lets you compartmentalize things into those you absolutely need and those you can get rid of. Your home’s entryway is one key area that needs organizing, as this will allow the smooth and free flow of energy. Stay organized, pick up after yourself, and keep things right where they should be. Beyond just the positive feng shui, you will love how your home will become more comfortable and how you will be able to think more clearly with your neat space.


7. Burn incense in your home


Photo courtesy of Vasilijus via Pixabay

Cleanse your home by burning incense. Ideal incense types for this purpose are sandalwood and rosemary. Not only will the smoke clear your space of the negativity, but your home will also smell divine. You will love how the incense will create a cozy ambience, bringing positive energy with it. Expect a shower of blessings and an infusion of good luck this year!


8. Keep a bowl of fruits

dinner table set

Photo courtesy of JamesDeMers via Pixabay

Beyond just being a delicious and healthy addition to your diet, fruits are also great at warding off bad luck. They are known to attract positive energy and prosperity. Believed to be Chinese symbols of prosperity, fruits can enhance sexual health. When set in the kitchen, they signify abundance, symbolize wealth,  and promote general health.


9. Go for decors with positive symbolism

horseshoe recycled decoration

Photo courtesy of Rohrspatz via Pixabay

Fill your home with decors that create a positive vibe. Framed photos of your family and pets would work great, so would souvenirs you’ve collected from your travels. In fact, there are many surprising things to frame and ways to decorate your wall. Decors with a luxurious touch are also great options, as they can remind you of your successes. Avoid ornaments that evoke negativity, such as swords, guns, and the like.


Hanging a horseshoe in your home will create positive effects. Considered a lucky token in many cultures, a horseshoe placed above your door will bring good fortune to your home. Pointing it upward will ensure that your luck will never run out. Facing it downward, on the other hand, will bring good luck to whoever passes through your doorway.


10. Get broken stuff fixed


Your home goes through wear and tear. That’s inevitable. So make sure you do an annual check on your interiors. Look for clogged drains, peeling paint, chipped wooden drawers, and the like. No matter how insignificant they may be, they still give off a sense of brokenness that impedes the optimal flow of chi in your home. Make the necessary fixes. To avoid spending too much, try to check for repairs that you can do yourself. For those that require skilled work, do not hesitate to hire professionals. The renewed look of your condo and its improved energy flow will be all worth it.


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