Condo Interior Design Ideas for the Budget Conscious

Condo Design.

All the planning and dreaming come at the start of a new year. It just feels right that way, as it sets the pace. You naturally feel more refreshed and energized. What are your goals this 2018? What do you want to change?

Start by looking around your home, your own sanctuary. Do you like what you see? Condo living may be the modern and contemporary way to live, but do you actually like your space, every corner of it? Do you feel like you need to repaint, reupholster furniture, change the carpet, change the curtains, etc.? Don’t you worry. Home design trends for 2018 are not going to break the bank. You can breathe new life to every room of your house with these affordable condo interior design ideas.

1. Elegant and minimalist pieces of furniture

living room with two elegant paintings

Photo courtesy of Pexels via Pixabay

Elegance is timeless. Simple and minimalist furniture pieces have been trending for years and it will continue to do so in 2018. You’ll never go wrong with investing in classic and timeless furniture.

The clean lines in your living room couch, the stylish patterns on that antique dresser in the hallway, and the sophisticated design of your bathroom sink are always a sight to behold. This interior design trend is particularly a hit among condo owners who cannot afford clutter, or a semblance of it.

For easier upkeep and maintenance, go for furniture pieces made of leather, vinyl or faux suede fabric that can easily be cleaned with a towel or dish soap.


2. Patterns on the wall

Nope, you’re not yet done with geometry. Geometrical patterns are among the current design trends this year that will surely transform your space. Go for a patterned makeover with incredibly affordable modern wallpapers that you can use to transform your living room. Patterned wallpapers are also great in adding vibrancy to your child’s bedroom or play area.

However, if you think you are not yet ready to commit to a change as huge as a patterned or textured wall, you can try a subtle approach by adding patterned pillows on your couch or patterned curtains for window treatments or the shower.

3. Wood is here to stay

wood bed frame

Photo courtesy of elias_noessing via Pixabay

As more and more people feel the need to commune with nature, wood accents have become timeless. It is now being used in both interior and exterior finishes. From ceilings to floors, wood has become a favorite material not only because of its durability, but also of its capability to breathe luxury into every space.

Add a touch of wood by incorporating it into a few pieces in your condo such as the center table in your living room, your bed frame in the bedroom, and cabinets in your bathroom, dining, and kitchen areas.

4. Touch of the great outdoors

top view tropical interior room design

Photo courtesy of mairinha via Pixabay

Speaking of wood, elements from nature are also invading cosmopolitan living this 2018. Bringing in the outdoors is also one of the easiest and most budget-friendly interior design ideas.

Apart from wood, add nature-inspired pieces such as weaved or wicker baskets for storage. Wooden stools in the breakfast counter, potted plants in the entryway, a spice and herb garden in the kitchen, and décor made of capiz shells are also a great addition. You may create a wall art in your condo living room featuring your well-loved photos framed in wooden frames of different shapes and sizes.


5. Shine bright like a diamond

Metallic touches are not going anywhere. This shiny interior design trend adds luxury to any space. However, it is important to exercise caution when decorating with metallic accents. As much as possible, keep things basic with a gold or silver-accented wall mirror or copper long tables. For more shine, add accents made of glass, too.


6. Divide (and conquer) with storage

Condo living in the Philippines means you get an open floor plan with the living room, kitchen, and dining areas normally sharing a single space. Instead of installing doors or archways between them that would only make the place look and feel smaller, use open shelving and storage to divide the rooms. This condo interior design is very helpful in managing your condo layout.

For example, a kitchen counter can separate your kitchen and dining area, while also being used to store small kitchen appliances, utensils, and cookbooks. You can also repurpose an open shelf and place it between rooms such as the living room and bedroom in a studio apartment. You can store books, picture frames, and other nice knick-knacks on the shelf, too.


7. Cozy but alive with color

cozy living room-jpg

Photo courtesy of StockSnap via Pixabay

Earthy colors such as beige, brown, and gray will remain top choices in creating modern and cozy spaces. These neutrals are great as backgrounds because they can blend well with any other color. Speaking of which, secondary hues will provide pops of color this 2018. There will be some very bold color combos this year such as warm beiges with mustard yellow, bluish greens, bloody red, and pops of neon.

Adding pops of color is one way to decorate a condo on a budget. It could just be a yellow light shade in one corner or a series of beach-inspired throw pillows. It could be a vase as bright as the sunshine or an ottoman that is incredibly eye-catching.


8. Fabric-ated love affair

big sofa couch

Photo courtesy of ErikaWittlieb via Pixabay

In 2018, you will see more homes incorporating fabric into their space. For example, low maintenance carpet and rugs to adorn your living room floor. The use of fluffy cushions in your leather couch is also a great contrast. A comfy chair upholstered in fabric is also great for your reading and binge watching pleasure.  

2018 is a great year for stylish elegance, as much as it is the perfect year to experiment and try something new. Remember to incorporate your own personality into your space to make it feel like home.


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