#WhatWomenDo: Leading by Example

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In her role as a career-driven professional and a dedicated community member of Brixton Place, Eleanor embodies the essence of a woman leader who not only excels in her career but also contributes significantly to the heart of her community.


Eleanor Gonzales’ journey to her current position as an Associate Director of Payroll and Offboarding in Human Resources is marked by dedication and continuous learning. Entering the workforce as an HR Administrator, she excelled in her role while actively seeking opportunities to expand her knowledge.

In 2010, Eleanor took her first step into leadership, gradually ascending the ranks and overseeing multiple teams. Now, as an Associate Director, she embraces the challenge of guiding global projects, proving her growth and determination in the workplace.


Overcoming Challenges and Gaining Confidence

Reflecting on her career, Eleanor highlights a significant challenge: transitioning from leading a global team in Compensation Operations to taking charge of Payroll and Offboarding. Despite having limited knowledge in this new field, Eleanor took a leap of faith.

Building strong relationships with her team and fellow leaders became the key to overcoming the challenge. Eleanor shares, “It was through the relationships I built with the team and other leaders that I was able to progress my skills and experience to be more effective in my new role.”


Leadership Principles

Eleanor’s leadership is guided by a profound belief in connecting with her team on both professional and personal levels. “Being a leader for me is not just about providing instructions and guidance,” she emphasizes.

Eleanor understands the importance of delving into the personal lives of her team members, recognizing the impact it has on their professional growth and goals. Her leadership style centers on making a positive impact not only in the workplace but also in the lives of her team members.


Taking Breaks and Building a Supportive Network

For women aspiring to make a positive impact within their communities and advance their careers, Eleanor offers an important advice. “Learn to rest,” she suggests. In a fast-paced and competitive work environment, she emphasizes the importance of self-care. Taking breaks, detaching from work pressures, and finding moments of relaxation contribute to holistic well-being.

Eleanor personally finds solace in interacting with her community during Brixton Place’s regular bazaars, providing a break from work-related stresses and developing a stronger bond with her neighbors. “It is a time when I am not pressured to think about my work because I only think about how to assist my neighbors in their needs and also to get to know them better,” she shares, highlighting the significance of community engagement in her life.

As we celebrate International Women’s Month, Eleanor Gonzales stands as an inspiration, demonstrating the qualities that make a difference within both professional and community spheres. Beyond her impressive career trajectory, her involvement in her community shows a leader who understands the importance of promoting genuine connections within the neighborhood.


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