Weekend Condo Project: 12 DIY Pegboard Design Ideas for Your Home

Condo Design.

Aside from giving the practical benefit of keeping things properly kept and placed, home organizing can also be beneficial to your health. A study by David Layton and Paloma Beamer, professors of environmental policy at the University of Arizona, revealed that ordinary house dust may contain various dangerous chemicals and substances such as decomposing insects, pollen, human skin, arsenic, DDT, and even fecal matter from dust mites. When you start organizing your stuff, there will be less clutter where icky dust can gather.

However, organizing your condo can be quite a challenge. How can you organize stuff without making your home look cramped? How can you stock away items that you regularly need without compromising ease of access and style? How can you stay true to your minimalist condo design that requires having a place for everything in a neat and accessible manner, for instance? Fortunately, there are a number of creative ways to work that small space while aesthetically enhancing it at the same time. These DIY pegboard design ideas can help you get started in no time!


1. Pegboard headboard

Pegboards have been used to make upholstered, tufted headboards, but you can absolutely use a pegboard as a headboard itself. You can paint it with patterns that suit your room’s theme or a plain solid color for a neat touch. You can add lights, shelves, and frames, among other decor, without having to drill holes into your walls.


2. Pedestal for pots

Love working in your kitchen? Then you will love how pegboards can turn it into an organized cooking heaven! Hang your measuring spoons, ladles, and other cooking paraphernalia and easily find them when you need them. You can also channel your inner Julia Child: hang your pots and pans on the pegboard and create outlines for each. This way, you will always put the pots and pans back where you got them. If you often find yourself frantically looking for something in your kitchen shelves, this pegboard idea might just be for you.


3. For the kids and kids-at-heart

Kids are natural artists and their imaginations allow them to create one artwork after another. A pegboard can cater to your kids’ need for unlimited and impermanent art space. It can even help enhance their learning and motor skills. Get them colorful, kid-friendly pegs and other craft supplies such as strings to help them express their overflowing ideas. This pegboard design can also make way for fun bonding time with your children, as well as serve as a gallery wall to showcase their artworks.


4. An organized workspace for an organized mind

If you have a home office or study area in your condo, it can make great use of a pegboard organizer. You can hang a corkboard and whiteboard for your memos and personal reminders. You can also add a wall file for your documents, a calendar, and a framed photo or decal that inspires you to focus and work smarter. You see, where you work affects how you work. Keeping your workspace free of clutter can help minimize distractions.


5. Fully customizable table runner or centerpiece 

While this one looks like a table runner for an event, there’s nothing stopping you from trying it on your own tables at home! Think an entire table runner is too much? You can take a smaller piece of pegboard and turn it into a unique centerpiece instead. For both, you can stick and arrange artificial flowers or DIY paper windmill blades and other crafts. You can even let your kids and guests play with them while chatting or waiting for food to be served.


6. A more welcoming entryway

Putting up a pegboard by your entryway makes for an instant rack for coats, hats, bags, umbrellas—practically anything you can think of. It can also serve as a welcome board, as shown above. You can also do this in your bedroom if you need additional storage or hanger for stuff that won’t fit in your wardrobe anymore.


7. For the love of jewelries

Tired of your accessories and jewelry getting tangled up in your jewelry box? Here’s one chic way to properly organize them. Aside from making it easier for you to find an item you want to wear for the day, your jewelry will also thank you for taking better care of them. With a pegboard above or near your dresser, you can get rid of jewelry boxes that take up precious space in your drawer.


8. Give more life to your living room

Don’t have space for a side table, magazine rack or book shelf? Stack ornaments and reading materials vertically with a pegboard in your living area. Besides adding storage space, this can also serves as a functional and stylish focal point, so make sure to squeeze your creative juices and organize items creatively.


9. Make double use of cabinet doors

Make those cabinets work double-time—literally. Switch solid cabinet doors with pegboards to make full use of them. You can design the pegboard yourself or use it as a freedom wall. This is ideal if you wish to adopt the pegboard trend but cannot put up one on the wall itself. Some reminders, though: if you want to convert existing cabinets, you need to carefully consider the function and operation before deconstructing and reconstructing. If you are yet to purchase cabinets, you may want to have them customized to make sure that the pegboard doors fit properly and securely.


10. Flexible and accessible pantry storage

Using a pegboard, you can hang baskets and shelves of food and ingredients next to commonly-used kitchen tools. You can also group food items according to type. This does not only provide easy access for you, it also lets the foods and ingredients breathe, as opposed to when they are placed in closed drawers and cabinets.


11. Organize your essentials

Condo essentials such as handy power tools, cleaning devices, and the all-important first-aid kit can find a nice refuge on a pegboard. Homeowners have been using pegboards to organize their tools, so why not consider applying the practice in your condo, too?


12. Flashy backsplash

This is probably one of the most practical DIY pegboard ideas for the condo. Instead of a tiled backsplash, you can opt to install pegboards, which is generally a cheaper option. Pegboards look equally aesthetically appealing and the additional advantage of having extra storage space is something that one cannot simply ignore.

With these 12 ways to organize your condo space with pegboards, you can easily keep valuable items without requiring additional floor space, minimize clutter, and make your home cleaner and healthier. These can even bring out the artist in you, so go ahead and have some fun personalizing your own pegboard this weekend!


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