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What kind of furniture suit the different condo sizes in the Philippines? DMCI Properties offer studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom units with sizes ranging from 25 sqm to more than 80 sqm. An 8-seater oak dining table may be too much for a 1-bedroom home, but can be the centerpiece of a 3-bedroom unit. In choosing the right condominium furniture, take note of the actual square footage and the interior design layout. A studio home can be as comfortable as a larger space with the help of multifunctional furnishings. Aim for smart designs!

Here are 8 tips on how to choose the appropriate condo furniture within your budget.


The all-around sofa for your studio home

Condo Furniture All-around Sofa

Photo Courtesy of ErikaWittlieb via Pixabay

A 25-sqm studio unit is perfect for busy young professionals. There’s sufficient allocation for the kitchen, bedroom and dining/living areas. Since these portions share the same space, you can choose multifunctional furnishings that can maximize every square footage. You can ditch your old couch for large floor cushions or poufs that you can easily put away when you need extra space. A sofa bed is also a popular alternative. It can serve as your couch in the morning and your bed in the evening.


Storage ideas for tight spaces

Condo Furnitire Storage Ideas with Tight Spaces

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With ample storage space, you can afford a couple of large furniture pieces for your studio unit. You can install floating shelves in the kitchen for condiments and cooking utensils, in the sleeping area for your books, and in the bathroom for toiletries and towels. Using a wooden finish can add warmth to your home. The other storage tricks you can explore are cabins below the staircase, trundle beds, and hidden drawers in the floor under hatch-door. You can check out IKEA’s website for space-saving furniture inspirations.


Define the various parts of your home

Condo Furniture Define the Various Parts of Home

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Room dividers are one of the basic furniture for condo units. More than defining the different parts of the home, dividers provide privacy in open home spaces. You have a long list of choices from the traditional rattan dividers to hanging curtains. You can have an oversized headboard that will give you privacy in your sleeping area from the rest of the house, or use a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf to separate your study space from the kitchen. You can also install a wooden accent between the living room and the dining space. Add hanging indoor plants to give extra life and color to your condo unit.


Dining table ideas for mini homes

A 1-bedroom condo unit is selling like pancakes among bachelorettes and newlyweds. It’s easy to maintain and it ensures privacy. What furnishings should you have in your 40 sqm abode? A dinner table that fits you and your spouse on regular dinners and 8 other guests on Sunday brunch. The popularity of small homes has led to innovations on space-saving furniture. A folding dinner table can serve 2 to 4 people for regular use and an entire family of 10 with its pull out extension. If you live alone and rarely hosts guests, you can opt for a pub or high table with chairs that fit nicely below it.


Comfort and breadth with the right carpet

Condo Furniture Right Carpet

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The flooring in your condo space can do wonders to your interior design and furniture layout. You can choose from various styles, from formal patterns to casual frieze. Carpets offer comfort that most flooring materials, such as ceramic tiles and concrete, lack. “In addition to feeling nice to walk, sit and lay on, carpet provides shock absorption thanks to its flexibility and cushioning,” according to lifestyle blog The Spruce. You can also create an illusion of vastness with carpets and rugs. Horizontal striped patterns widen a narrow area while vintage Persian rug will ground furniture and visually open the space. One tip though: if you’ve painted your walls with a dark shade, avoid an equally somber color for your carpet. Dark colors can be confining in compact homes.


The essential mirrors

Condo Furniture Essentials Mirrors

Photo courtesy of ErikaWittlieb via Pixabay

A mirror is a must-have furniture for your Manila condo. Installing floor-to-ceiling mirrors in the living area is a popular trick to create an illusion of space in tight homes. You can also have a mirror above the door to increase ceiling height. Like an elegant chandelier or a velvet couch, mirrors can be the focal point of your 2-bedroom condo unit. You can have a medium-sized mirror in bold framing or mirror panels on your bedroom wall.


Mix and match furniture in different sizes

Condo Furnitures with Different Sizes

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An 82 sqm 3-bedroom condo home offers you a lot of design flexibility. You can have a full entertainment system, a dining area with a mahogany dining table, and even a spacious laundry area. This, however, doesn’t mean that you can fill your condo unit with massive furniture. Combine furniture and design elements of various sizes. You can have extra large concrete tiles for your flooring and a foldable dining table for four. A queen-sized bed can be a beautiful focal point in your bedroom. Introduce large furniture in small quantities.


Your home, your design

Condo Furniture you home your deisgn

Photo courtesy of Medhat Ayad via Pexels

Your home should convey your personality. Are you a pop culture buff or a minimalist dude? Is your family composed of Star Wars fans, or perhaps Wayne’s World devotees? Well, start revisiting your hobbies and interests so you can shop for the right décor.

Choose furniture that are faithful to your design theme. You know that a Duchess chair doesn’t suit an oriental theme, right? If you need guidance on choosing the right furniture, feel free to check out blogs, Pinterest and design websites. Get your family involved in creating a home you’ll love.

Your interior design and furniture choices can make a lot of difference on the overall vibe of your abode. The muted tones of brown and white may be too simple for your taste, but these can visually open up space and allow you to go bold with the décor. Furnishings and their arrangement can also create an illusion of space in your compact home. Go for multifunctional pieces, mix and match furniture of various sizes, and always make sure that your design conveys your personality.


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