8 Cheap And Easy Ways to Bring Summer Spirit to Your Condominium


Even without the official announcement from PAGASA, you’ll definitely know summer’s coming because you can already feel the heat. Schools are adjourning for the year too, signaling that summer vacation is set to begin, but is your condo ready? The Philippines has its fair share of erratic weather but there’s nothing like the heat of summer (even with rain showers in between) you can count on. If having limited budget is getting in the way of your summer getaway, don’t fret. You can bring the summer spirit to your condominium instead!

Here are 8 ways to try:

1. Get painting

On a wall, that is. Painting even just one wall will have a dramatic effect on your unit, giving you that boost you need to welcome summer. You can bring it up a notch by choosing bright hues which are very much in season or you can pick one summer color design to use. The painted wall will become a focal point in your home, instantly transporting you to your tropical paradise of choosing. It also doesn’t hurt that you can achieve this with just a couple hundred of pesos for a small can of paint and other painting supplies. Turn this into a DIY home improvement project with friends and you’re in for a fun weekend. Bonus points for raking in additional savings on labor costs.

2. Cover it up

If you rent a condo, chances are you won’t be able to do any real work inside your unit. Still, this shouldn’t stop you from imbibing the summer vibe. If you can’t paint your walls to inspire images of the season, simply changing your curtains will do the trick. When drawn to close, curtains will give you a block of color or design, acting like how a wall of color would to inspire feelings of summer within you. There’s also the added benefit of blocking out the intense heat of sun from outside, letting you keep your cool indoors while letting summer dreams wash over you.

3. Let the greens in

It’s typical for a condo dweller to be surrounded by an environment of metal and glass, modern and sophisticated but also bordering on cold and impersonal. While designing a condo in Philippines to suit your personality will give it a sense of home, it is the addition of plants that really make living spaces come alive. Getting indoor plants lets you enjoy summer indoors because it simulates the feeling of being around lush greenery typical in a summer getaway. Not to mention they cool your home too so the heat doesn’t get too out of hand. Ferns, in particular, will make lovely surrogates for coconut trees in a beach to give you the perfect summer home design, but there are a lot you can choose from. There are some pretty affordable options you can buy inside malls but you’ll save even more if you check out local gardens and nurseries.

4. Get a new perspective

Ortigas Mansion

DMCI Ortigas Mansion – Image via DMCI Homes

The mind is amazing because it has the power to take you anywhere you want to go. If it’s a summer getaway you want then, you can easily get there by getting a new perspective about real estate Philippines. Many condos are built around a central point that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, such as a pool area, so take advantage of this. If your unit has a view, simply rearranging your furniture will help you get into a summer mindset. Take a comfortable chair and place it near your balcony. Make sure it is close enough that you’ll be able to enjoy the view while sitting on it. Place a stool or small table at the foot of the chair to give you something to prop up your feet on and another beside the chair for your cold drink. Voila! You’ve got a front-row seat to summer.

5. Let the pillows do the talking

A lot of design ideas for condo living room are minimal so there are a number you can easily pull off in time for summer. One of these is simply changing the covers on your throw pillows. This is effective in injecting a summer feel into your home because throw pillows let you add that essential pop of summer color without really doing any major work. If you chance upon a department store sale, one throw pillow cover can cost as low as 25 pesos, though covers are generally affordable so you don’t have to worry about costs.

6. Have a summer corner

Condo living can have its limitations but this doesn’t mean it has to be suffocating. That feeling that you have to get away from the city is heightened when summer comes but you can turn this around by creating your very own summer corner. Now you don’t have to be antsy and angsty about not having a summer home by the beach because summer will be right there waiting for you when you come home. Dig your feet in and all will be well. Your own summer corner will also be dramatically cheaper than a getaway so concerns about cost get thrown out the window. No money? No problem.

7. It’s in the light

Go through condo party guides and you’ll see many pictures showing that proper lighting is a factor in setting the right mood. If it’s a summer party then, you’re going to need summer lights! Proper lighting works because it sets the tone you want to achieve for your get-together. You may be having your party in the city but that shouldn’t keep you from fully enjoying the summer vibe. String along lights across your window and watch them transform your little nook into party central when the sun goes down.

8. Get your drink on

Summer home design ideas are great, but there’s nothing like a cold drink in your hand to help you get in the summer mood. Just make sure you’ve got plenty of ice on hand and you can do no wrong. If you don’t have much experience mixing drinks, don’t worry. Good old reliable iced tea or lemonade will do the trick. Add a tiny umbrella to every glass and you have a tropical treat to complement the summer ideas you applied to your home.

Don’t let summer be a bummer!

summer time DMCI

Image via DMCI Homes

Even when you can’t have two months off for a vacation, this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy summer. Summer can be a state of mind and with a few tweaks using home improvement design ideas you’ll be well on your way towards enjoying the warmth of the season even in the comforts of your unit. Summer is a season to be free so let not your budget or anything else get in the way of having a good time.



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