Weekend Condo Project: Stylish Papercrafts for Your Condo Decor

Condo Design.

Indulge your love for handicraft by working your magic on paper. Not only are papercrafts inexpensive to make, their geometric aesthetics will also agree with minimalistic condo room design. Now get busy and put your weekend to good use. You will love how you can go DIY with your interior design. Condo living is just not complete without interiors that are out to impress!


Hip little matchbox storage

Condo Design Papercrafts Matchbox Storage (1)

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

Give your desktop clutter a hip fix using matchboxes. Just print out your choice of retro designs and use them to wrap the tiny boxes. You can even indulge your love for books and print out mini dustjackets. Now you can have an awesome way to store buttons, paper clips, pins, small accessories, and other tiny knick-knacks lying around. You can have as many of these mini storage boxes without spending much, all while having style.


Charming hanging menu folders

Condo Design Papercraft Menu Folders

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

Are you a chef? Or maybe just a foodie who would like to bring his passion for food back home? Give your condo design a charming restaurant feel by creating menu folders you could hang at the back of the dining chairs.

Here’s how you can create these hanging decorative menus. Use a scallop-edged cake display to trace a decorative board out of a heavy-weight cream colored paper. Print out vintage-style postcards; a 5×7-inch size would be ideal. You can also photocopy existing postcards and have them enlarged. Give the postcard cutouts zigzag edges using decorative scissors. Lightly spray glue on the image and sprinkle mica flakes over the entire surface, then shake off the excess. When it has dried, apply glue to three of the four sides and attach the postcard cutout to the lower center of the board. Make sure the side with no glue is facing upwards. You have just created a pocket. Now print the word “Menu” on the board, and create a card that you could insert into the postcard pocket. Make sure it is of a bigger size so it will visibly stick out. Write your menu inside the card, and insert it into the pocket with a sprig of decorative faux berries.


Stylish sewing pattern flowers

Condo Design Stylish Sewing Patterns

Photo courtesy of Kim Love via Flickr

If your inclination is toward fashion, then decorative sewing pattern flowers are for you. You can give your elementary school craft a sophisticated twist. Simply use tissue-thin old sewing patterns and turn them into paper flowers. Simply cut six 7-inch squares from the sewing pattern, then tack and fold them six times accordion-style. You would then have formed a 1×7-inch rectangle. Use scissors to snip off the corners of the rectangle. Next, you can tightly twist a wire around the center of the rectangle to form a floral stem. Fan out the paper, pulling apart each layer. You have just created a blossom.


Inspiring motto decor

Condo Design Papercraft Inspiring Mottos

Photo courtesy of Unsplash via Pexels

Turn your favorite motto into a condo living room decor. More than just the aesthetic appeal, you will love how it will provide you with inspiration. Here’s how you can create one. Use letter stencils to print the motto on a piece of poster board. Experiment until you find the placement you prefer. Use a pencil and ruler to mark horizontal lines for better alignment. Spell out the motto backward, as you will be turning the board over once you are done. Flip the stencils over, and trace the letters onto the board using a pencil. You are now ready to cut out the letters. It is best to use an X-Acto knife.

Attach a patterned piece of fabric to the poster using hem tape, then flip the poster board. Just frame it, and your artwork is ready.


Nostalgic souvenir boxes

Condo Design Papercraft Souvenir Boxes

Photo courtesy of Unsplash via Pexels

Do you travel a lot? You may be one of those people who like to keep trinkets to preserve travel memories. Although your key chains, coins, accessories, and such are supposed to tell stories of your travels, what actually happens is that they end up lost in a bunch of junk. Give your vacation souvenirs a more fitting home by creating a souvenir box or two. And make them decorative so you can hit two birds with one stone. And what better theme for your decor than the map of your favorite destination? To get started, simply type in your destination of choice with the word “silhouette” to Google search; “Africa silhouette” for example. Print the image to your desired size. Ideally, it should be two-thirds of the size of the lid of your box. Cut out the silhouette and use it to trace a shape on a section of an actual map of your favorite destination. Next, cut out the map into the shape of the silhouette then paste it on the box’s lid, preferably off to the side so one-third of the lid is empty. You can add a label on the lid, writing down the destination and dates of your travel. Your souvenir boxes should be attractive enough to be placed anywhere in your condo where you could always see it. It’s nice to be reminded of the good times.


Engaging custom puzzle

Condo Design Papecraft Cutom Puzzle (1)

Photo courtesy of Markus Spiske via Pexels

Create a custom puzzle that you can put on your coffee table. Just print out the image of your choice using a matte photo paper. Make sure the image elicits positive emotions and such. You can go for a travel shot of you in one of your most cherished destinations. Glue the image to a heavyweight paper. Use an actual puzzle to trace puzzle pieces on the paper, then cut accordingly. You can leave the custom puzzle anywhere people in your home are bound to laze around. In your condo living room, perhaps? They can play with the puzzle when they feel like it. In any case, it makes for a great decorative piece.


Quaint paper quilt

Condo Design Papercraft Quaint Paper Quilt (1)

Photo courtesy of Alexander.lissa via Flickr

Put together a colorful paper quilt. Worry not, there won’t be any sewing involved. Not only can you give folk art a playful twist, you also get to put paper scraps to good use. Just select four different patterned papers. Then cut 21 two-inch squares from one of them and 20 two-inch squares from the other three. The one extra square will be placed at the center of the quilt. Working from the middle square, surround it with one type of pattern, working your way out to the edges. Make sure you use an 18-inch-square illustration board so everything fits nicely. Frame your work of art, and hang it on a wall to give your interior condo design the snuggly feel of home.

Get working and let creativity flow as you watch your condo interiors come to life with your own handiwork and personal sense of style.


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