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October’s almost over, so it’s that time of the year again. No, we’re not talking about Christmas. We’re not talking about All Saints’ Day or All Souls Day either. We’re talking about Halloween, an occasion that’s celebrated by zombie lovers, Twilight fans, and enthusiastic kids whose love for candy is matched only by their love for wearing costumes. If you live in a condo community, chances are the young ones in your area are abuzz, and the unit owners—yourself included—are busy thinking of the best Halloween condo design ideas to set the proper mood. We’ve already gone through some awesome Halloween condo design ideas, but why don’t we step up the elegance this time around?

Of course, as a condo renter, you probably have certain aesthetic standards that you want to adhere to. Cobwebs, skeletons, and black and yellow balloons are passé, but honestly, nobody will say they’re chic or tasteful—at least not the way most people do them. Halloween is a time for trick-or-treating, and the real trick is to find Halloween decorating ideas that won’t disrupt the elegant feel of your condo unit. If this is your Mission: Impossible for this year, then read on.


Try a little candle crafting

little candle crafting

Photo courtesy of Hans via Pixabay

You’re probably sick of all the articles on the Internet telling you to use candles to make your house look spooky, as if people haven’t been doing that since even before the Internet was created. So why not put a bit more craftsmanship into it? Take advantage of the candles’ waxy, moldable nature, and try playing around with them. You can carve them into shapes or embed little design ornaments to make them look unique. This is sure to grab your guests’ attention!
Make that candy display work overtime


Make that candy display work overtime

make that candy display

Photo courtesy of tabeajaichhalt via Pixabay

Sure, you can put that candy in a plain glass bowl. Or you can put them in decorative mason jars for a little style. Arrange your candies as tastefully as you can, and if you want to add an aura of creepiness, simple touches like putting them in an old wooden crate can pay dividends.


Put a spooky spin on confectioneries

spooky spin on confectionaries

Photo courtesy of PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay

To give trick-or-treaters a little extra joy, consider making Halloween treats from scratch. You can put in awesome and whimsical touches, like baking Tim-Burton-themed goodies and placing plastic insects on the plates. Don’t worry if you’re out of ideas or can’t bake like a master chef—there are plenty of Halloween treat recipes for you to try.


Give those pumpkins a style upgrade

pumpkin a style upgrade

Photo courtesy of Yuri_B via Pixabay

Of course, who can think of Halloween without thinking of pumpkins? The really artistic and skillful can take a whole pumpkin or squash and carve it into a traditional jack-o’-lantern. If you’re less confident in your ability to handle sharp tools, you can just take the easy way out and simply paint a few squashes white and black. Trust us, the effect is really striking!


Give your lampshades some love

Give your lampshades some love

Photo courtesy of PrettyHorses via Pixabay

If you have a few lamps in your unit, you can try embellishing them for All Hallow’s Eve by dressing them up a little. The lampshade is a blank canvas that people often overlook. You can paint it, draw on it or even stick cool decals to create striking patterns. Just think about what Halloween motif you’d like to apply—black cats? bats? a full moon?—and make it happen.


Whip out the silverware

whip out the silverware

Photo courtesy of MirellaST via Pixabay

Looking for a dramatic flourish? Black and silver are a classic horror movie combination. If you’ve been dying for an excuse to show off your silverware, then Halloween is a good occasion to do it. Polish your silver and pair it with black accent pieces to get a look that would make any vampire proud.


The magic of crystals and light

crystals and lights

Photo courtesy of Brett Hondow via Pixabay

Studio condo design is challenging enough on its own—trying to achieve a creepy yet fun look for trick-or-treaters adds another layer of difficulty. If you’re looking for a new yet simple way to amaze your visitors, try creating a salt light. All you need is a big block of salt that you can break into chunks, a translucent bowl, and a light source, and you’re ready to go. Can’t find that type of salt? Some types of beauty soap can do the trick. Of course, you can make a Himalayan salt lamp that looks a little more chic.


Embrace the beauty of autumn

beauty of autumn

Photo courtesy of josealbafotos via Pixabay

The reason most Halloween craft ideas sound the same is because people are fixated on the idea that Halloween is supposed to be scary. The truth is you don’t have to plan your decorations around monsters, ghosts, and witches. You can make your life much simpler by creating a theme around autumn colors. You’d be surprised how far you can go even if you’re restricted to shades of yellow, brown, red, and orange.


Pretend to be a potions master

a potions master

Photo courtesy of Thaliesin via Pixabay

Some of the best small condo design ideas for Halloween are so simple that when you read about them you just have to wonder why you didn’t think of them yourself. This is probably one of those ideas. Take a glass container, some water, and some food dye, and mix it to create a magic potion to delight visiting kids. With the right container and the right color dye, you might even be able to make something that you can actually use the whole year round.


Halloween wreaths aplenty

halloween wreaths aplenty

Photo courtesy of Sonnenstrahl via Pixabay

Another out-of-the-box idea is to use decorations that you’d normally see during other occasions or holidays. For example, we usually see wreaths at Christmas, but with a few tweaks, you can create wreaths that are neither too festive nor too somber. It could take a lot of effort, but it’ll definitely be something with a unique artistic flavor.

With the hustle and bustle of life forcing people to spend an increasing proportion of their waking hours at school, in the office, commuting or preparing for one of those three situations, it’s no wonder some homeowners and condo owners aren’t even bothering with their holiday decorations anymore. “We just take them down again immediately, anyway. What’s the point?” Sure, there’s nothing wrong with seeing things that way. But on the other hand, a creative and positive mindset will let you see that decorating your condo for the Halloween is not a chore, but an opportunity for you to unleash your inner artist.



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