My Story in One Castilla Place

Miscellaneous, One Castilla Place, Quezon City.

For thirty-nine years, I have lived in the confines of my parents’ house. I live like a princess. Everyone around me makes sure they provide everything I need from the moment I wake up until I go to bed at night. My family is not affluent but I can say I generally have a good life because I have all the things I need within my reach. Yes, life is easy and there is no single worry. I just need to continue working, earn money, pay the bills, help put food on the table and everything will be fine. But one thing seems to be missing. I did not know what it was.

Though I worked for other people most of my life, my passion lies in putting up my own business. I do many things here and there. I am into selling my baked goodies, cashew nuts and coffee beans and I do online teaching as well. Engaging into business ventures could have been something my family was not in favor of. For them, to work for other people is enough. As long as you are receiving regular salary and benefits every month, you are safe. I believe otherwise and this often is the source of conflict in the family. I just could not decide on my own and it feels like I have to do everything my parents want me to do. I feel frustrated that at this age, I am still being told off about the things I must and must not do.

Being a business enthusiast, I like joining events in the hope to meet other businessmen, potential entrepreneurs like myself and broaden my network. In one of the occasions I have been to, I met a Chinese businessman who I was able to speak with regarding some of my business ideas. I would say he was quite impressed with my thoughts and the conversation went on and on until he mentioned something about DMCI Homes and it brightened the discussion even more.

He owns a unit at One Castilla Place in Barangay Valencia Quezon City. The unit was still vacant and that time, he was also looking for a tenant who can rent the place. I always wanted to be independent. Could this be the perfect moment I am waiting for? I visited the place twice and I was very impressed with the architecture, security, serenity and hospitality in the building. However, there were many doubts and questions going on in my head. My heart was overflowing with fear for it is the first time ever for me to live alone. Should I give up my comfort zone? Can I survive without my family? It took me three months to decide and I am just very thankful to the unit owner because he was very patient and did not give up on me despite the frequent lengthy conversations that only resulted to me changing my mind often.

I went on with my usual daily activities trying as much not to stress myself about coming up with a decision to go independent or not. I mentioned earlier that I am into online teaching and there was a point in time when many potential clients talked to me, inquiring about my tutorial services. I was very happy. I conducted classes for them and they all wanted to continue but there was one problem. They said there is just too much noise in my office and they could hear it in the background. I reside in the center of Antipolo City where there are lots of businesses and establishments. There are many passers-by and the location where my house is at is always crowded with motorcycles. I need a peaceful, quiet place that is conducive to learning.

At that point, I had to make a decision. If I don’t, I will lose my students and I will go back to zero. It means not being able to start my own tutorial business and satisfy myself working for other people.

I want the cycle to end. I want change. I want to flourish. Then, one of the most important decisions in my life suddenly happened.

I found myself living at One Castilla Place trying to do things on my own. It really feels lonely at first because I am very much used to having a lot of people around me. I am used to having everything I need provided to me. It is different now. I have to be on my own, get through the loneliness and focus on my dreams that I can only achieve if I live alone.

Now I know what I want. I want to draw the picture of my life on my own and I sincerely thank DMCI for being a channel for this beautiful, big change in my life. I am looking forward to creating good memories and a good life with One Castilla Place.

It feels real good to be home.


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