IN PHOTOS: Siena Park Residences gives love to Cancer Patients of Bahay Aruga


It’s never easy to battle with something you need to fight alone. Cancer patients in Bahay Aruga know this struggle all too well, even at a very young age. But battles can be overcome and fights can be won over, with the support from the right people, and the right organization.  Bahay Aruga does its share of support to these angels by providing a Halfway House for Pediatric Cancer Patients like them.  It stands as a house that provides free accommodation to outpatient pediatric cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and medical treatment at the Philippine General Hospital, and a temporary home for these angels.  To them, these patients never had to fight this battle alone.

But these initiatives also needed support from other people. Ms. Emily Aranzamendez from Siena Park Residences has been helping this organization for a long time now, and wanted her own community to share her humbling experience as well. That’s why this love month, Siena Park Residences residents and PMO were drawn to give love to these little fighters in ways they can. Last February 21, 2018, an outreach program was organized.

Here are some snaps during the event (The kids’ identities were protected):

Bahay Aruga outreach program

Deep in prayer. In spite of everything they’ve been through, these kids still know how to appreciate their blessings, and be thankful to God for it.


Kids and elders praying

Never alone. These angels are also surrounded by angels who continue to make them feel loved, appreciated, and not alone.


Beneficiary in a red T-shirt



Courage over fear. This kid has won and fought battles we never had.


Entertainer at the Siena Park Residence community outreach program

A little entertainment. Siena Park Residences homeowners brought along a fun magic show for the kids’ entertainment.


Two kids

Little warrior. This fight is too much for someone so little, but here they are, finding fun in the little things.


Blessed to give. Siena Park Residences residents and PMO are more blessed to be given a chance to spend time with these kids.


Adults at the Siena Park Residence community outreach program

All smiles. Our volunteers were composed of both residents, homeowners and PMO of Siena Park Residences. They all agreed that it was a fun and humbling experience.


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