Seven interesting facts that make the DMCI Homes brand unique

Sheridan Towers in Pasig City.

Sheridan Towers in Pasig City.

For the past 20 years, DMCI Homes has delivered over 41,000 quality residential condominium units in more than 60 resort-inspired communities in Mega Manila, Baguio, Boracay, and Davao City.

Behind this remarkable feat are these distinct capabilities and offerings that make the DMCI Homes brand unique.

1. Builder and Developer

Unlike other developers which outsource design and construction companies, DMCI Homes builds and designs its own projects with its in-house team of engineers, architects, craftsmen, construction workers, and partner subcontractor firms.

DMCI Homes also has the distinction of being the Philippines’ first Quadruple A real estate developer. Presented by the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board, this is the highest license given to a contractor that meets the stringent requirements of the Philippine government in terms of financial capacity, building experience, and expertise of technical personnel, among others.


dmci homes 102-point inspection

DMCI Homes, the country’s first Quadruple A developer, builds and designs its residential communities.

2. Construction Heritage

This unique capability originated from DMCI Homes’ rich heritage in the construction industry as DMCI Homes is the real estate subsidiary of DMCI Holdings, Inc.—the construction conglomerate that was borne from the expertise and success of the late Engineer David M. Consunji. 

Engr. Consunji is known today as the Philippines’ Builder of Landmarks and founder of the Philippines’ pioneering construction company DM Consunji, Inc. (DMCI).

DMCI Homes’ promise to deliver quality and best value homes with first-rate amenities was borne from the engineering expertise of Engr. David M. Consunji.

3. Seal of Quality

Consistent with DMCI’s solid reputation as a world-class construction company, DMCI Homes only uses the best materials from trusted suppliers and enlists subcontractors with a track record of quality workmanship.

Moreover, DMCI Homes has its own Quality Management Department, which ensures that its Construction team’s quality procedures are followed to the letter through its proprietary 102-point inspection system.

dmci homes 102-point inspection

The DMCI Homes Quality Seal signifies that a property has passed DMCI Homes’ standard 102 Inspection Points from the start of construction, implementation of design, and up to the property’s turnover.

4. Innovative Builder

Having a rich construction heritage and engineering expertise enables DMCI Homes to deliver projects on or ahead of schedule and at the same time introduce construction and design improvements and innovations that enhance the aesthetics, quality, and cost-efficiency of its product offerings.

This explains why DMCI Homes is able to offer bigger average unit size at a better price point compared to other unit sizes available in the market.

DMCI Homes’ two-bedroom units are offered at a price that is typically for much smaller studio or one-bedroom units of other condominium developers. ( Actual photo of a 2-bedroom model unit)

5. Healthy Buildings

Other than offering best value condo units, DMCI Homes is also known for its innovative building designs most especially the Lumiventt®  Design Technology.

Derived from the words “lumen” meaning light and “ventus” meaning wind – the design technology allows natural light and air to enter the building through three storey-high Sky Patios, thereby supplying fresh air to the units while pushing stale or hot air outside.

Landscaped atriums and single-loaded hallways add a refreshing feel to the corridors of DMCI Homes condominiums—a stark contrast to the typical image of cramped condo buildings. (Actual photo of Verdon Parc’s landscaped atrium).

6. Extra Living Spaces

DMCI Homes complements its spacious units and healthy buildings with lush gardens and expansive amenity spaces so condo-dwellers can best enjoy resort-living in the city.

DMCI Homes communities are designed to have near 60:40 footprint-to-building space ratio to accommodate pools, gardens, activity lawns, and lifestyle facilities for leisure and recreation.

Miréa Residences’ amenity core.

7. Continuous Developer Support

Compared to other developers, DMCI Homes has made it a commitment to continue supporting its completed projects with property management offices that manage the upkeep, maintenance, site enhancement, and operations of the condominiums to ensure that completed projects continue to be safe, family-friendly, well-maintained, and responsive to residents’ needs through the years.

Beyond the physical structures, DMCI Homes institutes community-building initiatives, such as visioning workshops for community councils, and character-building activities for children and families.

DMCI Homes’ One Castilla Place COVID-19 community vaccination activity.

These seven interesting facts make DMCI Homes worth considering when one is looking to invest in a rental property or a good home that can last generations.

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