Fashion Guide For Every Condo Dweller This Rainy Season

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Rainy season is here, so declares the country’s weather bureau. But these days, weather has become so unpredictable that the sun comes out so mighty in the morning, then rains heavily on your way to the office, then it’s all gloomy, then the sun comes out again, then downpour greets you on the commute after work, and well, you know the drill. Bad weather always seems to come unannounced.

For condo dwellers out there, it’s time to check your condo’s safety during rainy days. Check the roof for leaks, your windows and doors for gaps, and apply waterproof sealant wherever necessary. Yes, rainy days shouldn’t be all “bed weather.” You have got to do some work.

Some very lucky people can just stay in bed wrapped in a warm blanket, but that is not the story for the rest of us. Most of us still have to work, commute, and run errands. But as they say, there’s always a rainbow somewhere — like pretending we are in a country where trench coats are cool. And yes, rainy season is the perfect time to bring out all the fashionable coats and sweaters we got on sale (but never actually used). This is dedicated to all the waterproof professionals and career-driven people who dare come out of their condos even as the warm sheets and piles of DVDs are pulling them back in. At least, you get to wear those trendy jackets and nice boots. Here is the ultimate fashion guide for condo dwellers who believe that while the sky may be gloomy, your clothes don’t have to be.


Bring out the trendy umbrella

Bring out the trendy umbrella

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Never leave the house without an umbrella, even if you have a car. Obey your mom when she shouts “Don’t forget your umbrella!” every single day. She’s concerned you might get sick and you should be concerned that the rain may ruin your outfit. Invest on a sturdy umbrella. After all, they come in different prints, patterns, and colors already.


Wrapped in a rain coat

Rain coats are not just for school kids. Rain coats always come in handy. They are mostly lightweight and can fit in your bag. Plus, they are also very trendy. They come in different styles and colors that you will even look good in a selfie.


Sandals and flip-flops in the rain

During the rainy season, it might be a good idea to leave your heels in the office because it’s time to bring out those waterproof sandals and comfy flip-flops so you could walk in the rain faster and with ease. This is especially when you have to ride a train or catch a bus to go to work. And for sure, you don’t want to submerge your shoes in gutter-high floods, do you?


These boots are made for walkin’ (in the rain)

Rain boots are your best friends during rainy days. They keep your feet warm and make you fearless while crossing puddles of flood water. You could go ankle or knee-high with your boots. A fashion tip for the rainy season is pairing your rain boots with your favorite pair of skinny jeans, formal coat, boyfriend sweaters, or even a dress.

In your condo, place a bin or rack for all your rainy items near the door. This is one lifehack for the rainy season to keep your condo free from water dripping all over the place and wet shoe prints.


Waterproof bags and wallets

Remember those colorful jelly bags and wallets that look really fun and summer-y? They are perfect for the rainy season, too. Your bag and wallet contain essentials like money, cards, IDs, cellphone, chargers, and important office and personal documents that need to be protected. Waterproof designer totes and handbags are everywhere so grab one for yourself.


Cover up

You will need sweaters and hooded jackets to keep you warm and dry, so learn how to wear them in style. This is probably the best chance for you to be fashionable so enjoy it. Sweaters and jackets need not  be plain, boring, and bulky. Over the years, they have become more chic and stylish. Check how celebrities sport them and do some mixing and matching, too.


Go dark with jeans

Ditch white and light-colored jeans during the rainy season. Traces of water and some other dirt and stains caused by the rain are easier to spot. Stick with classic blue or black.


Waterproof makeup

Attention, ladies! No one wants their mascara or eye make-up going all over the place this season. Invest in waterproof make-up that will keep you looking fresh amid heavy downpour. And unless you are going to some really important party, keep your make-up light and easy to maintain during the rainy days.


Messy hair, don’t care?

Hair tends to get messy and frizzy during this season. Smoothen it out with an anti-freeze serum and make it shine under the gloomy sky.


Something for the head

A stylish cap like a beret is a great accessory during the rainy season. It gives you protection from the cold and the rain while giving your get-up some spunk. It’s also fun and casual.


Warm with a scarf

Now is a good time to wear the scarf you have been saving for your winter trip to Japan or Europe. Scarves do not only keep you warm, they also come in handy when rain drops splatter all over your arms or face. They also go well with your trendy coats, jackets, and boots.


Grab a poncho

Ponchos — those things that look like a wrap-around cape — are perfect for this kind of weather. They are a perfect alternative for sweaters and jackets. A poncho, jeans, and boots and you’re ready to go.


A dress? Why not?

Who said you can’t wear a dress when it rains? Of course you can. A classic leather jacket or a nice overcoat will go well with a short, knee-length dress. Boots will also complete the look. You just have to carefully choose the material that is most comfortable during this season.


Best (season) for vest

Now, people are not going to think you’re weird when you wear a vest to work when it is scorching hot outside. Get a lightweight shirt and top it with a vest. Open it up and you can even add a scarf.


Leather weather

Leather is an excellent material during this kind of weather. A good quality leather bag, jacket, and boots will get you through the day looking fabulous.

Some people love a rainy kind of weather once in a while. There just some things that make it better — hot tea, creamy soup, pajamas, comfy sheets, romance dramas, a good book, hot shower, etc. And then, there is fashion. Finally, wearing those nice leather jackets, boots, and scarves will not make you feel weird anymore. So dress up and make the rainy season a little brighter.


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