Beat The Rainy Day Blues: 17 Fun Activities In Your Condo

The rainy season is upon us. Class suspensions, which are typical these days, are keeping your kids at home. You can also expect flooding and horrendous traffic jams, making weekend getaways an impossibility. Living in a condo is a truly a blessing during these days. You have access to indoor and outdoor amenities without risking your safety (and sanity!) in Metro Manila’s rain-drenched streets. Have fun activities with your children in your condo.
Here are 17 best rainy day activities to do in the condo.


Play board games

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When it comes to condo activities, you can be as creative as you can. The rainy season will keep your kids and teens inside the house. There’s a high probability that they’ll withdraw into their rooms and spend the day glued to their computers and electronic gadgets. Lure them to the living room or the condo game room and play cool board games. Go for classics such as Monopoly or the newer Codenames and Pandemic Legacy.


Read classic literature

The cool weather is a perfect time to catch up on your reading backlog. Instill the love for reading to your kids by introducing them to The Little Prince, Don Quixote and Anne of Green Gables.


Do easy crafts

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There’s nothing wrong with allowing children to use electronic gadgets as long you closely monitor their usage. Playing video games was found to boost players’ visual and spatial skills. However, this rainy season, disconnect and do something different: do crafts in the condo. Turn used cans or buckets into Marvel Comics-inspired toy storage by covering it up with comic book pages, or create bracelets, bags and accessories using colourful Washi tape.


Clean up and plan an interior design facelift

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If there’s an indoor activity you should be doing on rainy days, it’s doing spring cleaning in your home. Play some good music, hand your kid a broom, and let him sweep off the dust monsters under his bed. You can also do easy repairs, install floating shelves or plan on a simple revamp of your interior design.


Get ahead of school lessons

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At a young age, kids should be taught time management. They should learn the value of time and how to prioritize aspects of their lives. During rainy days, urge them to read their textbooks, do research, and study ahead of their lessons. Serve them freshly-baked cookies and hot chocolate to keep their brains in optimal performance.


Write your heart away

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Studies show that writing, especially by hand, result in improvements in physical and psychological health. Encourage your children to keep a journal or a compilation of their poems or short stories. This not only stimulates creativity, it also polishes their language skills.


Watch documentary films

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Watching movies when classes are out is a traditional activity for kids left at home. Give it an educational touch by loading documentary films on ancient civilizations, post-World War events and important modern-era happenings. Make rainy day activities worthwhile experiences!


Explore the wonders of silent films

Rainy days are also synonymous to binge-watching our favorite series. Hello, eternal Heisenberg fans! Expand your horizon by watching silent films legally available in the Internet. You can also introduce this genre to your artistic teens.


Cook together and create a family recipe book

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According to a study by the University of Massachusetts Medical School, our calorie consumption tends to increase as the weather turns colder. Ditch the instant ramen and cook healthy meals with your children. Prepare delicious rice meals, soups, desserts and other goodies that suit the rainy day vibe. You can make a record of your recipes in a family recipe book.


Have a fancy tea party

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No little girl can resist the fun of a tea party. It’s your little princess’ chance to wear her tiara and talk about fancy things she loves (prepare yourself for an in depth analysis of Disney’s Frozen). Don’t forget the creamy vanilla custard and truffles!


Have an indoor picnic

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How to have fun during a rainy day in the condo? Have a picnic! Bring out the mat, the picnic basket, and a pitcher of fruit juice. Set your stuff near a big window where you can see the outdoors and throw in loose pillows and duvets. Share stories or listen to your favorite playlist.


Bring the School of Rock at home

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It’s about time that your young ones get to know Maurice Ravel, Louis Armstrong, and Jimi Hendrix. Condo activities, whether it’s spring cleaning or cooking, are a lot better with good music in the background. Share fact tidbits about each artist and song you introduce. Perhaps you can create a shared playlist of your favorite songs.


Improvised poetry

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Some people are born performers, some learn through years of practice. Discover your child’s hidden talents by organizing an improvised poetry program in your living room. You can watch a couple of videos of poets to let your young one get the “feel” of it.


Enjoy a bake-off

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We love eating when it’s cold and raining outside. Researchers blame our primitive impulses of stockpiling food for the winter ahead. Give in to your cravings by baking cookies and cakes when the weather is prohibiting you from visiting the bakeshop. Turn this as an opportunity to bond with your family by having a bake-off challenge.


Turn your condo into an on-demand gym

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Who says you can’t sweat it out in rainy days? One of the benefits of condo living is the access to indoor amenities including a fully-equipped gym or covered cabana for your yoga routine. You can also clear your living room and bring out your dumbbells. Play heart-pumping electronic music and sweat it out!


Revisit your neglected artistic endeavors

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Our busy lifestyle is somewhat lowering our quality of life. Our waking hours are mostly spent on commuting and working. Even a few minutes of exercise don’t have space in your toxic schedule. Children should be taught to manage their time well and give attention to other aspects of their lives aside from school and playtime. Together, you can compose music, do artworks or write. If you’re neglecting your art, it’s time to revisit it.


Arrange your family photo album

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In this age of digital photos and online albums, what are you going to do with your polaroid pictures? Bring out your photo album, glue, and colored papers. Redesign your album with the help of your family, making this a group effort. This is also a golden opportunity to reminisce the past over hot tea.
Don’t let the weather drain your enthusiasm. There’s a lot to do other than snoozing all day. Explore activities that you can enjoy with your family within the comforts of your condo home.


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