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We’ve all been there before– when adults would ask us the same, unending question as kids, “What would you like to be when you grow up?” Telling them the most common adult profession our little brains could think of would shrug them off, but as a kid, how could you tell if you really want to be a doctor, a nurse or a firefighter, without even experiencing it?

Well, this is not the case for the kids of one of DMCI Homes’ youngest communities, Zinnia Towers. As our little clients, not only would we love to serve them, but also want them to know the importance of being responsible in their own community. This is why Zinnia Towers Property Management thought of organizing a kid-friendly summer event, intended to teach kids on how to take care of their own community, and to experience how to be a property manager for a day.

KidZinnia was the event that took its name from the popular kids’ play city, that offered the same thing– letting kids experience a job the fun way. From knowing the names and jobs of each community staff, to learning how to take care of the facilities, and keeping the community plants healthy, kids became aware that being a Property Manager is a lot of work, but also learned that the job entails loads of fun too. Here are some photos of the event:


KidZinnia was spearheaded by Property Manager Edilyn Perez who acted as the event’s teacher (or should we say, “boss”) to our little Property Managers. Kids listen intently to their “boss” for the day.


As little Property Managers, you first need to know who the community staff were, and be very mindful of their function in the organization. With this, kids stayed very hooked onscreen to know who these people were.



After listening to the lecture, kids got ready for fun games. The little property managers were divided into three teams to play some exciting quiz games. The quiz were all about the short lecture given to our little property managers. It didn’t only put a smile on their faces, but also gained them more playmates.



As property managers, they were also expected to know how to take care of community plants. These kids were taught how to plant and build their own little garden in a mug.



Creativity and imagination really are some of these kids’ strengths— they came up with their garden-in -a-mug in just minutes!




— And of course, they nailed it, again.



We congratulate these kids for doing a great job for being property managers for a day! This just shows that Zinnia Towers houses the most responsible homeowners who will take care of their community today and in the years to come. We would also like to thank the parents and guardians of these kids for letting them spend their time with us. We, at DMCI Homes appreciate the support given to little events like this. We hope to see you and your family for the next!



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