Big Ideas To Organize Small Condo Living Rooms


Everyone wants their living room to look as if it just came out of a glossy magazine spread. If only space permits, you would have squeezed every condo interior design inspiration you have spotted online. But given the space and our resources, you are left to figure out a system that works for you. If you try to seamlessly fit every detail of your life into your condo living room, you will most likely be frustrated each time.

Finding ways to design your condo living room in such a way that it is both stylish and functional is important if you want to get the best out of condo living. The trick is to organize your living room so that it will look bigger and structured but elegant and neat at the same time. Here are some genius ways to organize your condo living room:


Arrange by function

arrange furniture

Photo courtesy of Sydalg Yopuhgam via Pinterest

One way to maximize space is to arrange furniture by function. It’s like segmenting furniture to improve traffic flow inside the house while highlighting focal zones. Each piece of furniture must serve a purpose. Avoid awkwardness and blandness.


Double-duty furniture

double duty furniture

Photo courtesy of Josh Oliveras via Pinterest

Get good value for money by picking multi-purpose and double-duty furniture. The living room is a high traffic area used for movie nights and entertaining guests. It would be nice to have pieces that work to serve different needs. Examples are an ottoman that can be used as a coffee table, a bookcase that doubles as a divider, and expandable center tables.

From floor to ceiling

When designing your living room, don’t just limit yourself to horizontal dimensions. Maximize space by putting vertical emphasis. Floor-to-ceiling shelves, media center, or draperies invite the eye to move above and below eye level.

Go small-scale

small scale furniture

Photo courtesy of Laura Valle via Pinterest

Sofas and armchairs do not have to be assuming and bulky. Get loveseats and armless chairs that look sleek but do not make the space look crowded. Remember to always choose pieces that are size-appropriate to the room. Antique and vintage shops are a good place to look for small-scale furniture.

Build in storage

Magazines, books, toys, and other knick knacks tend to always end up in the living room. This is why it is important to build in living room storage and cabinets to avoid clutter. Do not think that storage is only for function. It can make the space look grand if it blends well with the look of the condo.


Add hidden storage

There’s built-in and then there’s hidden storage. Boost storage options by picking furniture with drawers. For example, instead of a console table, go for a chest of drawers. There are also sofas and lounges with storage underneath them.


Consider open shelving

open shelving

Photo courtesy of Cassie Kos via Pinterest

Open shelving looks lighter and adds visual appeal to a room. Decorative pieces will look good in open shelves while non-decorative pieces may be kept in basket bins.


Don’t block the light

bright living room

Photo courtesy of Joanna Rutkowska via Pinterest

Use all available light to enlarge the space. Window treatments must be kept simple. Do not block windows with furniture or shelves. Walking into a bright living room gives the impression of a breathable, larger space.

Photos on the wall

photos on the wall

Photo courtesy of Dorita via Pinterest

There are many ways to display photos creatively. Side tables and shelves are not the only places for your cute, little photo frames. You can pin them on the wall instead and take advantage of the vertical space. It is best to leave the living room storage cabinets to bulkier and heavier stuff.

Keep colors soft

neutral colors living room

Photo courtesy of Browning Frazier via Pinterest

White walls and neutral tones make a room look bigger. If you pick soft-colored pieces of furniture, they would almost seem like they are disappearing, opening up the room even more. Choosing neutral colors for the living room is a way to organize a cluttered living room look.

More function for coffee table

coffee and side table

Photo courtesy of Helena Alkhas via Pinterest

Most condo units have coffee and side tables mainly for decorative purposes. Re-assess its function and make it another piece of living room storage. If your old table doesn’t have drawers and cabinets, putting storage boxes and basket bins under it would do.

Fill a corner

living room organization ideas

Photo courtesy of MacKenzie McLouth via Pinterest

Corners provide a good space for your living room organization ideas. It could be a reading nook, an office space, or a second living room with just a sectional sofa. You can also place a sleek side table with storage in the corner.

Group similar objects

organizing similar objects

Photo courtesy of Amber Madliger via Pinterest

Create a point of interest in the living room by organizing similar objects in one place. Group by theme and elements. For example, put together letters, numbers, vases, and even indoor plants.

Control the cords

wire and cord in the living room

Photo courtesy of Michaela Salisbury via Pinterest

Have you ever tripped on a wire and cord in the living room? Does your entertainment center look sharp but the back is a mess? Organize cords by using zip ties, binder clips, peg boards, and other cable organization tools.

Magic with a fold

smart condo storage hacks

Photo courtesy of Danna Smith via Pinterest

Aside from a sofa that doubles as a daybed, there are other smart condo storage hacks and they usually just involve foldable things. Stick up a foldable table into the wall so that it doesn’t eat up space when it is not needed. But if you want an office space or a smaller table for afternoon tea, just pull it out.


Ditch remotes

If almost everything in the house is controlled by a remote, consider buying a universal one. Most of us waste a lot of time trying to find a remote control or putting them back where it belongs. Ditch your army of devices to give you a greater sense of control.


Secure loose items

loose items

Photo courtesy of Chris Mathieu via Pinterest

Small boxes, bowls, and containers are your friend. Avoid accumulating loose and small items on the surface because that will become a norm. Assign boxes and bins to keys, coins, and clips.

De-clutter regularly

declutter items

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Chan via Pinterest

Make it a habit to de-clutter and re-assess the use of items in your living room. At least once a week, throw out everything that doesn’t have a permanent space. Once a month, edit down items like DVDs, magazines, and paper work that have piled up over the past weeks.

Limit your collection

Be realistic when it comes to your collection. Dedicate efforts to just one if you can. Keep them if only you can organize them well. Living room storage cabinets that are filled with too many things decrease visual interest.

Fight the urge

organized condo living

Photo courtesy of Felicity Garwood via Pinterest

The best way to maintain an organized condo living room is by fighting the urge to add more and more decorative pieces and furniture. Do not fill every inch with stuff. Limit pieces with a few functional items.

Any living room size, big or small, poses a challenge. The trick is to make sure every piece works for you and the entire space. Do not go overboard. Do not do more than what the space begs for. Stick to what looks and feels right.




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