12 Online Furniture Shops in the Philippines to Ship Nationwide

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Online furniture shops in the Philippines are great and convenient ways to source furniture deals for your condo home nowadays.

With a wide range of options available to you on the internet, you’ll never really run out of fun ways to decorate your interiors. So many furnishing choices abound online, giving you opportunities to find those pieces that speak to your interior design style and sensibilities.

But even if digital shopping eases burdens like payment and delivery off your shoulders, you’ll still be confronted with the difficult job of choosing the right condo furniture for your own unit. With all the options available to you out there, you’ll need extra help to guide your shopping journey in the right direction this year.

Looking for a guide on where to buy essential furniture? Here is your curated list of the twelve best online furnishing stores for Filipino condo-dwellers right now.

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The Best Online Furniture Stores in the Philippines

The best online furniture shops in the Philippines are just a click away. Keep on reading to discover twelve different options for all your condo furnishing needs right now.

1. AllHome

The first entry on this list is here to transform all your living spaces today. AllHome is an online furnishing brand that lets you source everything from bookcases to tables, to sofas, and more, all from the comfort of your own condo.

This company opened its first brick-and-mortar doors in Pampanga in 2013, and has since expanded its reach into the digital space. AllHome offers versatile furniture and products like construction supplies, appliances, indoor and outdoor furniture, and even electronic gadgets as well - all of which are available on their website store.

AllHome accepts all major online payment methods, and they ship their products all over the Philippines too. Delivery usually takes between two to three business days, depending on your location across the different regions in the country.

2. Bonny Furniture

Bonny Furniture is another pioneer in the home furnishing business here in the Philippines. Established in Paco, Manila in the 1960s, this store aims to provide convenience to its customers with a one-stop shop selection of house, office, and even children’s home equipment today.

What makes this brand unique is that they offer products at negotiable prices. Yes, you read that right - if you see an item on their website that others sell at a lower price, Bonny Furniture will match or lower their own price for you. Not only do they prioritize customer convenience, but they also provide cheap thrifted furniture at accessible price points for all Filipinos too.

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3. Crate and Barrel

The next online store on this list might be more familiar to homeowners and interior designers because of its international origins.

Crate and Barrel is an American brand that offers furnishings, decor, kitchenware, linens, and more to over 22 million customers across 42 countries worldwide. Crate and Barrel Philippines, meanwhile, opened its doors in 2014 and has since established branches across various SM Malls all over the metro.

The website store offers deliveries within two to three working days for customers within the Metro Manila area. Customers outside the metro can get in touch with Crate and Barrel’s customer service numbers to coordinate deliveries straight to their doorstep too.

4. Furniture Deals Philippines

Furniture Deals Philippines is another great store that offers convenient shopping and delivery options for its customers.

The business sells full sets of furniture for every living space, from bedrooms, to offices and even garden areas - making it easy to coordinate your interior design and clean your condo furniture as well. They mainly deliver within the Metro Manila area, but they also accept deliveries outside the metro when you contact them via landline or cellphone.

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5. Furniture Manila

Furniture Manila is a wonderful local brand that offers products for all parts of your condo unit today. They sell furnishing pieces for offices, bedrooms, bathrooms, outdoor areas, kitchens, and even kids’ rooms, while also offering appliances like air conditioners and washing machines at the same time.

Though they once had a showroom in Makati City, Furniture Manila migrated to an entirely online set up in the early months of the pandemic. They have since found success in their website store, accepting all forms of cashless payment while delivering their products all over Metro Manila and the nearby provinces.

6. Furniture Source Philippines

The next entry on this list of website stores is Furniture Source Philippines. Based nearby in San Juan City, this business offers a wide array of house furnishing pieces for bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, offices, children’s rooms, laundry rooms, and so many more.

Not only is this store a great source for home equipment in the metro, but Furniture Source Philippines also accepts all forms of online and over-the-counter payment, with nationwide shipping too.

If you order from their store, you can expect your delivery to arrive between four to five business days within the Metro Manila area and Rizal, or eight to twelve business days if you’re beyond those areas.

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7. Homestore Philippines

Homestore Philippines opened its first-ever Homestore showroom in Pasig City in 2002. The company has since expanded its reach across the greater Metro Manila area, offering stylish and practical products for rising Filipino spaces.

The company currently sells products like bathroom equipment, kitchenware, tableware, fixtures, fittings, and other forms of house equipment. By browsing their website store, you can compare prices across brands and see which products work best for your own living space today.


Now, this is one international store that you’re probably familiar with already. IKEA is a Swedish home furnishing brand that brings affordability, design, and comfort to its global customer base, with iconic flatpack designs that revolutionized living space furnishing for everyone. Their local flagship store opened in 2021 and has boomed in success since then.

They offer digital shopping and speedy delivery services for all their products, along with a year-long return policy as well. IKEA offers everything from furniture, to kitchenware, and even appliances, making it a great choice for anyone in search of furnishings on the internet today.

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9. Lamana PH

Lamana PH is an upscale furnishing store that sells local wood pieces and distributes designer furniture by the Ishinomaki Laboratory. They empower Filipino artisans by helping them produce handmade wooden pieces which Lamana PH sells on the internet alongside their products from the Ishinomaki Laboratory.

Their wooden furniture is on the more expensive side because the brand ensures that their partner designers are paid properly for their Filipino craftsmanship. Since most of the pieces by Lamana PH are made-to-order, production and delivery times vary per purchase as well.

10. Mandaue Foam

This brand is one of the oldest and most beloved house stores in the Philippines to date. Mandaue Foam was established in 1971 as a foam manufacturer based in Cebu and has since expanded its business to over 30 factories and showrooms all over the country.

The company prides itself on providing a wide range of furnishing products - from house and office furniture to mattresses, linens, lighting fixtures, and so many more. Their website store lets you buy their products wherever you are, with shipping available all over Luzon and in major cities across Visayas and Mindanao.

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11. Our Home

Our Home was established in 1997 with the vision to help customers create their perfect dream homes. They provide a wide array of modern and contemporary furnishings, interior decor, and accessories, all of which you can buy straight from their website.

They offer online shopping, contactless shopping, and a personal shopper service for their customers. Aside from house equipment, you can also purchase mattresses, bedding, kitchen equipment, and more from their website store.

12. Urban Concepts

Last but not least on this list of stores is Urban Concepts. Established in 1997, this Manila-based interior furnishing company provides affordable, well-designed, and functional pieces for its customers.

While their delivery radius is still relatively limited, it covers all areas within Metro Manila and can reach as far as Pangasinan as well.

Its website is very easy to navigate. All you have to do is to add products to your cart, pay on their website, and provide your delivery address. Urban Concepts will deliver your orders to your door within four to five business days, no problem.

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Now that you have a myriad of options at your fingertips, you can dedicate your time to finding the best furnishing pieces for your condo home instead.

Remember to compare prices, read reviews, and measure your spaces properly when making those big purchase decisions. For even more expert furnishing tips for your condo unit, make sure to check out DMCI Communities for the best interior design and condo-living advice today.

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