7 Best Ways to Manage Difficult Kids and Have a Serene Condo Life


Are your hyperactive kids driving you nuts? Condo living with kids can make for such an exciting, happy life. However, if your child goes wild, needing to clean up after them regularly can be an ordeal. And worse, your stress level can intensify when your kid is a having a fit.

Unguided, hyperactive kids may develop more serious attention and behavioral problems. Failing to address the problem can also cause your kids to suffer from learning difficulties. The consequences are serious, but remember that having a hyperactive child is not necessarily bad or hopeless. You just need to learn how to channel their energies and mellow their thought process. Here are seven quick and effective methods to calm hyperactive kids in your condo.


1. Spend time at the outdoor condo park and garden

difficult kids condo park and garden

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You can utilize condo amenities like the outdoor park and garden to help your kids calm down. Walk or play in the condo grounds with your kid to help them refocus their attention and re-channel their energies. Most DMCI condos have vast outdoor spaces you and your kids can enjoy. Moving around in a green and safe environment has health benefits, too. Apart from being a good form of exercise, walking or playing in the park and garden exposes your child to a wider scenery, which can support cognitive development. Do it early in the morning as routine or late in the afternoon when the sun is least harsh.


2. Have a dip in the pool

difficult kids dip in the pool

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Swimming pools and hyperactive kids usually make for a good partnership. The water has a calming effect that can work magic on many kids. According to several experts, one of the main reasons why more families are living and raising kids in a condo is the convenience and accessibility of kid-friendly amenities like the pool. Many condos have more than one pool and often come with a kiddie pool your children can enjoy. You and your kids can take a dip for a relaxing family activity in the midst of lush greenery. Instead of going out and enduring stress-inducing traffic, enjoy a serene and calming moment in the pool with your kid.


3. Avoid excessive sugar

difficult kids excessive sugar

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Having an active and energetic child is generally a positive thing. It could mean your child is healthy and developing. It can be a serious and stressful problem, however, when it hinders you and your child from having a relaxing, productive time. What you feed your child has a lot do with their health and energy level. One of the effective ways to calm kids is by sticking to natural and healthy food like vegetables, fruits, and clean water. Make an assessment of the food your child normally eats. Those with too much sugar like sweets and processed goods should raise red flags. Sugary foods can wreak havoc on your child’s system, making them experience a rapid increase in energy. And when the sugar level goes down, the addictive danger of sugary foods demands the child to ask for more to replenish their energy.


4. Create a calm environment

A tranquil space for kids can have a huge calming influence. Create a room where your kids can play and explore. You can also transform areas like the living room or redesign your kids’ bedroom. Put pillows, books, and other cozy items. These can help your child have a calm environment. The design of your kid’s space should reflect a serene vibe. Avoid too much bright colors like neon as these can overstimulate your child’s senses. Remember to avoid treating your kid’s area as a “time-out” space when they’re in trouble. It should be a space where they can enjoy and feel calm, and a nook where they can relax and learn.


5. Minimize time with TV and gadgets

difficult kids TV and gadgets

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Your calming methods must involve less exposure to television, computers, phones, and video games for your kids. These can trigger hyperactivity because of the fast-moving images, bright colors, and noise. Unrestrained gadget use can also cause problems like cognitive delays, lack of discipline, and impaired learning abilities. Weaning your kids from too much gadget use can help them relax and concentrate on other learning activities like reading, drawing, and doing fun DIY art projects in your condo. Teaching your child household chores can be a great idea, too. Replacing devices with productive activities can contribute positively to your child’s disposition.


6. Make sure there’s adequate rest and sleep

difficult kids rest and sleep

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Lack of proper sleep and rest during the day can cause your child to feel restless. This can also set off mood swings and hyperactivity. Improper sleeping habits can make your child suffer from compromised physical development and slow learning abilities. Create a clearly-defined schedule and strictly implement bedtime routine. This should also include nap times in the afternoon. Sleep relaxes and regenerates the body. Ensuring your kid gets proper sleep can do wonders in avoiding hyperactivity and other related problems.


7. Stay calm and attentive

difficult kids calm and attentive

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Your child’s hyperactivity can test your patience. Avoid the temptation of losing your composure when your kid is being difficult. Speak calmly and resist the urge of rolling your eyes and sighing to signal to your child your irritation or disappointment. When your child is throwing a fit, help them define what it is that’s bothering them. Give them your undivided attention and listen carefully to their concerns. Then, as a form of resolution, engage them by creating together to-do lists with clear instructions. This is a great way to establish order and instill a sense of responsibility in your child.

Dealing with hyperactive kids can be challenging. Be proactive. Following these tips on how to calm down hyperactive kids should help you have a healthier relationship with your child and have a more tranquil condo life.



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