8 Creative Ways To Enjoy The Rest Of The Summer


It’s summer time in the Philippines. And soon, before you know it, it will come to an end. Before it ends, you and your family would naturally want to take the opportune time to enjoy the remaining days of the season.

Before you cram in planning your last minute summer vacation, going through your checklist of what to do when leaving your condo should be your number one priority. You need to make sure that your condo does not invite burglars and other intruders in. Obviously, you need to make sure your condo does not catch fire as well, while you are away.

Living in a condo in the Philippines makes many condo dwellers worry more of the safety of their unit while they are not at home. Although living in a condo in the country gives additional security, condo dwellers still can’t get past worrying as the overall crime rate in the country goes up. According to a report by osac.gov, crime is a big problem in the urban areas in the Philippines, with a reported total crime volume of 217,812 in 2012, based on the studies conducted by the Philippine National Police Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management.

After seeing to it that your condominium is safe and sound from any untoward incidents, you begin to conceptualize plans for a vacation that will let your family enjoy the remaining days of summer. Surely, despite the hassle of worry about your condo’s safety, you can still get your brain to work, so you can come up with ways to overcome the pressure of spontaneously planning for your summer vacation. Less panic allows you to get the ideas to come to your mind easily and smoothly, sans any troublesome thoughts.

Go on an early shopping spree

Before you leave your condo, you surely would have figured out the place where you plan to have your summer vacation. For instance, if you are going on an unexpected vacation in Baguio City to cool off, you would want to bond with your kids while enjoying the lazy, cool summer nights.

Ideas for a last minute vacation flood to your mind as you get ready to leave for your vacation. You start to think of the stuff you can do in your spare time while vacationing to create warm bonding moments with your kids. You prioritize your kids’ interests when coming up with ideas on how all of you can enjoy your free time lounging around in your hotel room after dealing with a busy day. Playing board games and making handicrafts are great hobbies that teach your kids to be creative. You can enjoy fun bonding moments doing these activities by contributing to the storehouse knowledge of your kids, as they learn to creatively craft little stuff that matters.

Of course, you should prepare your things well before you leave for your vacation. When your vacation is a last minute one, you may want to consider shopping for board games and handicraft making materials early, at least four to five days before your scheduled trip. By doing this, you minimize the risk of procrastinating, instead of doing your shopping the day before the trip itself.

Get help in looking for delicious ice cream recipes

Travelling with the kids means one thing—more food! Kids love to eat different foods that suit their mood when they go on long vacations. The remaining days of summer may just make your kids crave for frozen desserts, like ice cream. Of course, you would have wanted to get creative and hands-on by showing your kids your mastery in making homemade ice cream while you are enjoying your vacation.

A vacation getaway planned at the last minute may shake your mind a bit, when it comes to preparing the essentials to make the best homemade ice cream. Obviously, you will need an extra hand in making all the needed preparations. Don’t hesitate to ask for your kids’ help in looking early for popular recipes of delicious ice cream. Saving time is something you can really do with a last minute planning. Consequently, at the same time, you allow your kids to learn how to work in camaraderie in the vacation planning process.

Buy museum tickets online

Popular spots for a last minute vacation are something you and your kids look forward to planning for your hectic trip. You may consider going on a vacation where you can find many historical sites. Visiting a museum gives an additional and enriching educational knowledge to your kids that they will not get anywhere else. Of course, since summer is coming to an end, you may want to buy your tickets online. Buying tickets online can be done through a simple click of the mouse, without the hassle of having to line up on-site to purchase your tickets. You get to avoid cramming in preparing for your last minute vacation, as you conveniently do your ticket purchase at the comforts of a computer at home.

Do an early research on upcoming summer concerts

Of course, you can’t compromise allowing yourself and your kids to enjoy the getaway by doing things you normally don’t have the time to do when your kids are in school. Going to concerts is just one of the many things you miss taking your kids to when they are busy with their school work.

To avoid cramming when dealing with a hectic schedule, do your homework right by researching online ahead of time on the upcoming concerts you may not be aware of. Who knows, your kids’ favorite artist may just be dropping by around town where you’ll be headed for your vacation. Getting the heads up when to expect such concerts to take place will save you from missing them, which will make you and your kids enjoy your vacation even more.

Book your vacation plans online

When you are planning your trip at the last minute, your primary concern is still getting what you want without spending a lot of money. Achieving this goal can be difficult if you are planning to book your plane ticket and hotel accommodations offline. Accommodations for last minute trips usually peak at the highest rates possible in on-site travel agents. If you really want high-quality accommodations at the lowest rates, you need to be patient in looking for deals for a last minute vacation online if you want to save money without sacrificing your vacation enjoyment. There are hundreds of good deals online that may be difficult for you to find. But, with patience and determination, you will surely be able to find them.

Make an advanced booking in sports lessons

If your kids are sports aficionados, you may want to consider letting them learn the sports they are into while you enjoy the remaining summer days with them. Letting your kids participate in a series of sports lessons while vacationing in Tagaytay does the trick of satisfying them to the fullest before summer draws to a close. Expect fully booked lessons to come your way if you don’t book right away once the idea comes to your mind.

If you feel that the last minute vacation plans are overwhelming you, and you don’t have time to book, don’t be shy to ask a spouse or another family member to do the booking for you. Surely, you can find opportunities in the future to return the favor.

Consult a professional for a summer entrepreneurship plan

Of course, since your vacation is last minute, you may expect additional incidental expenses you may not be normally encountering. Enjoying the remaining days of summer on a last minute vacation does not mean you just spend all of your money without getting anything in return. Consult a professional with regards to the proven, effective ways you can generate income while enjoying your summer vacation. Ask your consultant for the strategies he can recommend to do a small retailing activity that does not cost a lot of money, investment and time.

Selling halo-halo in Boracay with your kids may just give you the money to balance your expenses with your savings, while having fun doing something that you love. You and your kids can sell halo-halo at a stand in a beach in Boracay on a short-term basis until your trip wraps up, without the ties of a long-term commitment.

Make visit plans ahead of time

Last but not the least, make efforts to plan a visit to your relatives you don’t often see before you head home from your trip. If you feel pressured in planning your hectic, last minute vacation, you can send an email to your relatives to inform them of the visit without any hassle. Almost everybody uses the internet, so there will be no problem on your relatives’ part when it comes to accessing their email.

When planning your last minute summer vacation, make sure you incorporate plans of referring to home family safety tips that serve as a guide when you are hanging around at your condo. The potential dangers you face when you are at home are twice likely for you to encounter when you are out and about. You should particularly observe this when looking out for your kids’ safety while on the road.

A summer getaway can be enjoyable and productive, even if it’s planned at the last minute. Don’t be terrified of the thought of having to face challenges along the way when planning in spontaneity. Sometimes, the thrill of the “spur of the moment” type of stuff motivates you to make the most out of an experience or a situation.



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