7 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Invest in Las Piñas Condo

Las Piñas City.

Are you starting out on building your family or your career? If so, remember that choosing the right place where to settle down or to invest in can contribute to your dream success. And, even if you’re planning to settle down for your retirement, there is no place like home, as the Philippines will always be the best place to grow old.

Speaking of investments, a condo is a worthwhile investment. Here, you can either live in it or rent it out for passive income. If you’re eyeing a place in Metro Manila that is ideal for your needs and growth, then Las Piñas City in the south is perfect for you.

Why invest in Las Piñas? From its peaceful and comfortable lifestyle to its proximity to central business districts and provinces, real estate properties in Las Piñas are among your best bet. 

This article will help you understand why investing and living in this city is the smartest decision you can make for your future. Below are the top reasons why you should invest in a condo in Las Piñas:

1. Las Piñas is accessible to the rest of the metro

Digital render of a DMCI Homes property

Being in the middle of Parañaque, Muntinlupa, and Cavite, a few minute-drive or commute from Las Piñas will enable you to visit these surrounding cities. This means you can find employment at the companies in these cities and nearby central business districts while residing in Las Piñas City. Don’t have a car of your own yet? No worries, all forms of transportation are available here.

Meeting someone or visiting a place in Taguig or Makati? Las Piñas is very accessible via South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) or Skyway. It is also near CAVITEX or the Coastal Road which is also close to Roxas Boulevard and the Bay Area. So wherever you want to be, there is no need to worry when you’re residing in a condo for rent in Las Piñas.

2. It is easy to plan quick getaways

Father and child play by the beachPhoto courtesy of sarahbernier3140 via Pixabay

Being a few kilometers away from SLEX, it is very easy to plan and go for quick getaways to the provinces in South Luzon with family and friends. So whenever you feel that you need to be surrounded by nature, you can drive to Tagaytay and get a good cup of coffee while enjoying the cool breeze and the picturesque view. 

You can also go on an excursion with your family at the beach or go hiking with your friends in Laguna or Batangas. Really, the options are unlimited. Likewise, if you’re going on a trip abroad, there’s no need to rush on the day of your flight because Las Piñas City is just a short drive to the nearest airport. Now that’s one of the reasons why investing in Las Piñas is one of the smartest ideas you can do.

Speaking of getaways, is buying a condo a good investment in the Philippines? Absolutely!. There are instances when retired or elderly people such as your parents, perhaps, cannot afford to travel even short distances for quick getaways. So if you live in a condo with them, bringing them to your condo’s garden or swimming pool for a relaxing time would be beneficial to them sans having to go far.

3. Las Piñas offers a peaceful lifestyle

Digital render of a balcony at DMCI Homes

One of the reasons why residents of Las Piñas love to be in this city is because of the laid-back lifestyle it offers,  in contrast to the more fast-paced lifestyle of the big cities of Metro Manila. With several private subdivisions in this city, residents get to enjoy a safe and family-oriented community, with other family members living near each other.

Because private subdivisions limit the entrance of non-residents, families feel more secure, especially when they engage in outdoor activities within the village such as walking their dogs, biking, or jogging. There are also clubhouses, basketball courts, and public gyms in most subdivisions that residents can share with the whole community.

If you want these amenities but desire to own a condo property, choose a resort-style condominium that will inspire the feeling of summer fun all year long!

4. Friendship stickers are distributed to residents

Las Piñas is one of the friendliest cities in the country. If you’re a resident, you’ll be given a Friendship sticker which will give you access to roads inside the villages and drive around the city from 5 AM to 10 PM. Having a Friendship sticker also gives you immunity from the number coding Imagine the convenience of avoiding the Alabang-Zapote Road which is notorious for heavy traffic.

Want to drive around the city but your plate number is coding for that day? No worries, the Friendship sticker will serve as your free pass.  This means you won’t get fined nor your license be confiscated.

5. Las Piñas has a growing real estate market

Real estate properties in the South are considered less expensive versus those in other parts of the metro. However, there’s an ongoing price appreciation of properties, as the market in Las Piñas grows.

Contributing to this city’s market growth is the fact that it’s surrounded by established and developing cities such as Alabang, Parañaque, and Cavite. 

Moreover, there’s a steady increase in the number of commercial centers and mini offices in the area, thereby increasing the population of professionals in the area. As such, you can definitely say that investing in Las Piñas real estate will help you establish your family, business, career, or all of them.

6. Las Piñas has big shopping malls

Motion photography of a shopping mallPhoto courtesy of Demian Smit via Pexels


With big shopping malls in and around the area, Las Piñas is sure to be entertaining and fun. Most people love to hang out with family and friends in SM Southmall and in Vista Mall as well as in bordering areas in Alabang such as the Alabang Town Center, S&R, and Ayala Malls Southpark.

This city is also home to schools, medical centers, small commercial establishments, and a chain of food establishments. 

Since major establishments and skyscrapers are found in the Alabang area, Las Piñas is relatively quiet and peaceful. So having picnics at village parks are common, especially in BF Homes. 

One of the favorites and renowned food places in BF Almanza is Mang Raul’s BBQ which is among the known pioneers of barbecue in Las Piñas City.

7. Las Piñas offers premium condo living

Digital render of a cozy bedroom at DMCI Homes

DMCI Homes is one of the best real estate developers in the Philippines with multiple word-class condominiums ideal to invest in or live in. So if you’re looking for a condo in Las Piñas to settle in that is worth your time and money, consider DMCI Homes’ Sonora Garden Residences located along the Alabang-Zapote Road in Talon Uno, Las Piñas City.

Digital render of a DMCI Homes swimming pool

This condo community composed of mid- to high-rise residential condominiums are filled with facilities such as pools, lawns, play courts for adults and kids, and lounge areas that all residences get to enjoy. So while everyone is encouraged to stay at home during this quarantine, people who live in DMCI condominiums maintain a healthy, active lifestyle by making use of these facilities. Enjoy biking or walking in the open areas of the community for a breath of fresh air.

Similar to other DMCI Homes’ condominiums, the Sonora Garden Residences is just a few meters away from Robinson’s Place Las Piñas and Alabang-Zapote. Therefore, it is a highly accessible community that is why the value of the condo you’ll be investing in appreciates over time. Moreover, investing in a DMCI condominium won’t hurt your savings account, as flexible payment terms are offered.

This 2020, is buying a condo a good investment in the Philippines? Absolutely! The earlier you invest, the more your money can grow in the long run. This will be a great way to improve your career and daily lifestyle. 

Experience for yourself the perks of living in Las Piñas by investing in the Sonora Garden Residences today.


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