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The Yuletide season is just around the corner. From early Christmas parties to traditional monito-monita activities, not to mention the heavy traffic inflicted because of last-minute shopping, the spirit of Christmas in the Philippines is truly felt by many. Filipinos celebrate this occasion in an exceptional way. May it be in the province or in the city, the value of celebration and family ties remain an important, dominant trait among many.

In addition, an awaited part of the holidays are the festivities with generous servings of traditional mouth-watering delicacies. No wonder many people struggle to keep a healthy lifestyle during the holidays, what with all the food served throughout the celebratory season. Fortunately, condo dwellers has all its advantage in terms of being healthy while living in the city every day including special events and holidays.

In this list are some health hacks to keep the holiday pounds away.


A good routine is everything.

For people who do not have a well-defined exercise routine like others, then this is a great opportunity to start. First thing you need to remember is to never use the holiday season as an excuse not to start with a good diet routine.

A good take-off point to form exercise habits is to begin with the basics – nothing rigorous at first until your body adjusts to the heavy routine later on. Besides, you are prepping your body for Christmas, not a triathlon. A few push-ups in the morning would be a nice way to get those fats in your arms burned. You may follow up with a couple of sit-ups if you are conscious whether your holiday dress or shirt would still fit you well in time for the party. An ultimate way to get your blood pumping is to go for quick jogs for say, 20-30 minutes per day.

If motivation is your concern, an effective way to deal with this is to engage your best friend or your siblings to exercise with you at home or in your condo gym. After all, nothing beats the exercise impulse brought by a good workout partner.


Watch out for those calories.

You actually don’t need to stop yourself from devouring that chocolate cake on the table, or to keep yourself busy just to avoid looking at that roast pig. All you need is a strong will to do things in moderation.

When in a party, make sure to use the smaller plates. This way, you are in full control of your consumption. Don’t be too attached to the idea that you need to try everything on the table. However, if you do want to try everything, put a few bites on your plate first. The food on the table may seem overwhelming, and most of the time you can’t really finish everything you put on your plate. Also, just take small chunks of sweets for dessert. Do not linger on the size and start focusing on the flavor. You may also want to practice the three-bite rule instead of taking the whole thing in one go.

On top of these, make sure you are still getting a balanced diet even in a feast. Meaning, vegetables are extremely necessary. Pick holiday meals in which all nutrients are still accounted for.Don’t skip meals.


Don’t skip meals.

If you’re thinking that a way to keep that perfectly slender body of yours intact is to skip meals, then you desperately need some guidance. If you go for a day without eating, then your chances of overeating later on are very high. Not only that, a starved person will most likely choose the unhealthiest food on the table – meat, sweets, etc. which will definitely be transformed to body fats. Prepare healthy foods in your condo before leaving the house. Not only will a healthy packed lunch keep your diet in check, it can also save you a lot of money on expensive restaurants—money that you can otherwise use to buy gifts for your family.


Sober is better.

During this occasion, you have to strictly watch your alcohol intake. Relatives may invite you for drinking sessions every now and then throughout the holiday season, and while it’s perfectly fine to join them for a shot or two, make sure to drink in complete moderation.

Remember that alcoholic beverages are usually pretty high in sugar content, so avoid drinking too much beer unless you want to develop a donut-shaped belly after Christmas. Take a lot of water in between shots to flush that potential hang-over away.

But most importantly, there is no harm admitting that you are a bit tipsy when you really are, not when you are with your family. After all, a drinking session is not a competition.

Sleep matters.

If you don’t want to look swollen on Christmas, make sure you get enough rest. Avoid staying up very late deciding what shoes will match your outfit for the party. Holidays or not, you need 8 hours of sleep, at the least.

Getting enough sleep has been scientifically proven to ward off extra pounds. It will also keep you sane during holiday rush. You may use a planner to set your schedules to avoid cramming your activities.


Go for an adventure.

Since Christmas usually has a longer break compared to other holidays, you may want to consider planning an out-of-town trip with your friends and family. You may opt to go on a road trip up north or visit some beach resorts down south. Take them hiking and enjoy the wonderful view you don’t normally see. Ultimately, make sure to take advantage of the holidays to spend quality time with them.

While you’re at it, plan doing some recreational activities with your siblings or play some sports just to break the monotony of the season. Some physical activity would be great for your overall health.


Focus on the real essence of Christmas.

More than anything else, Christmas is a time of values and tradition. Do not focus on the festivities alone. Find time and spend it with the people you love – family. Attend the holiday service to give thanks for all the good (and the not-so-good) things that happened. Remember, being fit also involves the spiritual aspect.

Share your blessings with other people. Spread love and grant forgiveness. And be genuinely fit inside and out.

Celebrate the countdown to Christmas with a healthy body, mind, and soul. These tips on how to remain healthy amidst all the holiday temptations will surely be helpful not only during the festivities, but long after as well.



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