6 Healthy Condo Building Design for Your Better Living and Mindset

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What is the importance of a healthy building design and why does it matter today more than ever?

According to an EPA report, the condition of living spaces has a significant impact on humans’ physical health. Poorly maintained indoor environments such as housing complexes and buildings may pose risks like asthma, cancer, reproductive diseases, and developmental issues.

The importance of healthy environment-building elements is relevant in this age of congestion, pollution, and fast-paced lifestyle.

DMCI Homes is taking this wellness-centric concept seriously. At the core of its values and design, themes is the overall well-being of its residents. Condo buildings are erected in a way that allows the free circulation of air and sunlight in corridors and common areas. DMCI Homes properties feature open spaces, greenery, and lifestyle amenities that allow residents to stay fit and relaxed.

Here are six elements of a healthy condominium building design you should look for when choosing a new home:

  1. Natural light
  2. Buildings that breathe – Lumiventt Design Technology
  3. Relaxing environment for the mind and body
  4. Surrounded by greenery
  5. Rural environment
  6. Safe and secure environment

1. Natural light

Natural lightPhoto courtesy of Max Vakhtbovych via Pexels

It is important to allow the natural light inside your condo unit because of the many benefits to your health and budget.

A. The sunshine vitamin

According to Healthline, the sun’s ultraviolet B (UVB) rays hit cholesterol skin cells, providing the energy for vitamin D synthesis to occur. Vitamin D has many roles in the body, one example of this is it instructs the cells in your gut to absorb calcium and phosphorus that are essential for maintaining strong and healthy bones.

A low level of vitamin D in your body could lead to serious health consequences like osteoporosis, cancer, depression, muscle weakness, and death.

B. Natural light improves your psychological well-being

Lack of sufficient daylight can stir the blues and put you in a depressive state. Letting natural light inside your home can help improve your psychological well-being. This prevents you from experiencing a seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

C. Natural light keeps the molds away

Molds can easily form and multiply in cool, damp, and dark places. With natural light, you can avoid mold accumulation inside your condo unit. Natural light helps to control the humidity in your room. It also helps to dry the wet and damp areas of your condo unit that were caused by moisture.

D. Natural light also keeps your pocket healthy

Natural light can keep your pocket healthy by reducing your power cost. Instead of turning on the lights, simply open your windows and curtains to allow the natural light to illuminate inside your condo unit. No need to use the air conditioning unit at all times because you may allow the circulation of air inside your home.

You can check out these DMCI Homes properties with architectural designs that allow free flow of light and air in condo buildings, corridors, and common areas.

  • Ivory Wood in Acacia Estates – This DMCI Homes community in Taguig features Filipino-Spanish architectural design, which is prominent with large windows, doors and pathways. The expansive openings allow the entry of natural light and air into interior spaces.
  • Accolade Place – This Asian Boutique-inspired condo community is designed to allow free flow of fresh air and natural light.

2. Buildings that breathe – Lumiventt Design Technology

uildings that breathe - Lumiventt Design TechnologyPhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes

DMCI Homes promotes healthy building design through its pioneering Lumiventt design technology. “Lumiventt” combines the words “lumen” (meaning light) and “ventus” (meaning wind), enabling natural light and fresh air to enter through buildings and individual unit spaces.

Lumiventt Design Technology is made possible by the breezeways, ventilation, and sky patio designs of the condo building to create a cross-ventilation using the basic principles of airflow.

This engineering innovation offers positive health reasons such as access to fresh air much-needed in bustling cities.

DMCI Homes introduced Lumiventt Design Technology in its high-rise developments including the following:

  • Tivoli Garden Residences – This DMCI Homes property near the Makati-Mandaluyong bridge is designed to allow the entry of natural light and air through landscaped atriums built in every 5 to 7 floors of the condo buildings. This supplies fresh air to the units while pushing hot air outside.
  • Flair Towers, – This DMCI Homes community in Mandaluyong offers a seamless blend of resort-like and country club living. The Towers are also designed with the signature Lumiventt Design Technology allowing free flow of natural light and air in buildings and common areas.

3. Relaxing environment for the mind and body

Stress is one of the major problems that can affect your physical and mental health. A relaxing environment for your mind and body is all you need after a hard day’s work.

According to Mentalhelp.net, you may combat stress by simply experiencing the natural world around you. You can do this by visiting a park or a garden or taking your dog out for a walk. Allow your eyes, ears, and nose to absorb the pleasant sensations that surround you.

DMCI Homes takes into consideration the importance of a healthy environment as seen in the architectural designs of its communities.

  • The Celandine – This one-tower high-rise condominium located at Quezon City features modern structures and lush landscapes that create a relaxing tropical landscape. You can have daily me-time by the pool deck or in the landscaped gardens.
  • Brixton Place – If scenic views help you relax and calm your senses, then this DMCI community in Pasig suits you. It offers you a panoramic view of the Makati, BGC, Ortigas, and Antipolo City skylines, and a selection of lifestyle amenities such as a gym and pool area.
  • Birchwood – This DMCI development in Taguig has a modern Balinese-inspired environment that combines elements of nature, peace, and balance.

4. Surrounded by greenery

Surrounded by greenery Photo courtesy of Engin Akyurt via Pexels

Today’s architectural designs often incorporate greenery – mini gardens, patios, and atriums. Property developers also allot space for landscaped gardens or mini parks. These designs are both for aesthetics and wellness promotion.

Newsscientist.com discussed the benefits of urban vegetation on the physical and mental health of residents. Urban vegetation absorbs pollutants being produced by fossil fuel used by the transport industry. Too much exposure to these harmful pollutants can damage the central nervous system and is linked to certain mental health conditions such as depression.

Urban vegetation can also help minimize noise pollution which causes stress and sleep disturbance.

DMCI Homes carefully plans its designs with one important thing in mind – how designs are affecting the way people live and work. Here are communities with lots of greenery and open spaces:

  • Outlook Ridge Residences – This condo community in Baguio City features breathtaking views of green mountains and surrounding pine trees. The laid-back environment encourages physical activities, meditative exercises, and relaxation.
  • Ohana Place – This Hawaiian- themed development in Las Pinas features tropical greenery and Polynesian-styled structures that promote rest and recreation.

5. Rural environment

Rural environmentPhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes

Some people such as retirees can’t cope with the hustle and bustle in cities and prefer to live in quieter rural areas.

Healthline discussed that while living in a metropolis has its perks, it can also take a big toll on your physical and mental health. Compared to rural dwellers, researchers have found that urban dwellers are 21% more likely to have anxiety disorders and 39% more likely to have mood disorders.

The constant city life can propel the body into a stressful state known as the fight or flight response. That can make them vulnerable to mental health concerns, such as anxiety, depression, and substance use.

If you prefer to live in the countryside yet would love to experience the comfort of condo living, DMCI Homes offer these communities:

  • Willow Park Homes – Located at Cabuyao, Laguna, this DMCI development gives you the best of both worlds – live in a peaceful environment while enjoying the amenities of a modern condo community.

6. Safe and secure environment

Safe and secure environmentPhoto courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

Safety and security is a major element of a healthy condominium building design. If your condo building is not safe then this will affect your physical health and safety. For example, there are flaws in the electrical systems of the building that can cause accidents or electrocution of the tenants. This can also affect your mental health because of anxiety and worrying. An example of this type of situation is when there are flaws in the structural integrity of the building because some areas are not stable, you will always be worried because someday it might collapse.

Having a safe and secure environment will always put you at ease especially when your loved ones are with you. You will be confident enough to leave them behind for a while because you know that they are safe inside the premises.

DMCI Homes is one of the safest and secure property developers in the Philippines. It chooses only the ideal locations for its developments. It uses only high-quality materials and employs well-trained workers and staff.

To guide you more on how to check if your condo unit is safe and secure, here’s a condo safety and security checklist.

Key Takeaways

One way of taking good care of our physical and mental health is choosing a healthful home. Do not wait for your physical and mental health to deteriorate before moving to a better home. Prevention is always better than cure.

  • Always assess yourself if you are comfortable in the environment that you are living in. Ask yourself if the environment will be healthy for your physical and mental health.
  • You must consider your safety and security when choosing a condo. Always do a background check on the property developer.
  • Choose a reputable real estate developer that builds communities with an architectural design that matches the lifestyle you want for yourself and your loved ones.

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