12 Simple Gestures to Endear You to the Condo Community

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People feel the need to co-exist. A sense of belongingness or community is always healthy and it’s what a lot of people, especially growing families with children look for. Husbands want to play ball with men in the neighborhood, wives want to come over for tea or coffee, and children desire bike around the village all afternoon. Does living in a condo change one’s perception of a happy community? It does not. In fact, among the many benefits of condo living is the ease of building a community. After all, who better to understand you than the couple next door who share the jogging path with you every morning?

A condo community is endearing. Imagine a bunch of people mutually and peacefully sharing a quiet space together amidst the noise, busyness and buzz of the city. If you are a condo dweller or know new condo owners in the community, there are simple yet thoughtful gestures that will make condo living even more attractive than amenities, location and security ever will.


A smile goes a long way

Condo Community Smile Goes A Long Way (1)

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As a condo dweller, you will pass by shared hallways, stairways, and walkways every day of your stay — on your way to the elevator, down to lobby or at the gym. Chances are you’ll bump into other residents. Care for a little smile? A genuine smile, nod, or “hello” go a long way. You could make people feel more at home and even brighten someone’s day. Who knows, may be you will both feel comfortable stopping for a quick small talk next time.


Got something to share?

Condo Community Got Something to Share (1)

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There are many ways to make friends in your condo community and food will never fail you. If you like baking, preparing a little extra to share wouldn’t hurt. Sharing some cookies and cupcakes to your neighbors could be the start of a friendship. You may also lend tools and cleaning materials to neighbors who are moving in.


Spot a common interest

Condo Community Spot a Common Difference (1)

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Do you have a neighbor who walks his dog every day just as you do? Do you know of someone who shares your interest in baking or gardening? How about someone who is crazy about basketball?

Make friends in the condo community by spotting common interests. This could be the start of something great. There’s nothing like being friends with someone who shares the same passion and speaks the same language.


Schedule play dates

Condo Community Schedule Play Dates (1)

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Parents often fear that their child won’t grow in a “normal” neighborhood if they moved into a condo. They have no personal porch or backyard. But if you think about it, what they have is actually something better: indoor and outdoor play areas, picnic grounds, swimming pools, and a lot of green spaces to move around.

If your neighbor happens to have children and toddlers, set up play dates so that your kid will have his own friends and improve his motor, social, and emotional skills in the process. Let kids learn from other kids.


Arrange carpooling

Traffic and commutes are just terrible these days. You waste fuel, time and energy. This is why carpooling is becoming largely popular among working professionals — it is cheaper, fuel-efficient, and could even be more fun. Why not arrange carpooling with your condo neighbors? It is efficient and practical. The best part is that you don’t spend all morning feeling horrible about the traffic and instead engage in fun, relaxing conversations with your neighbors-turned-co-passengers.

Time for some splashing fun

Condo Community Splashing Fun (1)

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Pool parties are such a cool way to get everyone in high spirits. Adults and kids love it. Once you have established some connection with your neighbors, you can initiate to take building a condo community a step further. Invite some neighbors for a pool party during the weekend. It doesn’t need to be a real, full-blown party. Barbecue, chips, and some drinks will do. You can play some games or you may just chat with your guest and let the kids play.


Get healthy together

Condo Community Get Healthy Together (1)

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If you want to get fit and healthy, a support group is highly recommended. For days when you feel like staying in bed the whole day and binge-watch Netflix, you need someone who will scoop you out of your couch or your comfy sheets. It could be a gym buddy or a dance group. Arrange some boxing or dance classes with them or just have someone to hit the treadmill with. You may also take advantage of the condo community’s jogging or biking paths.


In the mood to make money?

Condo Community Mood to Make Money (1)

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Everybody is in the mood to make some money. Women particularly like the idea of being able to get rid of clutter while making some cash. The winning idea: garage sale. Maximize your condo space by decluttering and tossing away what you don’t need. Clothes you rarely use, shoes you’ve just worn twice, bags that never go along with any outfit, bread toaster you never use, juicer you bought on an impulse via home TV shopping, books, pillowcases and old toys are just some of the items you can sell. You can use an extra room in a neighbor’s condo unit to set up the sale.


Time for some grocery shopping

At least once a week, condo dwellers need to go to the grocery and stock up for the following week. This activity can benefit women who are looking for ways on how to make friends in the condo community. Good thing malls and supermarkets are just within a few kilometers away of most condo developments. Pushing that grocery cart while looking for some great deals is always more fun if you have a friend with you. The advice on which is the tastier corned beef or the fresher fish is priceless.

Organize mini-tournaments

Condo Community Organize Mini Tournaments (1)

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This is for the men who need to release some work-related tension after a long day at the office. The answer: basketball. Condo living in the Philippines means you’ll most likely have a basketball court outside. Given that this is a basketball-crazy country, expect that you’ll have enough people for at least a regular 3-on-3.


Encourage volunteerism

Not everyone will commit to a day at the orphanage or read books to street kids. But everyone can find a way to lend a hand. Encourage volunteerism and community participation by introducing a project for a good cause. You can collect old books to donate to the library, collect toys for young victims of a calamity, or donate some school supplies when it is back-to-school time. There’s always something that you can do and you will be surprised at how other people would love to help out.

Connect on social media

Connect on Social Media

Photo courtesy of terimakasiho via Pixabay

Since everyone is on social media, you might as well use the platform to build a condo community. Start a group or page where residents can join. Of course, just make sure to keep it private within the group. Here, you can share family moments, announce activities, arrange get-togethers and so on.

Remember that building a community means you must have a good sense of connectedness. You must realize that everything you do affects someone else. So if you decide to spread the love, be ready to receive some love back.


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