7 Family Moments That Make Living in the Philippines Special


The people and their local culture are among the top considerations when choosing your new home. More than the sun, sand, and seas, living in the Philippines provides an extraordinary value that attracts many prospective retirees or migrants.

Many reasons why people fall in love with Filipinos and the Philippines’ is because of its charitable, friendly, and family-oriented people. You see, beyond the tropical climate, relatively low cost of living, and the many tourist attractions, the country is home to one of the warmest and kindest cultures in Asia. The country’s numerous vacation spots are just add-ons to the welcoming nature of its people.

Here are some points to expect if you decide to live in the Philippines.

1. Filipino families stay together, literally.

Filipino families stay togetherPhoto courtesy of Migs Reyes via Pexels

It is typical in the Philippines that a family, including their adult kids, live under the same roof. Their relatives may be living within the same compound or property, or just a few blocks away. This culture results in strong bonds between siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.

By living in close proximity, families and relatives become each other’s source of support and security.

A condo community is the perfect choice for a home in the Philippines. If you are a returning Filipino, you can spend quality time with family and relatives in a condo community while keeping your personal space. You can host gatherings in the clubhouse or function halls, or go for daily physical activities together. It is a suitable environment to build strong and lasting bonds with the people nearest to your heart.

The Alder Residences, a DMCI Homes community in Taguig City, features play courts, a children’s play area, kiddie pool, lap pool, picnic areas, fitness gym, game room, and many more.

2. Celebrations are a big deal for Filipinos

Pinoys love celebrating just about anything — birthdays, anniversaries, feast days of their patron saints, graduations, job promotions, a big purchase (car, condo, etc.), even their pets’ birthdays. These occasions are a way of reuniting families and relatives, whether they live in the same town or in another province.

Even during the Spanish occupation, people in the archipelago would hold public festivities to commemorate religious events. These fiestas would mean days or weeks of eating, drinking, merrymaking. When you settle in the Philippines, be prepared for the many invites to these festivities.

In DMCI Homes, you do not need to leave your condo community for these gatherings. You may have a birthday celebration in the clubhouse, a wedding anniversary party in a function hall, or a weekend BBQ get-together by the open grill and picnic grove. You can also celebrate with your fellow tenants or other members of the condominium association which can be an opportunity to make new friends and connections. Condo community engagement is one of the compelling reasons why you should consider investing in a condo.

3. Filipinos have a passion for cooking and eating

Filipinos have a passion for cooking and eatingPhoto courtesy of Eiliv Aceron via Pexels

Pinoys love to cook and share their meals with family, friends, and neighbors. It is a way of living in the Philippines. Do not be surprised if your neighbors invite you over or bring you food whenever they celebrate at home. Declining the food is frowned upon.

Filipinos’ love for food is passed on to their children whom they train in the kitchen at a young age. Cookouts help strengthen bonds. Back in the day, Pinoy kids knew how to cook rice in pots and cook a decent meal. The “secret recipes” of favorite dishes are considered family heirlooms.

You can hold your family cookouts in your condo in the Philippines. If your space is too tight for guests, you can hold your cookouts in one of the lifestyle amenities. The Willow Park Homes, a DMCI Homes Community in Cabuyao, Laguna features an open lawn/picnic grove facility where you can grill delicious meats in the open grills and share your special stews during a family picnic.

4. Filipinos are “hands-on” parents

Every Pinoy kid has likely experienced the horror of having their parents wait for them to get home after spending time outdoors beyond their curfew. No matter how old their children are, as long as they live in the same house, Filipino parents are “hands-on”. If you plan on relocating your family to the Philippines, you should be ready for unsolicited parenting advice from friends and neighbors. You might get tips on what to prepare for your kids’ school lunches, the best detergents for their school uniform, and homemade remedies for common illnesses.

In a condo community, you do not need to worry about your kids’ and family’s safety. They provide 24/7 security with trained personnel and security CCTVs installed in common areas. Let DMCI Homes take care of your security needs, so you could focus on nurturing your family.

5. Filipinos enjoy the company of others, but they also value their personal space

Filipinos enjoy the company of others, but they also value their personal spacePhoto courtesy of Rica via Pexels

Every Filipino family dreams to have a house or building a house that they can call their own. It is how they measure their capability to start their own family, especially for newly wedded couples.

If you are interested in establishing a home here in the Philippines, you can invest in a condo for sale in the Philippines. How? DMCI Homes is one of the reputable, multi-awarded, and leading resort-inspired real estate developers in the Philippines which offers an excellent environment suitable for families and retirees.

DMCI Homes offers different properties strategically located in key cities across the country. If you want to enjoy the cool summer breeze and the sweet smell of pine trees, you may choose the Bristle Ridge property located at Baguio City. All you have to do is to pick a property that fits your preference. But before buying a property, you should also take into consideration the ups and downs of condo retirement living.

6. The Filipinos undying bayanihan spirit

In the Philippines, the culture of a tight-knit community is evident. It is a Filipino trait for neighbors to lend a helping hand as if they are also part of their family. Nothing is expected in return. This “bayanihan spirit” is attributed to the people’s resilience during times of hardship.

It is expected that you will experience this bayanihan spirit when you settle down in the Philippines. Because if your neighbors feel that you need a helping hand, for sure they will not hesitate to help you even if you don’t ask. DMCI Homes has a homeowners association on every project where homeowners and tenants are encouraged to build a culture of community.

7. World-class hospitality

World-class hospitalityPhoto courtesy of Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels

Pinoys are also known as hospitable people. Every guest is treated like royalty in a Filipino home. Foreigners will surely adjust well with the help of their welcoming Pinoy neighbors.

Perhaps one of the most important Filipino traits is their high regard for meaningful relationships. It is embedded in the Filipino culture, and Asian culture, that family comes first. Every member is treated with respect regardless of age, gender, and contribution to the family unit. This is driven by the belief that you can count on your family through thick and thin.

You will surely be surprised when visiting a friend or a neighbor in the Philippines, they will open their house for you and give you the comfort that you need. And when they feel that it is too late for you to go home, they will offer a comfortable room in their house for you to sleep in. They will also offer you food and beverages until you are full, and expect them to give you a “pa baon” or “pasalubong,” which is a freshly cooked meal packed for you to eat at home or to give to those family members who are waiting for you as soon as you reach home.

Whether you are looking for a new home for your growing family or a retirement home, the Philippines should be at the top of your list. The cost of living is affordable and the people are as warm as the weather. If you are a foreigner, it is good news that English is widely used everywhere.

Consider condo living in the Philippines. DMCI Homes offers a wide range of resort-style communities equipped with 24/7 security and lifestyle amenities that suit the laid-back life in the tropics.


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