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Living in a condo gives you more time to do things that are important to you. Given the prime location, you don’t waste time commuting or being stuck in traffic. You don’t have to wake up unbelievably early just to avoid the rush or go home feeling like you’ve just let two hours of your life pass you by because of traffic. Why not use this time to be fit and healthy? After all, you probably planned about your fitness game plan a long time ago. Now is the best time to start and your condo is the best place to do it.

Developers are aware of this renewed appreciation for healthy living. Notice that condo amenities now include jogging paths, walkways, and parks. This is separate from the gym. All these amenities encourage you to move. There is a conscientious effort among real estate companies like DMCI Homes to add more greens and nature in the design to make the outdoors attractive again.

A study by the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found that light jogging prolongs life. Researchers studied some 1,500 healthy participants who have been jogging regularly for 12 years. It found that just an hour to 2.4 hours a week of light jogging is enough to gain optimal benefits. This corroborates an earlier study Schnohr in 2012 that revealed an hour of jogging in a week results in an average of six more years of life. If longer life doesn’t get you started on your condo run, what will? But before you do, here are some things you must consider in your morning condo run.


Do it in the morning

exercise in the morning

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There is no clear cut answer as to the best time of the day to exercise. Experts say that exercising at any given time has benefits and what matters is that it is the schedule you can stick to.

However, the importance of morning exercise has been the topic of many medical studies. A recent research by the Appalachian State University found that morning workouts are best if you want a good night’s sleep. Early birds also experience a 10% reduction in blood pressure during the day. Experts also consistently pointed out on morning exercises as a good way to psych you up for the long day.


Walk your way to good health

Never underestimate the power of walking or breeze walking. A new study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory showed that the benefits of walking and running are just about the same if not even more so. As most studies before it, walking was found to be effective in preventing high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. So once in a while, take that longer route to the lobby or your unit and if your floor is on the third or fourth, it won’t hurt to skip the elevator every now and then.


Take it slow


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Your condo jogging paths are not a venue for track and field. If you go too fast, you might end up bumping everybody on your way. Take it slow. After all, recent studies show that slow jogging reaps more benefits than fast-paced ones. A Danish health study found that light and moderate joggers have lower mortality rate while strenuous joggers have the same longevity as those who don’t jog at all. It says that 5 mph jogging pace over two to three days a week is best for a longer life.


Dress appropriately

Help other people become healthier by not being a distraction to their exercise routines. Dress appropriately for the occasion. Looking too sexy and flaunting those assets are best for the bedroom and not in the jogging paths. Remember, you are doing your morning condo run to be fit and healthy and not to attract attention from the opposite sex.


Make sure to warm-up

warm up

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As much as you can, warm-up before jogging. A few stretches will help prevent injury and give your muscles a light pump to get in the groove. There are a lot of quick exercises you can do in your condo to get you started. As important as warming up is cooling down so that your muscles do not feel as tight.


Need a running buddy?

Does running alone bore you? Jogging in condo communities will help you. Doing the rounds with your neighbors is a fun, sociable thing to do. Having some consistency with who usually jogs the same time you do feels like having a club of your own. It makes sweating it out easier and more fun.


Walk the dog or not?

walk the dog

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Condos in the Philippines have rules when it comes to taking your dog for a walk. For as long as they are on the leash and go after their “souvenirs,” you are fine. However, it doesn’t hurt to be considerate of other residents who are jogging or walking. This is especially when jogging paths are not that huge. If your pet seems to be getting in their way, you might consider taking him for a walk some other time.


Skip the selfies

In a related note, skip the selfies. Okay, you want to tell the world you are trying to be healthy. But really, what does it do to make you more fit? And besides, you need to be considerate of other condo runners who are distracted by your annoying habit.


Breathe it in

breathe it in

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When you are walking or jogging among the greens and parks in your condo, make sure to breathe it in. It won’t be as nice when you step out of the community and brave the streets. This is another benefit of doing your condo run — you get to see and feel nice things first thing in the morning.


Be ready to smile

Since you will be jogging or walking around the condo community, be ready to flash that warm smile. It’s just more polite. Chances are it will also brighten your mood and make you feel better. A simple “good morning” or nod will make people remember you as a sweet guy and that is a pretty good reputation in condo living where everyone seems to have a world of their own. Turn that morning condo run into mornings when you meet new friends.


Starting and living up to your fitness game plan while living in the city is something that you share with your condo community. Save the time and the money you usually spend going to other jogging areas like UP Diliman or The Fort. Besides, it’s more difficult to be consistent if you still have to travel just to run a few kilometers. Use your condo amenities to keep fit and healthy. Ready, set, go.



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