7 Egg-cellent Community Easter Egg Hunt Ideas For Everyone


Everybody loves a good dose of adventure and fun every once in awhile. No wonder family and group games such as scavenger hunts and relays are such a hit. If you are looking for fun holy week activities with the entire family, why not throw an amazing Easter Egg Hunt?

A mix of adventure and fun, a great Easter egg hunt is everyone’s favorite. But if you are looking to shake up this year’s Easter celebration, there are many new and creative community Easter egg hunt ideas you can try out.

This year’s Easter egg hunt will not just be about hidden eggs. You can have treasures, riddles, and puzzles, too! If all of these sound interesting to you and your family, read on!

  1. Easter Egg Relay

There’s nothing like a good game and competition to get everybody riled up and get them in high spirits. With this in mind, why not consider doing an Easter egg hunt relay this year?

Here, participants are divided into groups amongst themselves. The mechanics of this relay are pretty simple: one member goes out to search for an egg and comes back to their team. Another person is sent out to find another egg, then returns to the team once again. This cycle goes on until the last member of the team finds an egg. The first time to have each member find an egg wins.

For this Easter egg hunt idea, all you have to do is to split the participants into groups. The number of people in each group and the total number of groups will depend on the number of participants. The general rule is: the more, the merrier!

Once you have had your groupings down, then you can start the countdown and let the relay begin!

  1. Riddle-Me-Easter

ask blackboardPhoto Courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

If you are looking for community Easter egg hunt ideas that will get the participants’ brain juices flowing, then this Easter egg hunt idea is for you. This year, you can have a Riddle-Me-Easter egg hunt!

Instead of putting candies inside the eggs, you will replace them with riddles that the person has to answer before they can move on. These can be riddles that provide information on the location of the next egg. They can also be just common riddles where people compete to have the most number of correct answers. 

Easter 2019 will definitely be memorable with your creative and cunning Easter egg hunt twist!

  1. Easter Egg Puzzlemania

assemble puzzle challengePhoto Courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

Solving a puzzle as a group is not only an enjoyable and engaging activity but it also helps to foster teamwork as well as problem-solving skills. For large groups, one of the Easter egg hunt ideas you can try is hosting an Easter egg Puzzlemania!

This is one of the easiest yet most fun Easter egg hunt ideas for all ages because it is a mix of both the thrill of looking for the eggs and the team effort of solving the puzzle. All you need to do is to swap the contents of the eggs with puzzle pieces. The puzzle to be solved will depend on you but it’s best to adjust the number of puzzle pieces depending on the group of people participating in the Easter egg hunt.

  1. Magical Easter Egg Hunt

basket colourful egg decorationPhoto Courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

Kids secretly wish there were some secret spell to escape chores or eating vegetables. Well, what if they had just that? One Easter egg hunt idea you can give a go is the magical Easter egg hunt containing “spells”.

These spells can range from “skip cleaning for a day” to to “stay up for an extra 15 minutes”. This is a good alternative to the sweets and candies that are usually inside Easter eggs. You can also make the creation of “spells” a bonding activity where the entire family takes turns writing down their personal “spells”.

The kids will definitely be looking forward to finding those eggs and casting those spells!

  1. Easter for all ages

adult child girlPhoto Courtesy of Juan Pablo Arenas via Pexels

The fun in an Easter egg hunt is not limited to just kids — grown-ups can get in on the fun too! For Easter 2019, you can make sure that both children and adults have their dose of fun!

This idea is basically still an Easter egg hunt, but its difference with other community Easter egg hunt ideas is that instead of kids having a free-for-all egg hunt, they will all have to work together. Why? Because the adults are teaming up too! In this battle between different ages, the team with the most number of eggs wins!

It can also be done through having coded eggs (i.e. solid-colored eggs for kids, striped eggs for adults) where you will be putting the eggs meant for adults in harder-to-reach and harder-to-find locations just to even out the playing field.

  1. Easter Treasure Hunt

antique box chestPhoto Courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

The theme of your Easter egg hunt 2019 can be: best of both worlds. If you are wondering why it’s because it will involve combining two very fun activities: Easter egg hunts and treasure hunts!

For this Easter egg hunt, you will be replacing the candies and sweets inside Easter eggs with clues regarding the whereabouts of every pirate’s dream: sweet, sweet, treasure! They can be in the form of riddles or statements — it all depends on what you think will work best for the group.

As for the contents of the treasure, you can choose from just stashing up on more sweets, or you can go with real loot: cash! This year’s Easter egg hunt will surely be remembered for years to come.

  1. Easter Bingo

bingo lettersPhoto Courtesy of Kunnasberg via Pixabay

B-I-N-G-O, bingo! Nothing beats the feeling of that declaration of triumph. It’s no wonder that everybody loves a good game of bingo. So why not change it up this year and put bingo into the mix.

Just replace the contents of the eggs with the numbers and letters for bingo, and you are good to go! While this will definitely make the hunt go a wee bit longer, this will make everything more fun and exciting! What’s good about this idea is that you can do it even if you are in a condo because it’s not about hiding the eggs in very far places.

These are just some of the ideas you can give a try if you are looking to make Easter 2019 more memorable for everyone. These activities will surely help you in your goal of giving a fun yet meaningful experience for kids and adults alike. At the end of the day, everyone wants some quality family time to bond and grow together.


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