Weekend Condo Project: DIY Pet Toys for Your Best Buddy


You can treat your condo pets with new toys without leaving your home. You simply have to create them yourself. You can find all the resources you need right in your condo. If you are into upcycling projects, you are going to love these DIY pet toys. They are especially ideal for dogs who love to chew on things and pull on toys.


Toilet paper ring ball

Condo Diy Pet Toys Tissue Paper Ring Ball

Photo courtesy of Meditations via Pixabay

An empty toilet paper roll is one of the cheapest materials you can get your hands on. You can make a toilet paper ring ball using the hard cylindrical cardboard that holds the roll. Your furry friend will have fun playing fetch with this DIY dog toy.

Here’s how you can create one. Create several rings using the cardboard toilet roll. Simply cut the roll into 1/4-inch rings using a pair of scissors. Then insert the first ring into the second ring and so on and so forth until you have reached the last ring. You’d have formed a ball by then.


Treats in a glove

Condo DIY Pet Toys Treats in Glove

Photo courtesy of Noktao via Pixabay

You may have a mismatched glove at home. You can turn it into an engaging toy for your dog. Simply place treats in the compartments for fingers, and hand it over to your dog. He will be on it for hours. It is a great toy to leave your dog with when he’s alone.


Christmas dog chew toy

Condo DIY Pet Toys Christmas Dog Chew Toy

Photo courtesy of PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay

The holidays are fast approaching, and you better be ready with your treats. This Christmas dog chew toy will take extra effort, but it’s Christmas! Your dog deserves something special.

You will need a Christmas tree pattern, green felt, stuffing, needle, pen, scissors and embroidery thread. Use the pattern to create two Christmas tree cutouts from the felt. Create decors on the tree cutouts using the embroidery threads. Use threads of varying colors. You can sew in simple little triangles. Bind the two cut-outs together by doing a quick whip stitch around the tree using green embroidery thread. Make sure you leave a little opening so you have a hole to put the stuffing in. Now stuff your tree and whip stitch around the opening. Voila! You’ve got a lovely little treat for your furry friend!


Feeder toy

Condo DIY Pet Toy Feeder Toy

Photo courtesy of Kapa65 via Pixabay

Here’s yet another toy that will keep your dog busy. This is only for those who like to get handy at home and have the proper tools, and you may have to make a quick trip to a nearby hardware store for this. This toy is made of an inexpensive PVC pipe with holes drilled into. You can add treats into the receiver, and your furry friend can have a grand time fiddling the toy for the goodies.

You will need a 3-foot PVC pipe, PVC caps, a drill, sandpaper, and a rat-tail file. Drill holes into the pipe and smooth out the ragged edges of the holes using a rat-tail file. Then cover both ends of the pipe using the PVC caps. You can add skibbles into the feeder, and maybe a bell so it makes a sound every time your pet plays with it.


Ball toy

Condo DIY Pet Toy Ball Toy

Photo courtesy of BerckenGroep via Pixabay

Indulge your dog’s love for playing with balls. You can create a DIY ball toy using a tennis ball and a scrap of fabric. The end product is a ball with long fabric handles you can use to throw it with. Your dog can chew on the handle without breaking the entire toy, and it does not require any sewing at all!

You will need the following supplies: an old tennis ball, a piece of ribbon, ½ yard of fabric, and a pair of scissors. For the fabric, you can use an old polo shirt you no longer use. Cut it into two strips, measuring roughly 6×14 inches. Fold the strips in half, wrapping them around your ball. Place the ball in the center while doing this. Tie the ribbon around the base of the ball as tight as you can. Cut the tail of the fabric into several strips. Using three strips at a time, braid the tails into sections. Make your braids as tight as possible, so your dog’s teeth will have a hard time ripping them apart. To keep the braids in place, use the excess fabric at their ends to tie several knots. Now you can have fun playing fetch with your furry best friend! Or you can just leave him to chew it and mess around with it.


Denim dog toy

Condo DIY Pet Toys Denim Dog Toy

Photo courtesy of Engin_Akyurt via Pixabay

You no longer have to throw out your old jeans. You can use them to create a no-sew puppy toy instead. Simply cut the lower part of the denim jeans, then cut it lengthwise on one side. Fold the garment until it is a long narrow strip. Make a loop, then close it and make a knot. Your pet will have fun chasing and chewing his new toy. Since it’s denim, it will be pretty heavy duty and will last for quite a while.


Interactive tennis ball toy

Condo DIY Pet Toy Tennis Ball Toy

Photo courtesy of StockSnap via Pixabay

Your dog will love this toy feeder that also happens to be a ball! All you’ll need is an old tennis ball. Simply cut a slit into it, and fill it with your dog’s favorite treats. The treats will make a sound when you shake the ball or throw it. Your pet dog will have fun chewing on the ball as he tries to get the treats out. The toy is great for teaching your dog focus and strategy. He will also have something to play with when he’s alone. This is especially great if you leave your dog home alone every time you go to work.

Water bottle toy

Condo DIY Pet Toy Water Bottle Toy

Photo courtesy of Jarmoluk via Pixabay

This is one of the easiest dog toys to make. All you have to do is squeeze an empty water bottle into a sock. Your pet will love the crinkly sound the water bottle makes as he chews on it. Just make sure you tie a string around the sock’s opening to keep the bottle in. It should be sturdy enough for your playful friend.


T-shirt dog rope

Condo DIY Pet Toy T-shirt Dog Rope

Photo courtesy of Pexels via Pixabay

You will need two shirts for this project. For added effect, use shirts that smell like you! Cut slits at the base of your shirts, about 2 to 3 inches wide each. Rip along the slits until you’ve created several strips out of your shirts. Gather the strips and tie them together on one end. Divide the strips into three parts and braid them together. Simply tie the other end after you’re done braiding. Your dog will love his new toy, especially if it has your smell on it!


Chicken-flavored chew toy

Condo DIY Pet Toy Water Bottle Toy

Photo courtesy of MrLebies via Pixabay

For this DIY toy project, all you need is to borrow from one of the chewable ideas above. Create a chew toy, then soak it in chicken broth. Toss the soaked toy into the freezer. Once it’s frozen, hand it over to your furry friend and he’ll have tasty fun with his new chewable toy!

DIY projects can make condo living a lot more fun. You can also have your condo community involved to amplify the fun. Enjoy!


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