Affordable DIY Indoor Cinema: Now You Can Take The Movies Home!


Get a dose of film therapy without leaving the comforts of your home. There are several benefits of watching movies, including being able to disconnect and relax, learning from allegorical stories, and experiencing catharsis. Watch more movies with your family by taking the theater experience home. Here you’ll learn how to set up your own home theater so you can have movie therapy more often, all while avoiding the costs of an actual cinema. And of course, you get to have more fun in your own DMCI Homes condo unit!

Soundproof your space


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To minimize the penetration of noise coming from outside the room and to contain sounds so you don’t disturb your neighbors, improve the acoustics of your indoor cinema. DMCI Homes condo units already have sound control mechanisms in place, but you can still add an extra layer of soundproofing. Adding a drywall is a popular option among condo dwellers. An insulation material made of cotton is a more affordable option. It’s also lightweight and can mute down low, medium, and high frequency sounds.

Beyond just your neighbors next door, you should also consider those living both downstairs and upstairs. For your flooring, you can add a thick carpet to insulate the noise. To keep the noise from vibrating right through the ceiling, you need to build a gap and insert a barrier. A fiberglass insulation offers the quietest results. A soft material, and also easier to install. There are heavier materials to consider, including vinyl sheeting, drywall, and medium density fiberboard.

Block the outside noise from coming in by soundproofing your windows. This will also keep the noise from reaching your neighbors’ space. Foam plugs are easy to install into your windows, and are easy to remove as well. You can also invest in soundproof curtains. Both options are easy to set up and are relatively affordable.

Touch up the room’s ambiance with better lighting

DIY cinema better lighting

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To give your space a movie theater feel, make some improvements to your furnishings and lighting. Too much lighting while watching a film can ruin its picture quality and hurt the overall ambiance of your home cinema. Install a dimmable light, so you can dim down the light on your movie nights and still have normal lighting the rest of the time. You can also add lighting equipment that primarily lights the floor and the walls instead of the ceiling. Low-voltage lights strung on cables along walls on each side of the room will do the trick. For added convenience, wire your lighting to a dimmer switch that has a remote control.

Get comfy with your furnishings

DIY cinema get comfy with furnishings

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You’ll want to equip your home theater with luxurious home theater seats, but there are less expensive options. A comfortable couch or reclining chairs offer a great alternative. If you have enough space, you can add another row of seating. Simply build a wooden platform, and cover it with a carpet. Add another couch or another row of reclining chairs and you’re all set.

You should also pay attention to the spacing. Measure the distance between the television/projector and your seats. The ideal distance depends on the screen size and type of video you are watching. You can check a helpful TV viewing distance chart available online. There is also an ideal placement for your speakers. The right angle and distance can make a huge difference for your sound system. Check the Dolby guide to see what works for your space. Your speakers should be angled towards your seats.

Put together a sound system with awesome effects

DIY cinema put sound system

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To get better audio, you don’t have to buy expensive sound systems. Cheaper and more compact options will also work better for a limited space. Space, after all, is just as much of a luxury. The less space your equipment will take, the better.

Go for a surround sound system instead of a pair of stereo speakers. A popular system is that with a format of 5:1, which means there are small speakers on either side of the screen, two at the rear corners, and one on the center (a total of five small speakers). A large subwoofer in the corner will improve the audio by reproducing the lower frequency sounds. There’s a newer format called 7:1, which includes two more speakers at the rear. The difference is negligible though.
Add a receiver to your sound system. This equipment receives audio from all the sources and amplifies the signal transmitted to your speakers. You will need speaker wire to connect the receiver to your speakers. Avoid buying “speaker cables,” as a basic electrical wire called bell wire has the same function. This type of wire is sold at any hardware store.

Pump up the size of your video system

DIY cinema pump the size of video system

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Beyond just being the heart of your home theater, your video system could also serve as the focal point of your design plan. All the same, avoid falling into the trap of blowing your budget chasing after the latest electronics.
Consider using a ceiling-mounted HD projector instead of a television. Its soft glow offers a better alternative to the harsh light of TV sets. A projector is also less expensive, especially compared to a large flat-screen television. It will even offer an astounding image of 100 inches or more.

If you decide on a projector, you will need a screen as well. Some opt for dedicated screens while others simply use their drywall. You may also build a screen using off-the-shelf materials like pine boards for the frame and seamless white paper for the screen itself. For your video source, you can use Blu-rays and DVDs. You may also stream digital content from a home media network. If you want to be able to watch regular TV, install a satellite or cable box. HD digital broadcasts are also possible. Simply add a tuner or antenna.

Get even more reasons to love condo living by setting up an awesome home theater. And of course, get more opportunities to tap into the benefits of watching movies. With a home theater system, you can have cinema therapy every day!


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