10 Condo Decor Myths That Should Be Debunked Instantly


As the growing trend of living in a condo in the Philippines rises, the need to maximize a condo dweller’s lifestyle to its fullest potential also becomes a pressing issue. There are different ways of fully maximizing the quality of a condo resident’s lifestyle, which vary on a case by case basis.

Having an aesthetically appealing condo design is an avenue that commonly paves the way for an enjoyable home life. But how do you achieve this in the midst of clinging on to condo decor myths that may actually be doing you more harm than good?

You may actually be holding on to certain home decor myths without even realizing it. Reflect on the designs you have in your condo. After doing so, don’t be surprised if you eventually find something that may catch you off guard.

Mix And Match Is Outdated

Unsurprisingly, many people still consider it unfashionably off if stuff in your condo mix and match. There are still many individuals who firmly hold on to their belief that all big and small interior designs should be uniform in color and style.

Step out of the ordinary by propelling your fashion taste to the next level. Assemble your condo designs by combining different designs, while ensuring they don’t lose the positive fashionista appeal along the way. Conceptualize color themes for your condo by observing your fabric, photograph or painting. Retain three to four color themes for your condo from these materials.

Remember, if you’re able to segregate light colors from dark ones when choosing the color themes, there’s no way the color designs that you choose will turn people off.

Non-Symmetrical Formation Emanates A Cluttered Image

You may conceptualize your mini office as out of fit if the condo furniture is not symmetrically arranged in a single line against the wall. Don’t get things wrong. Creatively placing your office chairs by the corner of the bookshelf will project an attractive look in your condo. What’s more, such setting in your office lets you have a great place to hold private conversations, too.

Neutral Colors Are In

There’s nothing unappealing with neutral colors. Too much attachment to black, beige, and gray gets boring over time. Express your personality through the colors you paint your walls with. If you’re a person who loves holding parties in your condo, you may choose to paint your walls red and orange. Such colors put you in a perky mood, and don’t allow dull moments to set in.

If you’re leasing a condo from a DMCI Homes homeowner, you may always try to negotiate things so you can obtain permission to paint your walls in customized colors.

Florals And Plaids Don’t Go Together

There are ways to redefining condo home design through furniture uniquely, without losing attractiveness. Contrary to popular belief, florals and plaids are combined fabric patterns that produce coziness in your bedroom. A floral and plaids quilt creates an instant welcoming mood in your condo for a guest sleepover.

Pretty Images At Eye Level Position

There are home decor myths that you can change easily, without putting in too much work. Hanging your framed pictures at eye level constantly gets outdated over time. Try a new style by hanging your framed images on the walls of your condo from the ceiling up to the floor. Create a sensationally catchy showcase appeal for your framed pictures right in your own condo.

White Equals To Bigger Space

Associating modern condo design with bigger space is a common misconception. Many times, a condo dweller prioritizes a bigger space by painting their walls white. White fails to stir up excitement within your condo.

Spice things up in your condo by painting them using medium colors such as blue and green. Space does not always have to be huge to create a comfortable living environment. Instead, why not focus on your condo’s natural image, and establish a homely environment that is rich in color?

Large Furniture Eats Up A Tiny Space

Stylish condo furniture does not always need to be small to create a harmonious living environment. A queen-sized bed will create a focal point that will make your room stand out. Make your guests take notice of your room’s beauty as your bed guides them in focusing what sets your room apart from the typical.

Loads Of Stuff Clutter Your Condo

Refute the common belief that there’s no way you can design your condo good if you’ve got lots of stuff around. Be in the know how to design your condo by storing small stuff, such as shoes, purses and hats, in mid-sized containers. Choose stylish containers that help sustain your condo’s creative designs.

One Style Fits All

You don’t know what you’re missing if you still cling on to the single style home design myth. Just because you have a 19th century painted picture up your living room wall does not mean that the same theme will work for your entire condo. Stir up the ambiance of your condo by partnering your classic painted picture with an office table designed with a 20th century revolution theme.

Guests will find themselves transitioning through the momentous years of history by gazing at your astounding condo design motif.

Extra Efforts For Designing Your Couch

The list of home decor myths will not be complete without mentioning the false assumption about your living room couch. Because your living room is typically the place where you entertain guests, many connote an extra value on perking up its image.

It is common to hear encouragements to put in more efforts in designing your couch. This may not work if you have multiple young children living in your condo. You probably spend lots of time in your kids’ room or play area if you have many small kids living with you. Remember, you should go out of your way in designing furniture that matters most in accordance to the type of lifestyle you lead.

Condo dwellers and buyers usually make the mistake of getting excessively caught up with the hype of these home decor myths. You should remember that trusting your own instincts and senses matters more when it comes to designing your condo.

There are ways to correct condo design myths to avoid having them plague the way you live. Not being afraid to be different is the primary key in debunking these myths out of your system.



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