How To Settle Condo Amenity Issues With Your Developer


As more people opt to live in a condo in the Philippines,  residents who deal with condo amenity problems continuously grow as well. According to Michael Tan in his article in, cramped condo spaces can have a detrimental effect on mental health. Because of this, many residents are now opting to live in condos with large spaces that house convenient amenities. Of course, these amenities don’t come without any incoming problems brought to condo residents.

East Raya Gardens Condominium

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If you are living in a condominium, you are likely going to deal with different hurdles every now and then concerning your amenities, which you may or may not consider as your developer’s liability. Whenever you encounter problems with your condo amenities, you may want to consider utilizing objective ways of resolving the issues with your developer. After all, it is just natural that you’d want to develop and maintain a long-lasting positive relationship with your developer throughout your stay in your condo.

Submit a written complaint when problems arise

Sometimes, you’ll encounter misunderstanding with your developer as to which condo amenities you intended to avail of and purchase. Because of this, you end up being required to mandatorily pay for amenities you are well aware of you did not purchase. You may find out that your developer has been charging you with gym amenity fees, when you only purchased swimming pool amenity access.

Before you continue to waste money by paying for something you don’t need, write and submit a written complaint to your developer regarding your concern. Collect yourself and be calm in dealing with the problem. Avoid impulsively starting a fight with your developer. Know deep within that every problem can be resolved without having a strong and loud disagreement.

Implement intervention with respect

If you suddenly find your developer taking the initiative to upgrade or remodel your amenity areas without your permission, gently intervene without losing respect on your developer. Remind your developer that remodeling your amenities without your written consent is not included in your lease or purchase contract. Let your developer know that while you appreciate his efforts in making things better, the two of you should stick to the terms and conditions of your transaction contract.

If the need arises, show your signed lease or purchase contract to your developer. Enlist the presence of your witness, whose signature appears on the contract, to attest the validity of your claim. Your developer should find your claim valid as long as your contract has been notarized by an accredited attorney.

Ask for replacement in formal written form

If you feel that you are not up to having sophisticated space-age materials in your amenity facilities, alert your developer accordingly by writing a formal notice letter. If you don’t like the expensively branded wooden stove in your kitchen your developer furnished your condo with, construct the words in your letter carefully so as to avoid sounding offensive.

State in your letter that your concern lies mainly on financial issues, since you opt to have and maintain a less expensive material in your condo. Nevertheless, let your developer know you appreciate his efforts of looking out after you.

Check if your payment is worth it

Amenity fee in a condo, whose developer is not premium or a well-established one, is usually minimal. Do your research on your developer carefully. Present them facts if you find the amenity fee amount that you pay is not worth it. Be firm and assertive, while at the same time, never lose your composure when ironing out the issue with your developer.

Back up your facts with credible sources so as to present the validity of your claim to your developer. Be honest in presenting your argument, and never misrepresent any information and data.

Resolve dissatisfaction sooner, rather than later

As a condo dweller, you have the right to assert your dissatisfactions in relation to your condo amenities. If you feel that you are not getting the satisfaction you deserve in availing your condo amenities, raise the issue to your developer as soon as possible. Remember, any negativity not resolved quickly only makes matters worse.

Oftentimes, if you feel the toiletries in the pool area’s bathroom are not adequately supplied, let your developer know what you feel immediately. Hopefully, the situation gets resolved instead of making it even worse.

Hire professionals to settle disputes

The problems in condo amenities should not be taken lightly. Seek the help of professional experts, such as lawyers and accountants to make sure you are on the right track when compromising with your developer. Make sure to only hire competent professional experts, to get your point across with credibility should the matters escalate into irresolvable disagreements.

Don’t be afraid to take it to court

If, despite the representation of a professional, you still can’t resolve conflicting issues with regards to condo amenities with your developer, don’t be afraid to take a stand by going to court. Going to court does not mean you won’t be civil and professional in dealing with the problem. Going to court should be your last resort though, as doing this can significantly strain your relationship with your developer.

Amenities for condo purchase and lease

Avoid confusion by clearing up with your developer the amenities you can avail of as a condo buyer or as a condo renter. In some condominiums, developers allow complimentary unlimited availment of amenities for condo buyers, but charges a fee for amenity availments to condo renters. Be in the know where you stand if you suddenly receive unexpected billing statements from them.

Compromise with your developer

If you don’t like the amenity fee that your developer charges, instead of impulsively vacating your condo, compromise a desired fee with your developer. Try to see first if things will work out if you try to negotiate the fee. Don’t give up easily, before you regret losing the best condo you’ll ever have.

Alta Vista Amenity Area

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Having the privilege to enjoy your condo amenities is one of the perks of being a condo dweller. Resolving problems arising out of these amenities with an open mind ensures optimal user experience. Don’t close your mind to the endless enjoyable opportunities your amenities bring to your entire stay in the condo.



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