Your Condo Space is Never Too Small for a Garden

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Having limited condo living space should not keep you from growing your own garden. There are many creative ways you can turn your small condo space into a lush garden. In most cases, you can do this without spending much. Even if you live in a condo, with only pavement as your yard, or even only a terrace, there are ways you can set up a garden. Whether you want to plant flowers or herbs and vegetables or just ornamental greenery, you will find an idea or two that will work for you.

A research conducted by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) revealed that houseplants remove as much as 87% of air toxins within a 24-hour period. Whatever investment you put into your condo garden will be well worth it, not to mention that you get to have fun along the way. More than just improving the aesthetics of your home, plants also improve air quality and contribute to making your home a little more calm and stress-free.


Repurposed Furniture Garden

Condo Garden Repurposed Furniture

Photo courtesy of stevepb via Pixabay

You can create a stylish garden area using an old furniture, preferably a three-tiered drawer. Old dressers make for interesting planting bases, especially if you find one with nice wooden carvings. This option is especially great if you have a dresser that you no longer use or are planning to throw out. If you don’t have one lying around and find this option an attractive one, you can go to the nearest thrift shop and purchase a dresser that catches your fancy. Flea markets and yard sales are also great places to hunt for o


Vertical Garden

Condo Vertical Garden

Photo courtesy of SirGreen via Pixabay

Another way you can make use of stuff lying around the house is by creating a vertical garden out of your hanging shoe organizer. Going vertical lets you save a lot of space and can be very visually appealing. Also, you get to keep your plants out of your pets’ and the critters’ way. All you have to do is fill each of the shoe spaces with compost or soil and add in your plants. Make sure you choose the right area for your vertical garden. The ideal space would have enough exposure to sunlight. If the area has an overhead covering that keeps the rain away, make sure you take the time to water the plants regularly.


Hanging Gutter Garden

Condo Garden Hanging Gutter

Photo courtesy of watsilchum via Pixabay

You can also use old guttering to create yet another hugely space-saving hanging garden. You can create as many tiers as you’d like. Gutter gardens let you take full advantage of the vertical spaces around your home. If you are willing to create a lush enough hanging garden out of your gutters, you can even turn these vertical gardens into natural privacy fence or dividers to give your yard a distinctive division. Gutter gardens allow you to grow herbs, vegetables, and flowers just about everywhere. Just make sure the area gets at least a few hours of direct sunlight every day. And remember to water the plants if they are not getting enough rain.


Vertical Pallet Garden

Condo Garden Vertical Pallet

Photo courtesy of Hans via Pixabay

Here’s yet another way to make good use of vertical gardening, and save a lot of space. You can use your old pallets to put together aesthetically appealing vertical gardens. Even if you have a large area outside your home, you may still want to give this a try as pallets with hanging plants can make for attractive decors. They can complement existing gardens, providing additional space for more herbs, veggies, and flowers. All you have to do is attach your terra cotta pots to the wooden pallets using strong materials like zip ties. Then choose whatever plant catches your fancy!


Vertical Garden Tower

Condo Garden Vertical Tower

Photo courtesy of MichaelGaida via Pixabay

Still in the spirit of space-saving vertical gardens? You can build one for this sole purpose. More than just repurposing already existing items, you can actually have a tower built specifically for your garden. This way, you can create one that completely matches your aesthetics. You can also build your tower as tall as you’d like it to be. As it is free-standing, you are free to place it wherever you’d like. This lets you make the most out of available spaces.

You have the option of building shorter towers and adding a couple of them in your garden area. If you are not willing to build one yourself, you can purchase readily available ones from stores. Be ready to pay more though.


Window Garden

Condo Window Garden

Photo courtesy of Danson67 via Pixabay

This option is especially ideal for condos. Not only will window garden boxes provide you with a much-needed space, you also contribute to the aesthetics of your home’s exteriors. There’s nothing like a home surrounded by greenery. Window boxes are easy to install and will allow you to grow everything, from flowers to herbs and vegetables. They also take up zero ground space. You can’t get more space saving than that.


Suspended Garden

Condo Suspended Garden

Photo courtesy of moritz320 via Pixabay

Yet another way to occupy zero ground space, suspended gardens will let you make use of your space above. This is an ideal option if you really have no room for a garden outside. Suspended gardens will also make your condo or apartment appear more cozy and charming. They make for an interesting addition to your patio, porch or veranda. They also work great hanging from your other vertical gardens, such as your trellises and garden towers.


Pallet Table

Condo Pallet Table

Photo courtesy of StillWorksimagery via Pixabay

A pallet table serves dual purpose. It is great for outdoor get-togethers and as a planter for a small garden. Simply build a table with a space in the middle for growing plants. Now you don’t have to decide between an outdoor furniture or a garden to occupy your limited space. Fill the middle planter with soil and grow your choice of flowers and greenery. You can go for the miniature, semi-dwarf and dwarf varieties of vegetables and herbs, such as spicy globe basil, fino verde, coles early dwarf broad beans, dwarf blue curled kale, and dwarf bush beans.

You can use some of the tips mentioned above to add indoor plants to your home. A study conducted by the Washington State University revealed that people exposed to indoor plants were less stressed than those who were not. Furthermore, the American Horticultural Therapy Association found that indoor plants contribute to people’s happiness, improving mood, increasing feelings of stability and calm, and improving the general sense of well-being. The bottom line is, give your home a good dose of greenery. It will do your health and well-being a lot of good.



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