Top 10 Condo Design Trends That Will Reign Supreme in 2016

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So you’ve flipped the calendar to usher in the new year. Just like that, it is 2016. But other than the year changing, what else has changed? Your hairstyle maybe or the pair of pants you put on in the morning. How about your home? So 2015, huh?

Maybe you want to forget a bad memory, want to invite good luck, or simply want a breath of fresh air. It’s time to think of new condo design ideas. We’re not suggesting that you renovate, just a few simple touches will make a whole world of difference.

This article rounded up the top 10 condo design trends to help you re-imagine your living space. No space is too big or too small when creativity is in control.


Bring in the outdoors

Lush greens will make it to compact apartments and condos this year. Interior designer and HGTV host David Bromstad explained that the fascination with the outdoors brought about the term “glamping” in the industry. It is when you marry “glam” and “camping.” This new cultural trend aims to recreate the ultimate travel experiences while capturing the nostalgia of old school camping. This means people will be buying furniture that they can use indoors, outdoors, or in the balcony. Wall décor and accessories inspired by nature are going to be in demand.

To catch up with this 2016 interior design trend, bring some small plants in. Start an indoor herbal garden in the kitchen. Shells, rocks, twigs, and wood will also make your home extra glamorous.


Go vintage, buy local

Creative Glass on a stool

Photo courtesy of kaboompics via Pixabay

Locally-made and handcrafted goods will be winning hearts this year. Do not be afraid to mix vintage with artisanal items. A vintage-looking ottoman on top of a Moroccan rug will look gorgeous. The fascination with artisan goods also explains why rustic and industrial designs have been a hit recently. Turntables and an old bike would be good vintage fixtures. It’s like going home to your own sanctuary where the smell of antique, the classic look of vintage, and the atmosphere of artistry are in perfect harmony.


Pop of color goes a long way


Photo courtesy of Hans via Pixabay

Most condos in the Philippines are painted and designed in the most neutral way possible. Walls are beige and kitchens are tiled with mahogany cabinets. This gives the dweller creative freedom with his or her space. If you’re tired at looking at exactly the same boring wall, shake things up by adding pops of neon. For example, a hot pink love seat or a neon green painting will go a long way. Put something in your condo that you really won’t get tired looking at.


Warm up with lights

Creative light

Photo courtesy of tabeajaichhalt via Pixabay

Achieve the perfect lighting for your condo. Invest in a few stylish LEDs. Condo living is so much better if the mood is set: it’s warmer, cozier, and more home-y. Warm lights in mason jars are great for the kitchen and lighting around an oversized mirror is also stunning. Additional tip: hung lighting fixtures closer to the ceiling to make the place look bigger.


Organic shapes and textures everywhere

Oddly-shaped floor lamps, center table, or wall decors are making a splash this year. Organic and natural shapes, such as a trunk turned into a living room table, make the space more unique, raw, and sophisticated. Geometric backsplashes, wall details, or patterned countertops have also been going strong for some time now. These condo design ideas will outlive 2016 as home owners desire to be less predictable as they attempt to personalize their space.


Gold and metal tones will stay

Brass, copper and gold tones will stay for a few more years. These warm tones make a place shine literally. For example, imagine a metal frame on top of a usual black side table. Wouldn’t that warrant a second look? Gold fixtures in the bathroom have elegance written all over it. Even metallic designs on fabric such as pillowcases and table runners are visually stimulating. A brass mirror frame mounted on a bare wall and atop a console table is a perfect design idea for your condo entrance.


Going ethnic and tropical in prints

Colorful Indian floor

Photo courtesy of Photocurry via Pixabay

This unleashes the wild and fun side of condo dwellers. Tropical motifs are among the fun condo design trends that show how enamored the interior industry is in things that feature the lush tropics through textile.  Color, patterns, and shapes inspired by ethnic and tribal ideas are always good on fabric. Tribal influence is also now going beyond textiles and now includes artwork and accessories.


The romantic interiors

Imagine Carrie’s apartment in Sex and the City. It’s for every romantic. This is a perfect condo design for a small space because it looks quaint, old-fashioned, and charming. It’s like a romantic novelist is living there. If you want to achieve this, you should think shades of white, rose quartz, light pinks, and soft browns for the color. Decorate with books, statement throw pillows, decal quotes on the wall, warm lights, and charming drapes.


Function and style always work

Multifunction furniture such as a bar carts will continue their reign. Console and center tables with secret drawers or a breakfast bar with provision for some knick-knacks will never fail to impress. Condo living is all about function and style, purpose and elegance. Pieces of furniture that give the best of both worlds will outlive the test of trends.


Sustainability is the future

For Dwell president Michela Abrams, “sustainability is at the heart of anything that is being manufactured today.” You should learn how to recycle, reuse, and repurpose. Bigger windows let the sunshine in, so consider solar-powered appliances and use materials that are sourced naturally. Also, consider home fixtures such as reclaimed wood headboard as shown in the photo. A sustainable home is not only friendly to the environment, it also increases the value of any property.

Give your condo a fresh, new look by subscribing to these 2016 interior design trends. If you know exactly what you want to do or you know exactly how you want your space to look, you don’t have to worry about straining your budget. So keep those creativity caps on and let the reinventing begin.


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