How Your Condo Design Can Keep You Inspired and Motivated

Condo Design.

Our environment has a lot to do with how we feel. It can lift you up or put you down. Have you ever just got home and immediately wanted to get out again because you can’t stand what you see? As if walls are closing in on you? As if you want to bust your head in frustration over things you don’t fully understand?

Yes, interior design (or lack of it) can do that to you. There are modern condo interior design ideas out there that make you feel at home the moment you walk in. And doesn’t it feel good to feel that way about your home?

Condominiums are the preferred dwelling among people who feel the need to be mobile, flexible, and always on the move. Condos, just like Prisma Residences, one of the prime DMCI Homes communities in Pasig City, are located at the center of everything, which is why it is ideal for people who want to achieve their personal and professional goals.. The vertical community sits on two hectares of prime land, of which a huge chunk is dedicated to open, green spaces. Apart from Prisma’s very strategic location, units also have generous floor space, allowing homeowners to transform them any which way they like.

If you feel the need to be inspired and motivated, we will show you condo designs that will help you cultivate an attitude of success. That’s right, the way you design your home can have a very strong impact on your productivity, creativity, and overall perspective on success.


Organization is key

Condo Design Organization is Key

Photo courtesy of Hooked on Houses via Pinterest

We get it. You are too tired and you just want to dump everything on the floor. And before you know it, you are living with a pile of coats, scarvess, bags, and shoes in your living room. Then you wonder: how did they end up there?

If you don’t want clutter but can’t seem to put stuff back in their proper place, it would be nice to put a bench in your entryway where you can take off your shoes and also store them. A coat rack will also do the trick. Mount a clipboard where you can hang your keys and store mail you picked on the door upon entry. This will get you into the habit of organizing things.

Why is this important to your end goal of being successful? Well, let’s just say clutter can easily trump brilliance. It is always easier to think and get things done when things around you are organized.


Let the sunshine in

Condo Design Let the Sunshine in

Photo courtesy of s-media-cache-ak0 via Pinterest

Exposure to natural light helps people perform better at their jobs. According to a study, workers with windows and are exposed to daylight are 18% more productive and have better overall health.

So at the first stages of condo space planning, make sure that the sun shines at areas or corners where you have to perform work-related tasks. At the same time, make sure you get enough sunlight to promote general well-being.

Maximize windows and openings in your condo. Instead of putting up walls in between rooms, glass or open case dividers would be good alternatives to allow sun to flow through. This is also a good way to work on the available and make your unit look bigger than it really is. And of course, savings in electricity wouldn’t be so bad either.


Do more with multifunctional furniture

Condo Design Multifunctional Table

Photo courtesy of via Pinterest

If you are expected to multitask at work, you should be able to also expect that from the things around you. A work table that can double as your make-up table, a couch than can be turned into a bed when you feel like napping in the living room or a bed with storage spaces underneath can make it so much easier for you to function and move around. Furniture on wheels also enhance one’s mobility and flexibility.

Having multifunctional furniture is also key in keeping a minimalist condo interior design, which is among the most popular contemporary home designs because of style and functionality.


Your own private space

Condo Design Private Space

Photo courtesy of Free-Photos via Pixabay

Have a place or a corner in your condo where you can be left alone with your thoughts. It doesn’t need to be an entire room if you don’t have that luxury, just a spot where it is quiet and deeply private. This is especially necessary when you live with a partner, kids, family or roommate. You need a place to be alone in order to relax and recharge.


Right color, right attitude

Condo Design Right Color Right Attitude

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

A study by the University of Texas revealed that common office colors such as bland gray, beige, and white induced feelings of depression and sadness. Apart from mood, the research also showed that color impacts performance and productivity.

What are the colors that inspire you to do better? Shades of blue, green, yellow, and red. You’d think: a blue wall? In designing your condo living room for example, try veering from the traditional in order to achieve the look and feel that you want. Blue is universally known as the color of productivity. It is fresh and calming. Green also helps you remain calm as it exudes nature. Yellow stimulates creativity, while red invokes passion and keeps you alert.


Art that inspires

Condo Design Art than Inspires

Photo courtesy of ATBO via Pexels

Surround yourself with art pieces, furnishings or décor that inspire you. For condo designs to motivate you for success, remember to put personal touches that have profound meaning to you. If there’s a family photo that particularly makes you happy, place it somewhere where you can always see it. Surround yourself with positivity.


Positive ambience matters

Why do you like doing office stuff in a coffee shop? Is it really the coffee or just the smell and soft music? In coming up with condo designs that will cultivate an attitude of success, pay attention to small details such as ambience. The smell, sound, and lighting are just perfect at coffee shops, aren’t they? Improve indoor air quality with a humidifier and use essential oils if you wish. Use “good noise” if you want such as soft music. Improve lighting and maximize natural light.

Have a goal when you design your condo. What do you want it to do for you? If you want your condo to help you be successful or stay motivated, you can do just that. Consider your preferences, your lifestyle, and your life goals.


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