21 Condo Bathroom Tiles Design Pegs to Try Out

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The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. It is more than just a maintenance room that you go to when you wake up and before you go to bed. In reality, it is a safe space that offers a moment of solitude and a place to unwind from the stress of the day with a nice shower. Statistics show that women on average spend 2 years and 40 days and men around 2 years and 125 days in the bathroom in their entire lifetime. Tiles often play an important role in the interior design of your bathroom. Knowing different CR tiles design in the Philippines will help you determine a hundred and one ways you can revamp your bathroom to make it one of the best places in your home.

Smiling Woman in a BathtubPhoto courtesy of Nectar Bath Treats via Pexels

As the years passed, bathroom tiles underwent different changes. Before, you can find tiles in solid colors, often in hues of white. Now, bathroom tiles in the Philippines come in a wide variety of styles, colors, shapes, textures, and materials.

When it comes to simple bathroom design, tiles help create an atmosphere that adds to the look and feel of your bathroom. Because tiles are easy to clean and maintain, they are often used for the walls and floors of your bathroom.

Condo bathroom tile ideas

The interior design of your bathroom can be heavily influenced by your choice of tiles and their arrangement. If you live in a DMCI condominium project located in Metro Manila such as Flair Residences, Rosewood Pointe, and Magnolia Place, proper selection and arrangement of tiles can make your bathroom look even bigger. When choosing bathroom tiles in the Philippines to be placed in your bathroom, here are some tile ideas you can consider to bring out your personality in this special room.

1. Vertical tiles

If you are looking for small bathroom tile ideas, give vertical tiles a try. Arranging your tiles in a vertical way will make your small bathroom appear taller than it really is, which is ideal if you live in a condo such as Torre de Manila where CR space may be limited. It is also perfect if your bathroom space is wide but has relatively less height.

2. Light, mint-colored tiles

When you incorporate light, mint-colored tiles in your CR tiles design in the Philippines, you make your bathroom space tranquil and serene because green is nature inspired. Light shades of green and mint colors give off a soothing and relaxing vibe in your bathroom. It is also one of the watery colors and tones that go well with glass and mirrors.

3. Black and white tiles

Woman with Cellphone on Toilet SeatPhoto courtesy of Miriam Alonso via Pexels

Using black and white tiles for a low-budget Filipino small bathroom design in the Philippines will make your space look stylish and elegant. Since white and black are universally appealing palettes, you can pair them with stainless steel, gold, and brass fixtures.

4. Art deco

Shower cabin with white sink and toiler bowl in creative bathroomPhoto courtesy of Max Vakhtbovych via Pexels

Art deco style involves the geometric design, strong colors, and bold patterns. Incorporating this style in your bathroom will make this space feel more extravagant and luxurious. To achieve this style, make use of bathroom tiles that have herringbone, chevrons, and geometric patterns. You can also pair your tiles with neutral-colored and contemporary gray sinks and other accessories.

5. Mosaic patterns

White Towel on Gray Steel BarPhoto courtesy of Joey via Pexels

Mosaic patterned tiles are often used in smaller areas of your bathroom as an accent. This type of CR tile design in the Philippines complements the main design elements. Aside from its aesthetics. Mosaic tiles are durable and easier to clean.

6. Marble tiles

Modern bathroom interior with freestanding tubPhoto courtesy of Max Vakhtbovych via Pexels

Using marble tiles makes you feel luxurious. It’s also advantageous since this material is moisture-resistant and durable so you don’t need to worry about water splashes. No two slabs of marble are alike. Its veining and coloring are always diverse which makes it an elegant tile to use for your simple bathroom design.

7. Solid colored with accent pieces

If you prefer a simpler bathroom tile design, you may opt to choose a solid-colored tile installed in your bathroom walls. To make your space more aesthetically pleasing, you may add accent pieces inside your bathroom with colors complementary to your bathroom tiles. For example, teal-colored tiles can go well with rose gold accent pieces.

8. Dark, moody colors

Washroom AreaPhoto courtesy of Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels

When it comes to small spaces, you might think that dark and moody colors can make your small bathroom appear smaller than it is. However, using tiles with dark and moody colors for your bathroom will add depth to your space. It can also help highlight metal accents you put inside your bathroom. Also, by playing with ambient lighting, you can make dark corners look more alive.

9. Classic white

White Ceramic Bathtub in the BathroomPhoto courtesy of Curtis Adams via Pexels

A classic white CR tiles design in the Philippines is a classic. White is sleek, timeless, and elegant then and now. To make your bathroom not look like a blank sheet of paper, you can mix and match different white tiles, add textured accent walls, and choose a statement accent color for your accessories.

10. Herringbone tiles

Oval Mirror Near Toilet BowlPhoto courtesy of Christa Grover via Pexels

If you are looking for small bathroom shower tile ideas, using herringbone tiles can help make your space look spacious because of the illusion of movement it displays. If you have dark spaces, using light-colored herringbone tiles will make your bathroom more lit up.

11. Penny tiles

Using penny tiles in your shower will transport you to the 1990s, it will also give your bathroom a retro vibe. Aside from aesthetics, penny tiles often have a non-slip surface so you can install them in wet areas and spaces with high foot traffic. These tiles also come in a variety of colors, patterns, and materials so you can always mix and match whenever you want.

12. Fish scale tiles

Photo Of A BathroomPhoto courtesy of Terry Magallanes via Pexels

Fish scale tiles are also known as scallop tiles, mermaid tiles, and fan tiles. Using light-colored fish scale tiles can make your old and small bathroom look brighter and roomier. You can also use this tile for your accent wall in your bathroom. Because of its unique design, that wall will surely pop up.

13. Terracotta tiles

If you prefer a more rustic feel for your bathroom, you can use terracotta tiles on the flooring and walls. Just make sure to seal it properly so that it will remain non-porous. You can match your terracotta tiles with copper and white accessories in your bathroom.

14. Limestone tiles

Woman Pampering Herself in BathtubPhoto courtesy of RODNAE Productions via Pexels

You can have an elegant bathroom design without spending too much by choosing limestone tiles for your bathroom. Limestone has an amazing texture and color. Compared to marble and granite, limestone tiles are cheaper and environmentally friendly. Just remember to have it sealed to avoid having porous surfaces that could absorb mold.

15. Brick wall tiles

Bathroom interior with bath and shower near bidet and sinkPhoto courtesy of Max Vakhtbovych via Pexels

Brick wall tiles are ideal if you want to achieve a classical, rustic, or modern low-budget Filipino small bathroom design in the Philippines. This type of tile can go well with wood, glass, and stainless steel which makes it perfect for your bathroom. You can cover your brick wall with tempered or acrylic glass to make it more durable and clean.

16. “Kit Kat” mosaic tiles

Kit Kat mosaic tiles or finger mosaic tiles are small, slim, and rectangular. This type of bathroom tile in the Philippines is perfect if you want to have a wall feature in your bathroom that will stand out. You can also use it for your flooring. You may choose textured Kit Kat tiles to add another dimension to your space.

17. Salvaged tiles

If you want to revamp your bathroom and you have antique tiles, you can still use these salvaged tiles in your bathroom. Using salvaged antique tiles is like adding history to your home. It is also an interesting conversation starter in your home.

18. Mix up tiles

Modern Stylish Bathroom DesignPhoto courtesy of Max Vakhtbovych via Pexels

To bring your low-budget Filipino small bathroom design in the Philippines to a higher level, you can mix up tiles in your bathroom. When you combine tiles with contrasting colors, shapes, or styles, you can eventually create a harmonious pattern for your bathroom.

19. Floor-to-ceiling design

Floor-to-ceiling tile design can help make your small bathroom appear bigger. However, having tiles extend to your bathroom ceiling makes it more moisture-resistant. It also gives your bathroom a more modern look. It may cost you a little to extend the tiling up to your ceiling but doing so is a good investment as it keeps your drywall dry.

20. Deconstructed patterns

Gray and Black Hive Printed TextilePhoto courtesy of Iva Muškić via Pexels

Some bathroom tiles when placed together form a picture. While placing everything in its place is the norm when working with this type of tiling, you can also consider deconstructing the image the tile arrangement may produce. Doing so will add more sophistication to your bathroom, making it appear like a puzzle waiting to be completed.

21. Plain walls and patterned flooring

Black and White Ceramic BathtubPhoto courtesy of Curtis Adams via Pexels

Another interesting CR tile design in the Philippines you may try is using plain colored tiles on your CR walls and patterned tiles on your flooring. By doing so, you can maintain a simple bathroom design that can help relax your eyes and the flooring can add a pop of life to your space.

TLC for your tiled bathrooms

Though tiles are sturdy, water-resistant, and easy to clean, they still need some tender loving care in the form of maintenance so that they can retain their grandeur.

Here are some ways you can keep your bathroom tiles maintained:

  1. Create a 50:50 diluted solution of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spray it on your tiles. You can use this to remove soap scum on your bathroom surfaces. Afterward, buff it dry to remove any water streaks.
  2. Dust your tiles and other bathroom surfaces at least once every month.
  3. Use non-abrasive cleaners, microfiber cloths, and clean, dry cloth when cleaning and wiping surfaces.
  4. Use a wet toothbrush to clean tight spaces in your bathroom.
  5. To remove grime and limescale, mix three cups of baking soda to a cup of warm water. You can also use this to clean your tile grout.

Crop woman dusting lamp during houseworkPhoto courtesy of Karolina Grabowska via Pexels

Key takeaways

Wisely choosing the best CR tiles design in the Philippines that works best for your bathroom is a good way to showcase your personality in this special room in your home. When choosing tile designs, here are some things to remember:

  • Determine what sort of ambiance you want your bathroom to have.
  • Seal tiles are made out of porous materials such as terra cotta and limestone tiles.
  • Know the proper way of cleaning and maintaining your tiles so that they will retain their color and luster.

If you want to make it appear bigger, go with light-colored tiles. You can also consider having dark colors, just make sure to play with lighting to make the bathroom look bigger. You can also consider having a floor-to-ceiling tile design.

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