Seven Condo Bathroom Cabinet Renovations


City dwellers thinking about condo bathroom renovations can agree that bathroom cabinets hold the biggest impact in that little part of the house. With their generally sizeable presence, bathroom cabinets can strongly influence the overall mood and appearance of the place. From single piece versus fully-assembled units, customized versus ready-made, to light versus deep warm colors, making that decision of which to go for may definitely take a roundabout, time-consuming process. So before heading out to your nearest home depot, keep in mind to do first your homework by carefully planning your next bathroom renovation.

Nevertheless, whether living in a garden, tropical, or other theme-inspired condos such as those of DMCI Homes, you will surely find yourself overwhelmed with a rich list of options to choose from for your next bathroom cabinet upgrade. Knowledge about the three bathroom cabinet categories comprised of the stand-alones, the “all-others,” and the cabinet suites may come handy to break down the myriad of available bathroom cabinet design ideas and to finally determine which suit you. Below are some creative suggestions that may help sort out your dream bathroom cabinet showcase and helpful hints to achieve the look.


1. Smarty space-saver pullouts

Smarty space-saver pullouts

Photo courtesy of BGH via Pinterest

For small bathrooms, making the best use of every inch floor space stands as the chief consideration. Pull-out seats or cabinets that can be used only when needed and returned back to their original spot without occupying any additional leg room is definitely a clever come-on for limited areas. Especially for your kids, a pull-out step stool can be devised conveniently as part of bathroom cabinet at bottom location. With this done, the upper space may be topped off with other roomy drawers placed at the center portion and under the sink.


2. Open shelving for spa inspiration

Open shelving for spa inspiration

Photo courtesy by Kad Laz via Pinterest

Other than built-in lights and a more furniture look involving smaller pieces setting the trends in today’s bathroom cabinetry, there is also the rising inclination towards spa-inspired bathrooms for the homes. Emergence of these bathroom cabinetry trends has developed from people’s greater preference for turning the ordinary bathroom usage into a one relaxing experience. The prospect of having a home spa is truly highly attractive as it paints a self-invigorating recess from today’s fast-paced lifestyle and demands for multi-tasking precipitated by modern gadgetry from the IT world.

Open storage is helpful for installing a spa-like effect to your bathrooms. Unclosed shelves pose as ideal for bringing that clean, freshly washed appeal from towels and linens, while closed drawers are best for keeping strong-scented beauty, wellness, and hygiene products.

Combining open shelves with closed storage also ushers in decorative possibilities. Choose basket containers for towels made from natural elements such as rattan, bamboo, seagrass, etc. for a more tropical feel. Alternating open shelves with closed storage also helps break visual monotony for a more exciting look of the place. Enrich further the home spa experience in your own bathroom by some easy condo repairs like keeping the air fresh from musty and other unpleasant smells.


3. Small but functional vessel sink cabby

functional vessel

Photo courtesy of Toomas Kits via Pinterest

Another trick to handling condo bathroom cabinet makeovers given a limited floor space is using a vessel sink type that works well with small vanities. Greater storage is permitted by a vessel sink as it leaves the underneath drawers roomy enough to hold your personal bath items, towels, and even other bulky toiletry pieces.


4. Cleverful cabinet tower

cabinet tower

Photo courtesy of Gene Smith via Pinterest

Making the most out of vertical spaces in limited condo bathroom floor plans may prove to be the most clever option via your cabinet tower. This bathroom cabinet design may be installed above your existing cabinet or counter top so it doesn’t eat up valuable space but provides that much needed complementary storage. Managing to recess two separate towers with mirror in between or symmetrically at opposite ends of the countertop will further boost your storage space. Adding a mirror on to the vanity tower door can produce the semblance of a larger bathroom area while a glass door, which could lighten up the room setting, may provide a choice for some relaxed, ambient lighting.


5. Minimalist floating vanity

floating bathroom cabinet

Photo courtesy of IKEA USA via Pinterest

Small bathrooms which are typical of condo living could also lend themselves well to a simplified, minimalist appeal. To achieve this look, a hanging vanity set off unsupported from the floor leaves free space underneath which makes the room easy to clean and uncluttered. Sleekly-lined and flat-fronted floating drawers utter utmost simplicity while also functioning doubly as a clever cabinet with countless possibilities for storage organization. Your floating cabinet also creates a visual effect for expanded walls or larger spaces to counter an otherwise compact atmosphere in the bathroom.


6. Freestanding furnitures for contemporary, relaxed individuality

freestanding furniture

Photo courtesy of Theresa Muldowney via Pinterest

While others may opt for built-in cabinetry which seemingly presents a cookie-cutter approach, you may also want to explore the relaxed mood brought in by freestanding furniture pieces. This bathroom cabinet style taken all together evokes a sense of individuality and free spirit as floor space is left looking more open, unobstructed, and inviting. Better Homes and Gardens suggests exposed legs for bathroom cabinets to achieve that freestanding appearance. Finishing off the drawers with sleek brushed-nickel pulls also help accentuate the contemporary look for this bathroom cabinet look.


7. Customized built-ins for utmost organization

built-in condo bathroom cabinet

freestanding furniture

Others may value infusing greatest organization into bathroom cabinets. Nowadays, custom built-ins may include racks, trays, hanger poles and still a host of many other organizer tools just to keep bathroom stuff in place. HGTV shows how a countertop tower may be transformed into a built-in cabinet with versatile functions. The tower’s upper portion captures electrical gadgets such as small stereo and iPod matched with electrical outlets, while the bottom counterpart works with a flip-up door to store beauty styling and other bathroom essentials.

Takes on condo bathroom cabinet upgrades can be endless. However your bathroom cabinet may look – minimalist or crafty, built-in or freestanding, compact or towery – the aesthetics and functionality should overall serve you. Indeed, everything boils down to your own individuality. But the more you know yourself and careful planning is made, transforming your bathroom cabinet features to your desired specifications can turn out to be a fulfilling component of your condo living at any of DMCI Homes in the long run.


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