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Looking for the perfect coffee and end table to complete your condominium interior design? You’ve come to the right place. Without a great-looking coffee and side table, your living space can look and feel undone. Although they appear to be minor furniture pieces, end tables actually serve several purposes in making condo living stylish and comfortable. End tables not only add a design element to your space, but they also provide added storage and serve as landing pads for lamps and other accessories. What’s more, they can double as your table for coffee and other drinks.

When choosing the right end table, condo interior design in the Philippines can be overwhelming because you need to consider the size, material, functionality and budget, among others. Have better control of your condominium design with these 7 tips for choosing the perfect end table.


1. Create Harmony with the Right Mix

Harmony with the Right Mix

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Your end table should help make your living room feel relaxing and harmonious. However, the overall look does not necessarily have to be forcibly matched. Strictly matching the side tables to your sofa can feel unnatural. You create harmony by combining pieces that complement rather than match each other rather. Choose elements like material and color as unifying points. For example, matching your brown sofa with a wooden side table can create the right mix. The mismatched look is great if you’re integrating a good piece of table into an already existing living room. Curate your living room by choosing a side table that shares similarities with your other furniture.


2. Work Around the Size of Your Space

the Size of Your Space

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Determining the size of the end table is important for a small condo design. You want something that fits in the space instead of cluttering your living room. Always think about the scale of the end table in relation to the other pieces. When the scale is off, you can get a heavy and overstuffed space. For example, a moderately-sized couch paired with a large, clunky table is not the right scale. Pair your couch with a table proportional to its size. The shape can vary. What’s crucial is the size and how everything fits. When buying from a store, measure both your sofa and the table you’re considering. That way, you’re sure that the size of the table is compatible with your other furniture.


3. Determine the Perfect Height for You

Your side or coffee table should have the perfect height based on your needs and comfort level. It’s recommended that when choosing the right coffee table, they should not be lower than two inches from the seat of the couch. This makes the ideal height of the table something around 18 inches. While it’s good to consider this height recommendation as a starting point, make the final choice for the table height based on personal ease. You might prefer a table that is a little shorter than what is normally suggested. If you can’t find tables exactly within your height preference, it’s smart to choose the one that is on the shorter side.


4. Get Creative while Working within Budget

Working within Budget

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The price of the coffee and end tables can range from very expensive to budget-friendly. While determining your budget is important, know that you can spruce up your new furniture and condo room design. If you’re designing your condo from scratch, break down your overall budget into different essential accessories. With this, you will have a clearer idea of manipulating your budget a little if you see a more expensive end table that you love. If you opt for a table that is more on the budget-friendly side, you can make it look more expensive by adding touches like a small potted plant. Adding small creative touches to your side or coffee table can make it more interesting.


5. Think Outside the Box

Thinking outside the box allows you to find the perfect table for your condo living room. It’s totally OK to prefer a coffee or end table that has an eclectic appeal. There are a lot of great alternatives to traditional tables. You have plenty of creative options—from old trunks to ottomans—to make your space unique yet functional. For example, you can choose a table that’s made of different materials such as wood, leather or hard plastic. Your nontraditional coffee or end table will add visual interest to your room.


6. Consider the Wear and Tear Factor

wear and tear

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You want a table that you can actually use, so consider the usual activities in your condo living room. Will the table be used for eating as well? Will the table double as a foot rest? Maximize the potential of your condo by choosing a table that has multiple functionalities. There are end tables that can provide storage to hold everything from magazines to kid’s toys. When thinking about the table shape, size or price, it’s smart to factor in whether the table can withstand wear and tear from daily use.


7. Broaden the Scope of Your Search

scope of your search

Photo courtesy of freephotocc via Pixabay

One of the best things about complementing your living room with a coffee or end table is the shopping. There are a lot of places available for the perfect table. What makes condo designing for a studio even easier nowadays is the increasing presence of both traditional and hole-in-the-wall shops. While the mall is a good place to start, don’t forget to check out flea markets or wander around antique shops. You can check online stores, too! Being active in your search and broadening its scope can fire up your creativity in finding the table for your space. Just remember the measurements of the room and your sofa.

It does require patience and creativity to find the ideal coffee or end table for your condo. By following these 7 tips, however, your search can be easier and fun. Choosing the best furniture for your living room and finding the best end table shouldn’t feel overwhelming. Take it as an opportunity to be imaginative in defining your space according to your liking.



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