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If you’re looking for some quick and tasty food delivery services in Pasig City, look no further than Mazza Shawarma and Binalot. Located close to East Raya Gardens, these two restaurants along C. Raymundo Ave. offer affordable meals worth a taste. The best part? They deliver for free–and they do it really fast.

Restaurant: Mazza Shawarma
Delivery time: 22 minutes
Mazza serves flavorful and delicious Persian- and Mediterranean-inspired food that has become so popular around Metro Manila. Its beef shawarma (P85) and beef kebab rice meal (P95) stand up in taste to slightly more expensive restaurants like the popular Mister Kabab and Uncle Moe’s, but win in terms of price. A pleasant surprise though was the peppery peri-peri chicken (P120), certainly a curveball in a Persian joint, but nevertheless a pleasant surprise. The chicken was juicy, flavorful and interesting — our top recommendation at Mazza.
Restaurant: Binalot
Delivery time: An amazing 12 minutes!
Binalot serves hearty, home-style Pinoy meals. Go for the trusty tapa (P89) which comes with a side of kamatis and itlog na maalat. They’ve also got an interesting take on tapa in ‘tapadobo’ (P75) — exactly how it sounds: tapa cooked in soy-vinegar with a garlicky touch and fried egg on the side. Both are surprisingly generous considering the low price. Worth mentioning is that Binalot are intentional about using biodegradable materials as much as possible, with food wrapped in banana leaves and recycled paper which is probably part of why they can offer their good food for so cheap. Plus points for environmental friendliness.
Staying Close to Home
There are a number of popular city-wide delivery companies around Metro Manila these days such as City Delivery and Quick Delivery. The downside with these services is additional delivery charges which can rise to a couple hundred pesos, depending on your location and the restaurant location — costs that are not clear until you speak over the phone with an operator.
The good thing for ERG residents is that Pasig offers some great options that are far more affordable and deliver much quicker — and they are within the neighborhood. Next time you need a quick meal and don’t feel like cooking, consider Mazza Shawarma or Binalot. Both establishments serve inexpensive comfort food that tastes good, and servings are quite generous indeed.
Mazza ShawarmaUnit 2 Hampton Gardens Arcade
C. Raymundo Ave. Brgy Maybunga
Pasig City
Tel: 404-9874
Minimum delivery: P300
BinalotHampton Gardens Arcade
C. Raymundo Ave. Brgy Maybunga
Pasig City
Tel: 984-5898
Minimum delivery: P300

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