6 Tips For A Healthy Herb Garden In Your Condo

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Some people think that living in a condo means not having a garden of your own. This is not true. While there are plants that grow in your condo balcony, windows can be a great alternative as well. And what better kind of condo plants to grow than herbs? They grow well both indoors and outdoors, thrive better in limited space, and can add great tastes to every dish you serve. Here are 6 tips that can you help you grow your very own herb garden in your condo unit:

1. Educate yourself.
Before deciding to get herbs, it is important to read about them first. Learn about herbs that can thrive in indoor growing conditions. There are herbs like parsley, basil, sage, thyme, and rosemary that are known to live strongly indoors. Also learn about how much water, sunlight, space, and love they need to grow. Take note that some herbs need more water than others. Some need full sun and some need partial sun.

2. Get plants from a plant store and not a grocery store.
Nine out of ten grocery potted herbs won’t grow. It is still best to get cut herbs in bags or getting the potted herbs straight from a locally owned plant store. These herbs can be replanted into terra cotta pots or any kind of pots without replacing the soil. If there is a need to repot, a “soilless” potting mix or cactus soil can be used.

3. Assess your situation.
After having chosen herbs and have actually bought them from the plant store, here are some questions to ask: How much sun does it get? How much are they being watered? What kind of drainage is in those containers? Was the soil changed after they were bought? Have they been given nutrients for the soil? After asking and answering these questions, see how things can be done differently.

4. Allow enough light to go around.
For them to actually grow, they need to be exposed to up to 6 hours of natural light or 14 hours of artificial light. For artificial light, a small plant bulb can be used up above the containers.

5. Choose the location.
The best location for herbs has always been the kitchen or the bathroom. This is where they most likely naturally stay slightly warm and humid. If it gets too cold, the plants could get too cold at night sitting at a window. A southern facing window that gets sun all day long should be a good place to leave the herbs. Just make sure that the window doesn’t have trees or an overhang outside that can cut down the amount of lighting for the herbs.

6. Check watering habits and improve drainage.
Most herbs need far less water and far better drainage than most plants. Most herbs die from being over watered or having bad drainage. Plants should only be given a drink, and not soaked or flooded with water. The kind of soil used for herbs should be considered. They should be loose and fast draining. The herbs should also be planted in a well-draining container. Natural terra cotta pottery with shards of rocks or stones in the bottom is good choice to use.

Growing herbs isn’t just to improve the aesthetics of your condo unit. It can be a great way to help you start experimenting with fresh ingredients in the kitchen. So why not start growing your own indoor herb garden now? It’s easy. It’s fun. And it’s worthwhile.

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