Plan Your Next Best Family Field Trip for Southern Luzon


field trip ideasPhoto courtesy of Andre Hunter via Unsplash

Southern Luzon should always be part of your field trip ideas. After all, vacation for families always seems to include Tagaytay and Laguna. A family fun-filled trip in these two locations that are guaranteed to give you a memorable weekend. 

But before that, you must have a checklist for a hassle-free weekend getaway. We got one thing ticked off from your list: the itinerary for your family vacation. Here are some DIY travel plans you can try on your family field trip. 


A popular holiday destination thanks to its cold climate and beautiful overlooking views. Tagaytay is a wonderful place to catch up and unwind with your family.

Time Activity
6:00 AM Travel from your point of origin
8:00 AM Breakfast at Bag of Beans
10:00 AM Visit Paradizoo
12:00 PM Lunch at Leslie’s
2:00 PM Visit SkyRanch
4:00 PM Visit Hotel Kimberly
6:00 PM Dinner at Buon Giorno
8:00 AM Travel back home

6:00 AM – Start your travel from Manila. 

8:00 AM – Enjoy a delicious breakfast at the Bag of Beans.

Bag of Beans

Location: Aguinaldo Highway, Mendez Crossing West

Operating Hours: 6:30 AM – 9:00 PM

Bag of Beans is a cozy and relaxing restaurant serving Filipino and American meals. The place is like a secret garden getaway with forest-like surroundings. Delightful and appetizing dishes await your stomach. 

Some of their best sellers include Seafood Fettuccine and Frutti Di Mare Pizza. Their delicious Seafood Fettuccine sauce is made of mixed seafood and light tomato and basil sauce, while their yummy Frutti Di Mare Pizza is topped with seafood, garlic, olives, and bell peppers.

bag of beansPhoto courtesy of David Clode via Unsplash

10:00 AM Visit farm animals in Paradizoo.


Address: Mendez, Tagaytay 

Operating Hours: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

A kid’s field trip is not complete without an opportunity to get close to animals. The Paradizoo Theme Farm is a combination of an animal zoo and a theme park in Metro Tagaytay. It offers educational and outdoor programs for nature lovers. 

See the Farm Frenzy and the Eclectic Garden exhibits. The Farm Frenzy exhibit puts farm animals on display and lets kids and adults get up close and feed them.

The Eclectic Garden, on the other hand, displays flower arrangements and vegetables that will help you appreciate and enjoy the beauty of nature’s bounty. 

To see the exhibits, you’ll need to shell out the admission fee of Php199.00 (for adults), and Php149.00 for children taller than 3 ft. Kids who are below 3 ft can be admitted, free of charge. Explore the zoo for one to two hours.

DIY travel tips:

Ask about soon-to-open exhibits at the Institute of Agriculture and Green House.

  • Visit other nearby vacation destinations such as the Saint Joseph Shrine and the Tagaytay Conference Center. 

12:00 PM – Eat to your heart’s delight at Leslie’s.


Location: Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay 

Operating Hours: 6:00 AM – 12:00 AM

Leslie’s is a great restaurant that offers classic Filipino dishes. It also boasts of an overlooking view of Taal Volcano. Some of their best sellers that you must try are the Bulalo Special and Sisig. 

To get through the chilly weather, a bowl of soup is a must-have at your table. Their mouth-watering Bulalo Special is cooked in rich broth ideal for the cold ambiance of Tagaytay. The sisig, on the other hand, is delectable and will leave your family wanting more.

sky ranchPhoto courtesy of Jerry Wang via Unsplash

2:00 PM – Explore exciting rides at SkyRanch.

Sky Ranch

Address: Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway 

Operating Hours: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Sky Ranch is a fun amusement park in Tagaytay. Take a family vacation for fun and thrilling rides in this park. Enjoy their family, kiddie, and thrill rides, along with other attractions. 

Ride the Sky Eye and the Nessie Coaster. The Nessie Coaster is a fun dragon-shaped ride with child-friendly twists and turns. On the other hand, the Sky Eye has air-conditioned gondolas good for 3 to 4 passengers. This ride lets you experience a breathtaking view of Taal. Rates for each ride start at Php50.00. Enjoy the rides for two to three hours.

DIY travel tips:

  • Checking online deals is one way to ensure a great vacation; so don’t forget to browse SkyRanch’s Ride-All-You-Can treats and discounts on their website.
  • Ask the company about the park’s operating hours during holidays–just to be sure.

4:00 PM – Enjoy a relaxing stay at the Hotel Kimberly.

Hotel Kimberly

Address: Amadeo Road, Crisanto Avenue

Operating Hours: 24 hours

Complete your family vacation fun by staying at the Hotel Kimberly. Hotel Kimberly brings to life a lot of relaxing vacation ideas for the family, such as their animal farm and movie nights. 

The animal farm lets you and your family pet and feed the tame animals. You can also opt to enjoy weekend movie nights at the all-inclusive family resort’s Pavilion. They also have a vegetable and herb garden where your family can harvest vegetables. Room rates start at Php4,700.00.

DIY travel tips:

  • Make sure to book at the hotel’s website to get a Php500.00 credit.
  • Hotel Kimberly now offers day trips; Inquire about the 
  • set at the front desk.

buon giornoPhoto courtesy of Buenosia Carol via Pexels

6:00 PM – Enjoy rich Italian flavors at the Buon Giorno.

Buon Giorno

Location: Cliffhouse, Maharlika East

Operating Hours: 7:30 AM – 10:30 PM

Savor yummy Italian meals at Buon Giorno restaurant. They have consistently rich Italian flavors in their pizzas and plates of pasta. Their must-try offerings include the New York Pizza and Spaghetti Bolognese.

The New York Pizza is an assortment of meat, bell peppers, and cheese topping straddling a crispy crust. On another note, their Spaghetti Bolognese has a hefty serving of meatballs and pasta in tomato sauce. 


Surrounded by beautiful waters and legendary mountain Mt. Makiling, Laguna is a great destination to find solace and adventure at the same time. Book a weekend to wander around in this Southern Luzon jewel.

Time Activity
6:00 AM Travel from your point of origin
8:00 AM Breakfast at Rou’s Weekend Breakfast
10:00 AM Visit The Fun Farm at Sta. Elena
12:00 PM Lunch at Kanin Club
1:00 PM Visit Nuvali Parks and Nature
4:00 PM Visit Seda Nuvali
6:00 PM Dinner at Misto
8:00 AM Travel back home

6:00 AM – Start your travel from Manila. 

8:00 AM – Dig into Instagram-worthy meals at Rou’s Weekend Breakfast.

Rou’s Weekend Breakfast

Location: Casile Road, Cabuyao 

Operating Hours: 6:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Try Rou’s Weekend Breakfast, an Instagram-worthy weekend breakfast place. The picturesque view is a good starter, as you wait for your food to be served. They serve hot drinks and breakfast meals such as Lucban Longganisa Silog and Muffins. Savor the garlicky taste of longganisang Lucban with eggs, cucumber slices, and atsara. Enjoy fresh and delicious chocolate chip muffins with your hot coffee, too!

rous weekend breakfastPhoto courtesy of Gabby Orcutt via Unsplash

10:00 AM – Bring out the fun at The Fun Farm in Sta. Elena.

The Fun Farm at Sta. Elena

Contact No.: 0920 913 1349 (mobile) / 02 935 8954 (telephone)

Address: Sta. Elena, Cabuyao

Operating Hours: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Sta. Elena Golf & Country Estate has lots of field day activities for the family, and their Fun Farm stands out the most. The Fun Farm at Sta. Elena is an outdoor playground for people of all ages, with exciting nature-centric interactive activities. It is bound to be a family field trip to remember. Enjoy their mini row boating and horseback riding. 

The rate is Php400.00 per head for children over two years old and adults. On the other hand, the rate for Senior Citizens or Persons with Disabilities is Php320.00 per head. 

Present the corresponding ID to avail of the Senior Citizen or the PWD rate. Children below two years old may be admitted free of charge. Enjoy your stay at this nature escape for two to three hours.

DIY travel tips:

  • The company strongly recommends not to use the mobile app Waze. Call the company for directions. 
  • Visit the nearby Holy Carabao Holistic Farms to pick and buy organic vegetables. 

12:00 PM – Enjoy a delicious feast at the Kanin Club. 

Kanin Club

Location: Paseo de Sta. Rosa, Sta. Rosa

Operating Hours:  7:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Dig into yummy Filipino dishes at the Kanin Club. The restaurant is known for its appetizing rice varieties, soups, salads, and vegetables — fans of the restaurant rave about their Aligue Rice and Turon Kanin Club. The Aligue Rice is sauteed in rich crab fat that you’ll want heaps of, while the Turon Kanin Club is a rich and sweet mix of yummy turon with bananas, purple yam jam, sweet coconut strips, and monggo beans.

Photo courtesy of Katie McNabb via Unsplash

1:00 PM – Have a grand time at the Nuvali Parks and Nature. 

Nuvali Parks and Nature

Contact No.: 0917-5275688 (mobile)

Address: Sta. Rosa, Calamba

Operating Hours: Open 24 Hours (but depending on the available services)

Nuvali should always be included in your family vacation ideas near Manila. Nuvali continues to expand its relaxing family fun-filled activities. Enjoy the biking trails and lakeside activities. 

The biking trails will let you tour the lush surroundings of Nuvali within expert and novice biking trails of the area. On the other hand, pick the lakeside activity you want to try such as riding a taxi boat (PhP40 per head/round trip)or feeding the huge koi fish in the lake (PhP20 per fish feed pack). 

If you feel like staying dry, how about spreading a picnic blanket on the grounds or stroll around the place for free? There are lots of relaxing things to do in Nuvali. Enjoy everything to the hilt for about two to three hours in this popular vacation destination. 

DIY travel tips:

  • Call about biking events in the area before proceeding there. 
  • Ask about the new Evozone Rain Garden, Nuvali’s newest destination. 

4:00 PM – Enjoy a refreshing tour at the Coca-Cola Pavilion.

The Coca-Cola Pavilion

Address: Coca-Cola FEMSA Bottling Plant, National Highway, Sta. Rosa

Operating Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 8:30 AM-4:00 PM (reservations required)

A popular fizzy drink, Coca-Cola, is manufactured and bottled in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Besides the bottling plant, it houses the Coca-Cola Pavilion. It is a museum of how this iconic soft drink is made, and numerous memorabilia like toys and radios are displayed throughout the Pavilion. The best part of this museum is that it’s free for all. Your family can go through all the exhibits and video presentations that the bottling plant offers.

DIY travel tips:

  • They conduct lectures on the Production process and Company history upon request.

6:00 PM – Savor a lovely dinner with the family at Misto.


Location: Lakeside Evozone, Sta. Rosa 

Operating Hours:  6:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Misto is Seda Nuvali’s exclusive restaurant, which offers international and local dishes alike. Healthy options are also available for the taking. Buffet breakfast is available, while the rest of the day means a la carte meals. 

Try their Kare Kare and California Maki. The Kare Kare is made of thick and savory peanut sauce with the restaurant’s very own shrimp paste. On the other hand, the California Maki has creamy Japanese mayonnaise and soy sauce with crab meat, cucumber, and fresh mangoes in the mix. 

If you liked these itineraries, you can also make your own DIY travel plan. Try discovering other places in South Luzon, like Batangas and Cavite, for awesome family field trip ideas. On top of that, make your vacation memorable by having fun and bonding well with your loved ones.


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