15 Easy And Affordable Beauty Tips Condo Moms Should Know

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Though convenient and practical, condo living can sometimes be stressful for moms. The demands of modern living, such as taking kids to school and ensuring that the household is in order, can make moms forget about their own needs. We know that a mother’s love has the great power to be selfless. But busy moms can be happier and more confident to face the demands of motherhood when they take care of themselves and look beautiful inside out.  With these 15 easy and affordable beauty tips for condo moms, look and feel your best while achieving a more balanced life for you and your family.


1. Glow and Shine with Coconut Oil

With the rising prices of necessities like food and electricity, can condo moms have an extra budget to pamper themselves? Yes, they can! A super healthy and affordable cooking ingredient like coconut oil can be used for your body. Many celebrity moms are raving about coconut oil because it is scientifically proven to be extremely beneficial when taken orally and applied on the skin and hair. The secret lies in the coconut’s high healthy fat content. For a quick and effective at-home hair treatment, massage coconut oil on your scalp and leave on for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse normally with your shampoo. Its result is soft and shiny hair that can rival expensive salon treatments.  


2. Conceal Stress with High-Definition Makeup

High-definition makeup is now popular among women, including busy condo moms who want a quick, easy, and natural-looking way to conceal signs of stress. Compared to regular makeup, high-definition cosmetics blend better on the skin and are not necessarily expensive. A good example is high-definition concealers, which, apart from being great to counter dark undereye circles, can also be used to cover up red patches on the sides of the nose and the mouth. To lift and brighten up your face, you can also try applying concealer on the outer corners of the eyes to get rid of purplish-blue shadows.


3. Say It, Learn It: Strobing

Don’t let lack of sleep and the drying environment of condos reduce your glow. Strobing is one of the easiest makeup tips for busy moms because it brings back that attractive glow in seconds. It has become so popular in social media because it works like a charm, and all you need is any liquid or cream highlighter. To recreate the look, apply the highlighter on high points of your face, such as the bridge of the nose and cheekbones. Use the strobing trick on its own or in tandem with your morning makeup routine for maximum effect.


4. Be Bold and Happy with Red Lipstick

Pucker Up with Red Lips

Photo courtesy of kaboompics via Pixabay

Red lipsticks have graced makeup bags and dressing tables for many years. But the recent revival of the crimson color with a wider selection of wearable shades at affordable prices gives condo moms more choices to be trendy and beautiful. Wearing a red lipstick can instantly make your skin look brighter and your teeth whiter. Choose a red shade depending on your skintone. Medium to darker skin tones, for example, look better in red lipsticks with orange hues.


5. Flash That Million-Dollar Smile

Smile and Be Happy

Photo courtesy of sathyatripodi via Pixabay

Moms living in condos can sometimes be so stressed out that they forget to bring beauty back into their lives. But oftentimes looking and feeling beautiful can be achieved instantly and without having to spend a dime. Smiling is an age-old beauty trick that is not only great for moms but also the people around her. Studies show that smiling at your kids can instantly make you feel and look good while helping your children undergo a positive social development. To be extra confident with your smile, mix baking soda with your toothpaste for an easy and inexpensive way to whiten teeth.


6. Meditate the Blues Away

Although most condos have a compact space, moms can easily feel open, beautiful, and serene through meditating. An effective 10- to 15-minute meditation, preferably in the morning, can align your disposition to beauty and happiness. What’s even great is it does not require much space and time—plus it’s free!  


7. Relieve Stress with Coloring Books for Grownups

Your responsibilities as a mom and the busy condo environment can make you feel and look dull. Make your inner life more lively and beautiful with coloring books for grownups. Coloring books is normally considered an activity for kids, but the healing power of art is for all ages and it has been proven to brush away stress and even illnesses.


8. Curl Up and Relax with a Good Book

Read a Book and Relax

Photo courtesy of Unsplash via Pixabay

Reading a good book feeds the soul and can make anyone feel inspired and beautiful. Consider recent bestsellers like The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Japanese home guru Marie Kondo for organizing inspirations for your condo. Or, if you haven’t yet, why not check out Love Me Back by Merritt Tierce? On a quiet afternoon or evening, after making your kids sleep on time, curl up and bury yourself in a book to relax—a sure way to feel and look beautiful.


9. Have a Blast with Your Girlfriends

Drink Tea with the Girls

Photo courtesy of Jill111 via Pixabay

Partying with your girlfriends every so often can bring back more youthful beauty into your life. With chick flicks like Bridesmaids, Pitch Perfect, and Sex and the City, you’re reminded that girly bondings can be great even for condo moms. And while going out for a drink with your friends can be fun, you have a lot of choices to work around your busy schedule. Having a tea party or visiting the beauty counter together at the nearby mall can be fun and refreshing.


10. Go on a Date with Your Husband (in Your Neighborhood)

Looking beautiful and romantic is not exclusive to couples like Brangelina or the recent global craze AlDub. Rekindle and sustain romantic love with your husband by going on a date in your condo neighborhood. Romance is one of the most beautifying feelings you can always have more of. Many condos in the Philippines are smartly located in the center of culture, food, and entertainment, so you have plenty of convenient options for romantic dates with your better half.


11. Stay Fit and Healthy in 7 Minutes

Condo moms don’t have to enroll in expensive gyms and fitness classes to stay fit, happy, and beautiful. Simple at-home exercises like the scientific 7-minute workout can be more than enough. The only “equipment” you need is a sturdy chair to do step-ups and tricep dips. The rest consists of mild stretching and cardio activities like jumping jacks.


12. Drink Up Beauty with a Green Smoothie

Drink a Healthy Smoothie

Photo courtesy of HealthyFoodImages via Pixabay

Drinking green smoothies has become one of the best morning beauty hacks in Instagram and other social media sites. It’s also a great hack for condo living because it’s quick, inexpensive, and can effectively make your skin clear and beautiful. You only need a blender and seasonal fruits and greens. Feel free to personalize your drink to your own preference. Another plus is it’s healthy and delicious for your kids, too!


13. Hug a Tree and Your Kids

Condo moms deserve time outdoors to reconnect with nature. Condos nowadays are situated in city centers, but many like DMCI Homes are conveniently designed with trees and are near parks. Hug a tree to energize your spirit. Bring along your kids, too, and make it a nature-oriented family activity.


14. Volunteer in a Charity with your Kids

Give a Helping Hand

Photo courtesy of vait_mcright via Pixabay

As a mother, you want condo living with kids to be guided by values that can make the world a more beautiful place not only for your family but for others as well. Condos like in a DMCI Community often have opportunities for homeowners to join medical missions and other charitable activities. Taking your kids to volunteer in a charity close to your heart can be a great way for your body to produce endorphins, happy hormones which not only make you feel good but can also make your skin glow in the process.


15. Redecorate and Paint your Condo with Positive Colors

Make Your Space Colorful

Photo courtesy of fancycrave1 via Pixabay

Your condo requires some attention to be a beautifying and positive space for you and your family. As your kids grow up, it’s inevitable to make room for new items like clothes and furniture. Redecorating can be a great way for you to feel more beautiful and relaxed in your condo. Even by simply painting a wall with vibrant colors like gold and sky blue—considered to be the lucky colors for the incoming new year—you make your space conducive to beauty and positive energy.

With these great beauty tips, looking and feeling your best is easy and affordable. Balancing modern living for your family can be stressful, but don’t let the demands of motherhood and the busy condo environment affect your beauty. After all, being beautiful at the end of the day is about taking care of yourself so you can take better care of the people who love you.



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