DMCI Recommendations: 30 sqm House Design for Newlyweds


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With DMCI Homes, you are sure to have the home that best suits your lifestyle.

Newlyweds and young couples deserve to have their own private and comfortable home, where they can build their lives together and eventually with their kids. Take a cue from the newlyweds that was able to find their dream house online

We asked DMCI Homes interior designers on the best home arrangements that are fit for the blissful life together of newly weds and young couples.

Here are ideal 30 sqm house design tips that DMCI Homes designers recommend for your new and comfortable home.

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1. Have designated areas for ‘you.’

Best areas: Anywhere in your home

Part of the couples’ guide to designing their condo dining room is to allot specific areas that resonate with your lifestyle as individuals. This is especially important if you are a new couple, and you want to give a personal touch to your home. Place a wine collection area in your home, or a snack station for your partner who loves snacking.

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2. Use pegboards for design and functional use.

Best areas: Living room and bedroom

A 30 sqm house design doesn’t need to have complicated designs. Pegboards are boards with grid-like patterns of small holes. You can use them to hang your workspace tools, your travel bucket list and photos with your partner, or simply a creative board of you and your partners’ interests. There are lots of brilliant pegboard ideas for every room out there.

3. Add lights under your furniture.

Best areas: Bedroom

One of the top interior designs for your condo is to have lights under your furniture. As an example, you don’t need to have a table or stand lamp all the time for your bedroom. It saves a lot of space for your 30 sqm house design and also has a huge impact on the calming mood and ambiance of your room.

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4. Invest in multi-purpose or foldable furniture.

Best areas: Kitchen and Bedroom

To maximize your 30 sqm house design, here is one of the condo layout ideas for small spaces that you shouldn’t miss: get space-saving furniture. For example, add storage for kitchen chairs. Also, check out sofa beds. You can always ask help from DMCI Homes own fitout team to ensure that your furniture fits in your home exactly how you want it.

5. Have a “flow” for the wall colors/design.

Best areas: Your entire condo

There are many ways to create good flow with your home design. One of them is through paint. Use a consistent paint color all throughout your home’s walls. You can also use the same style for your furniture and accessories to create a flow. Even using the same flooring styles for all your house’s areas can also help create a harmonious effect on your entire home.

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6. Use windows to make the space appear bigger.

Best areas: Your living room

You don’t need those long couches and expensive coffee tables. Go for maximizing your 30 sqm house design. Use the big window in your living room to set up slender and narrow benches. It will give your unit a modern and relaxing beach vibe instead.

7. Emphasize vertical space more than horizontal.

Best areas: Living room

Horizontal dimensions are not the only spaces that you need to focus on your home. Turn a small space into a bigger one by putting emphasis on the vertical areas. Use floor-to-ceiling window drapes and tower-high shelves to achieve this tip.

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8. Keep the floor clear and clean.

Best areas: The whole unit

Of course, what better way to maximize your 30 sqm house design but to simply keep it clear and clean? Don’t put too much carpet designs or shocking floor colors. Plain tiles or one tile design can give your condo a wider perspective and a cleaner and sleek overall look.

Not sure if you can pull off all these designer tips? You can always contact our interior design and fit-out team to ensure that everything in your home design goes well. To know more about condo living and property updates, tune in to the DMCI Communities blog.


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