15 Ways to Creatively Hang Your Condo Curtains


Curtains are a must to any condo dweller. Aside from providing additional shade during a sunny day, it definitely adds value and appeal to your condo’s overall look and everyday condo living. Your creative mind should not only focus on the design of your condo curtains but also on how you hang them across your room.

Running out of condo curtain ideas on how to creatively hang them? We’ll give you fifteen different ways on how to hang your curtains creatively that will definitely enhance your entire condo design.


1. Hanging Your Memories And Curtains With A Fence

Curtains definitely enhance a tiny condo space with giant features. A better way to enhance it further is to creatively design your curtain hangers. One good suggestion is to use of old fences. If you’re planning to throw your old fence from your house, do think twice since you can still use it for your curtains. Clean your old border fence and it might just fit your condo, especially if you are going for the vintage look. Make it more special by adding photos or other memorabilia that can enhance your curtain and condo look while giving you fond memories to reminisce by the window.


2. Have A Big Catch

Your old and used fishing rods can also make wonders for your curtains. Make use of the thicker part of your two-part bamboo rod and attach rings to your bait. The baits will serve as the curtain holders. You can also make your own designs such as sea creatures or starfish that will hold your curtains very well.


3. Tie The Knot With Your Curtains

Aside from using plain rods as your curtain holders, you can also use your strong ropes in your condo unit to hang your curtains. Home Philosophy shares that using ropes is one of the popular ways to creatively hang your curtains. Get several eye hooks from your local thrift store and attach them to your walls. Afterwards, put the ropes through each hook and tie a huge knot at the end to secure the rope and curtains.


4. The Industrial Way

Some people would prefer a minimalist and industrial look for their condo. If you’re one of them, then this curtain hanger is definitely for you. You’ll be needing a galvanized steel pipe and floor flanges. Attach the floor flanges to the walls, while attaching the valves to both ends of the pipe. Complete the look with rings or strings that will serve as your curtain hangers. Do take note that while attaching your curtain hangers to your condo walls, you must be reminded of some landlord-friendly tips to redecorate your condo to avoid any mishap or unintended damages.


5. Orbs Are The Way To Go

Travel lovers will be extra inspired while having crystal global orbs as their curtain holders. Get a firm and strong rod, paint it with your preferred color, and glue the orbs on both ends. You can attach additional rings on the rod for your curtains if you want to add a more special look for your curtain holder.


6. Adding A Sporty Feel

Your hockey stick that used to be a simple display on your brother or son’s room can also be one of your creative curtain hangers. Use hidden brackets to secure your hockey stick on your wall. To achieve a hockey puck look-a-like, just get a hold of your shower curtain hooks and paint it to achieve the desired effect.


7. And You’ve Nailed It!

Using nails for your curtain hangers? Definitely! You can have a forged nail rod curtain hanger that will add a creative spark to your living room or bedroom window. Use a rectangular piece of wood that can be installed above your window. Place a masking tape over it and have small marks to ensure an equal interval of three inches between each nail. Then sew your curtain for each ring that you will hang for your curtains. These rings can be put on each side of your window. Inspired by Charm can give you a full instruction on how to achieve your desired curtain look with these nails.


8. Towel Hangers Are For Curtains, Too

Deciding on what to do with your old or unused towel hangers? Why not use them for your curtains instead? Make sure that they have those hooks that you need where you can hang your curtains. Better yet, you can look for creatively made towel hangers on your thrift shop to compliment your overall condo look.


9. Birds Perching Over The Window

Having an extra dose of creativity? Then you’ll be excited for this next curtain hanger idea. As you make use of your old wooden fence, you can have your own DIY bird cutouts which you can attach above the fence to make it look as if they are perched on the fence. Again, don’t forget the hooks for your curtains.


10.  A Touch Of The Forest

You can still bring a touch of forest inside your condo without having the need to bring leaves, plants (or even animals) through your curtain hanger. Carefully choose a branch which you can paint with the color of your choice. Make use of tip-top curtains so there’s no hassle of using rings for your branches.


11. Of Ribbons And Rings

Ribbons and napkins will make this curtain hanger the perfect fit for your living room or for your daughter’s bedroom. Be sure to pick the right ribbons that will match the color of your chosen curtain. This will definitely be an eye-catcher, especially to your female condo visitors.


12. Cute Curtain Huggers

Who says that a child’s bedroom should have plain, hanging curtains? Do add a simple stuff toy which can serve as a curtain hugger. This can also add simple joys, especially to your child. Check if they have long arms to be able to hold the curtains. You can also attach velcro to the ends of the stuff toy’s arms to secure the curtains.


13. Chain, Chain, Chains!

For those who prefer a simpler but striking look when it comes to hanging and securing your curtains, you can also make use of chains. Be mindful of the thickness of the chain, and you can spray paint it with the color of your choice that will also match the color of your curtain. This is also useful in securing big curtains for small windows.


14. Digging That Curtain Handle

Old trowel handles can still add a unique flavor to your condo design. Retain the end part of the trowel which you use for digging and attach it to your pipe to serve as your curtain hanger. You may freely attach anything on the other end that would compliment your trowel handle.


15. Make Use Of Wreath Ornaments

These DIY ornaments for your curtains can be used on special occasions such as Christmas. You can make use of rings, and wrap them with your colored yarn. Use them to hang curtains with your hooks or with your plain curtain rods.

As an added aesthetic to your DMCI Homes condo, your curtains should have that extra flair to enhance your condo look. Especially now that most condo in the Philippines are not just about accessibility or location, but it also considers the overall design and feel of the unit itself. Through these different ways to hang your condo curtain, we are sure that you will not just simply hang your curtains, but you will also enjoy your curtains hung in a creative and distinctive manner.


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