Tiny Condo Space With Giant Features


Living large with small spaces is still possible. With the creation of tiny condo units, people are currently reaping and enjoying the benefits that it has to offer. People are opting for these since they can easily save money on one rather than having large debts just to build their own regular-sized homes. Plus, inefficient space is avoided, since you are able to utilize different ways to maximize your space. Condo homeowners enjoy the short time of cleaning the whole space, compared to larger homes or condo spaces.

Just because you have a small space doesn’t mean that you need to forego your tiny condo design ideas. Here are 8 steps that you can follow to make your tiny spaces bigger:


1. Organize First

One of the things that need to be organized as soon as possible is your personal stuff. David Bromstad, host of the HGTV’s interior design show, Color Splash, shares that for someone who has a small space, having too much stuff on display can make your home look like a yard sale. People living in a small space need to have an organizer where they can store their personal belongings and discreetly organize it, while keeping their floors clear of unwanted objects. Just pick the ones you want to display and store the others. You can make use of a trundle bed or under-bed storage containers to properly organize your stuff.


2. Curtains For A Taller Look

Your curtains will play a big role for your tiny condo design. Aside from hanging it to cover your windows, you can also use it as a divider. Even for hiding a certain space in the unit that you are currently not using. Make sure that the curtains have the proper length, from floor to ceiling, so that it produces an elongated line to make your small and shorter room look like its tall enough.


3. Multiple Use For Your Living Room

The living room, as one of the most important parts of your small condo home, needs to be flexible enough whenever you have a group of friends or relatives coming over. Consider adding a small table so your living room also functions as your home office. You can use furniture for small homes that are dual purpose in nature and also easy to move around. Have light swivel armchairs that can be moved quickly whether you’re in the mood for working in your living room or when you’re ready to entertain guests.


4. Loft Spaces Are The Way To Go

Loft units offer a tiny and challenging space to work with. Creatively design your loft by having an appealing ladder that will lead your guests to your loft haven. Your loft can be designed as an extension of your office space, bedroom, or living room where you can chill and relax. If there’s still room, consider adding furniture for small houses that will match the overall appeal of your loft area.


5. Have A Flexible Dining Area

One helpful tip for your dining area is to have a table with leaves so that it is easily adjusted whether you’re just dining alone or having friends over dinner. This will greatly help you manage your dining area given the small space available. Put your designing skills to the test by having a detailed design for your dining area. Have a foldable dining table which can be hidden in your walls, or combine it with your bookshelves and living room for easy access from both areas.


6. Open Up Your Space With Paint

Never make the mistake of using the wrong tone or color of paint which can spell the difference of a small space appearing much smaller, and a tiny one appearing bigger than its normal size. Use warm or bright airy hues and avoid dark colors, but check if you’re on the borderline of producing dull tones for your room. Make light reflect across your home by painting your ceiling and trimming with a high gloss white paint. Always keep in mind that you want smaller spaces to appear bigger than its usual size for an improved aesthetic appeal.


7. To Do: Finalize Your Furniture Layout

You can never go wrong with a well-planned furniture layout for your tiny condo space, since you can’t allow to have furnitures scattered around the house. A tiny condo with big furniture is still possible but you need to prioritize things in every area of your space. A helpful tip is to have furniture that doubles as an extra storage to maximize space. Consider the scale as well, especially if your furniture looks too big in your room. While looking at other furniture pieces that go along with it, try adjusting the position of your pieces and you might achieve your desired look without having the need to replace or buy additional furniture pieces.


8. Maximize Kitchen Counter As Well

Maximize Kitchen Counter As Well

Photo courtesy of Top Inspired via Pinterest

To further maximize the small space that you have in your tiny unit, you can have a slide-out cutting board on wheels to have that added space which you can easily hide when not in use. If you have a cramped kitchen, you can put larger items such as the microwave underneath to free up your working space.

A tiny area should not limit you from having space-saving features which can help you maximize every corner of your house. Also, keep in mind the frugal ways to help you setup your condo space so you don’t burn resources. All you need is a healthy dose of creativity, frugality, and resourcefulness and you’re on your way to achieving your dream tiny house packed with big designs for everyday living.



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