15 Things to Do Before You Travel with Kids

If you’re an avid traveler, you’d agree when I say having kids shouldn’t be the end of those backpacking days. In fact, it’s another way to make it more fun! I know it can be really challenging and stressful at times but believe me, once you go through this list, you just might see everything in a new light!


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1. Safety first.

Your children’s health is your utmost priority. Visit your children’s pediatrician for a check-up at least two months before your trip. Ask for general medication your children may need and anticipate all possible illness. Ask your pediatrician to recommend you a good doctor at the place you’re visiting.


2. Research on your destination.

Check your destination’s weather forecast so you can prepare your children's clothes, activities, and meds beforehand. Research on foreign food they might like to make sure they won’t starve or be picky just in case local food is not “tummy-friendly”. This will help you avoid any more emergency trips to the bathroom.


3. Double check on insurance.

It’s unbearable to think of the worst-case scenarios but doing so would only save you from such situations. Make sure you and your children are fully covered.


4. Pep talk your kids.

Prepare your kids by teaching them how to react towards certain situations. If they get lost (and we’re talking about “if”) , for example, teach them to approach the nearest personnel they see or go to the information booth. Point the “emergency places” or people they can approach when you arrive at a theme park or beach.


5. Put a label on it.

Prepare identification tags with your name and contact information in case your children get lost. Teach them to show it to the person-in-charge. Make it fun and colorful so your children won’t want to remove it.


6. Prepare to do some serious sanitation.

It’s best not to depend on the hotel’s sanitation alone. Bring your own kit (disinfectant, tissue, wipes! wipes! wipes!). Need I say more?


7. Do location scouts.

And no, not just for good postcard-worthy pictures. Find out where the nearest restrooms, clinics, and hospitals are. You never know when that emergency would suddenly hit.


8. Prepare to babyproof your room.

A good and cheap way to do this is through duct tapes to soften sharp edges, cover electrical outlets, etc. Train yourself to easily spot hazardous objects for your children. Put them beyond their reach since children are unbelievably curious and touch everything they see. Avoid booking rooms with balconies, too.


9. Secure your home.

Check your home alarm system for any possible damage. Ask favor from your relatives or nearby friends to check on your house once in a while. Make sure to store away all your valuables in a safe place such as in hidden safes that don’t look all too suspicious.


10. Check for child seats.

Whether travelling via airplane, bus, rented cars, etc. always be on the lookout for available child seats. This avoids the hassle of looking for seats especially during rough, tough rides.


11. Keep an emergency list.

Create a list of all emergency numbers you might need such as that of your doctor and your hotel. Look for the local numbers of all destinations you’ll be going to in the event of accidentally leaving behind some things.


12. Pack snacks for your trip.

Prepare one set (with identical items) per child, preferably with their names on them to avoid having them fight over snacks. Avoid sticky, messy food. Make sure the juice boxes are enough for one-sitting so you can throw them out at once. You may try to consider preparing some peanut butter sandwiches. This will not only give you lesser time to prepare but also will give your kids nutritious benefits as well.


13. Bring entertainment materials.

Anything that will keep those kids entertained is a huge life-saver! Or at least enough to let you browse your magazine. Although, don’t give them to your children all at once. Wait until they tire out on that toy and ask for another so they won’t easily be bored.


14. Pack extra clothes.

on’t live on the edge. Pack for both you and your children. It’s almost impossible to dodge those spills and throw-ups, are you kidding?


15. Practice time management.

When you’re out with your kids, a lot can happen. You must be prepared to be flexible towards unexpected delays and mishaps. Arrive early. Practice your kids’ routines, too. Make sure your travel time is in sync with their nap times to avoid any outburst or tantrums.


Travelling with kids can be a really good source of family bonding. It’s also a great way to teach your kids about the world they live in. Make it exciting for both you and your kids by avoiding all the unnecessary pitfalls parents usually fall to. Now go and have some kid-friendly fun!


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