Too Hot? No Problem! Simple Summer Tips For Your Home


Nothing feels more satisfying than an ice cold soda under the scorching summer heat. Or maybe a quick dip in the pool. We all have our favorite habits to beat the heat but for sure everyone agrees that coming home to a place that feels cool on our skin and allows us to chill after a long, hot day is the ultimate satisfaction.

For most of us, summer doesn’t always mean vacation in an island or months in the beach. Aside from maybe a few days, we spend summer in our offices and our homes or condos. But there’s no reason to be afraid of summer. You can welcome the summer spirit in your condo by making it summer-ready with these 11 summer hacks.


Clean up and de-clutter

You will be surprised at how much cleaning can make your home look cooler and fresher. Declutter your condo and your life of the things you don’t need and stop making a mess. Turn at least one weekend into a summer cleaning weekend with your family and reap the benefits all summer long. It is so much easier to breathe in a place that looks and smells clean.


Don’t forget the fridge

Summer without cold drinks and homemade popsicles? No way. Make sure your refrigerator is summer-ready. Take all food items and leftovers out then unplug it. You can use a few hacks for this summer cleaning project and make your own all-purpose cleaner. In a gallon of hot water, add one cup of clear ammonia, ½ cup vinegar, and ½ cup baking soda. Use this non-grease formula to wipe off everything. For the tough stains, use toothpaste. Keep odor away by sprinkling vanilla or orange extract on a ball of cotton and placing it in a shallow dish in your refrigerator.


And the air-con, too

Don’t forget to clean the air-conditioner and your cooling systems, too. Wash and vacuum filters and replace disposable ones. Wash off accumulated dirt. It is also recommended to ask a pro to check it. A clean air-con can cool a room faster and will result in a lower electricity bill.


Fan-tastic summer idea

Consider installing a ceiling fan to help the air-con with all the cooling work. Change the direction of the blades to counterclockwise to force hotter air near the ceiling to mix with cooler air to level room temperature. A ceiling fan doesn’t change the temperature of the room but it does make people feel cooler and more comfortable. Ceiling fans also help reduce electricity bills by four to six percent.


Switch to CFL

Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs are not only energy-efficient but they also produce less heat than incandescent light bulbs. Less heat will help keep your condo cooler.


Let some sunshine in

Bring in some summer spirit in your condo by letting some sunshine in on moderate days. The feel of the morning sunlight on our skin will get us in the groove to start our day. Pull back blinds and thick curtains and let sunshine and air in through screened windows. Repair or replace screens if necessary. Pull down the blinds and shades when it gets too hot during the day. For more protection, you may install awnings over windows exposed to direct sunlight.


Change your sheets

Prevent tossing and turning in your bed during summer by ditching your thick and flannel sheets. Go for cotton and natural fibers. Consider the weight, too, but avoid sateen and silk that trap heat. An article from the Huffington Post also suggests choosing a set with a 300 – 400 thread count for the summer. Sheets with very high thread count trap heat underneath. It is also best to feel the fabric first hand to see if it feels light and comfortable. Choose light-colored fabric.


Vacuum the dirt away

Vacuum all carpets, area rugs, and furniture made of foam and fabric. Dirt feels sticky on the skin. A softer and fluffier carpet feels better on your feet and a clean and fresh couch will feel lighter and cooler to sit and relax on.


Summer décor and light colors

If your condo walls are painted with dark and warm, balance them with neutrals. Use light-colored curtains or shades like beige or cream. If it’s too costly to have your couch re-upholstered a neutral fabric, at least play with colorful throw pillows. You can also give a new look to an old and tired side table or chair using high-gloss spray paint. Hang some colorful art on the wall and put a freshly-picked flower as your table centerpiece. All condo design ideas for the summer are all about playing and flirting with colors, fabric, and style so jump in and join the fun.


Add indoor plants

Feel the summer breeze inside your condo by adding some indoor plants. Place a plant by the kitchen window, on top of the toilet tank or the sink in the bathroom, put one in your bedroom and in a corner in the living room, and hang some in the balcony. Plants do not only give you fresh air, they also clean it. Some of the best air-cleaning house plants perfect for condo living are snake plants, English ivy and small-leafed rubber plants because they don’t need much sunlight.


Use your balcony more

If your condo unit comes with a balcony, count yourself lucky. This is the time to use it. Place a comfortable chair set where you can relax when the sun starts to come down. After all, what is condo living without getting a view of the metropolis during sunset? Maybe you can even have dinner there or grill some barbecue.

Summer is fun. Don’t let your condo’s gloomy look tell you otherwise. Giving your cooling appliances a check up and updating your condo’s look should not strain your budget. Just getting rid of the mess, rearranging furniture, changing fabrics, and adding pops of color will make a whole world of difference. So, is your home ready for summer? Are you?



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