Why Staying at Home May Sometimes Be the Best Vacation

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Ever heard about the holiday celebrated because of your awesomeness?

It is called “Stay at Home Because you are Well Day!” Celebrated every November 30, it is a holiday that allows you to skip work for the sole reason of being awesome.

Typically, one thing you can do is to go out on a vacation. But that’s something that you always do when a long weekend comes, if you have budget and if you’re body is 101% fully charged. This time, why not try something different?  Like actually staying at home. And you may get surprised on how much fun you can have without taking a single step outside your home.

Wondering how? Here’s a quick suggestion on how you can spend a hodge-podge day because of your awesomeness.

Play Video Games

With so many games and gadgets that came out this year, now is probably the time for you to catch up on your gaming backlogs. Maybe, it’s time for you to actually play that Grand Theft Auto V that was sitting on your shelf since you bought it last year, or finally finish Dovahkiin’s destiny in Skyrim. You can also go retro and dust off your old consoles to play your old school games from the yesteryear. With titles needed to be finished, video games will always be a debatable reason for you to stay home during holidays!

Try Learning a New Recipe

What is more fun than learning a new recipe and having your family have a full tummy? Learning a new dish will do you good, as it expands your kitchen repertoire and it allows you to bring more variety to the table. And you have to admit, learning how to cook a new dish will always be better  than discovering a new star.

Enjoy your Home

With all those days spent at work, you may have been neglecting your home. Your house definitely had several features that are waiting to be used or you might have been skipping the fun of using its facilities. If you are in a condo, you might want to try those large swimming pools, now that you have the time to use it, or that gym facilities to shed some calories off. With holidays abound, maybe it’s time for you, no, not maybe, definitely, it is the best time for you to enjoy your home facilities!


Want the feeling of having a good holiday? Sleep. Have rest. You have been staying up late at work, and you may have gotten inadequate amount of sleep. So, why would you go out for another tiring activity, while all your body wants is to lay down on your bed, with all those comfy pillows and mattress? There is nothing wrong in lazing on your bed all day, you deserve it!

With all these tips, you can probably plan out on how you want to spend your holiday. So enjoy your staycation and use your rest day well!

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